Mexican Slang You Should Know to Feel Like a Local

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If you are going to Mexico, you may want to learn some slang so you can talk like a local.

Of course, there is a bunch of unique words and phrases in each country and Mexico is no exception.

This country is home to one of the richest Spanish variations in the world.

There is one point you need to keep in mind – make sure you are polite and think well if the situation is appropriate to use slang.

In this article, you can find some slang phrases and words that are widely used in Mexico.

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Warning: This article contains strong language!


Speaking of popular slang words in Mexico, ‘pendejo’ is one of the most widely used words.

Its literal meaning is ‘pubic hair’ but locals often use to call someone ‘stupid’ or an ‘asshole’.

It’s used to offend someone but also it can be used between friends – everything depends on the tone and circumstances.

Despite the fact, local Spanish differs from other countries on the continent, this word is also widely used in other countries including Venezuela and Colombia.

Be very attentive using this word as it has mildly offensive meaning at a minimum.

If you say, for example, Eres un pendejo’, you say‘You’re an asshole’.


‘Güey’ mainly spelled as ‘wey’ and it is one of the most popular words in Mexico.

It means ‘mate’ and used to address friends and acquaintances.

For example, the phrase ‘¿Como vas, wey?’  can be translated as How’s it going, mate?’

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Chido & Padre

Locals use the word ‘chido’ if they want to call something cool.

For example, if you want to say ‘That shirt is really cool!‘ you phrase it as ‘Esa camisa es muy chida‘.

The word ‘padre’ has the same meaning as the word ‘chido’.

In classical Spanish it means father but Mexicans also use is to say that something is cool.

For example ‘¡Que padre!’ can be translated as ‘How cool!

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The words ‘cabrón’ means a male goat but locals can use it to offend someone.

In slang, this word is used to call someone ‘asshole’, ‘fucker’ or ‘bitch’.

As you see, this word may have a strong offensive meaning so you should use it carefully.

Nevertheless, depending on the context, it can have a positive meaning and describe something as incredibly good.

For example, ‘Soy bien cabrón cantando’  is translated as ‘I’m fucking good at singing’.

Buena Onda

One other slang phrase is ‘buena onda’ that means something like ‘good vibe’ or ‘good going’.

If you say that a place has ‘buena onda’ you mean that this is a place with a great atmosphere.

In case, you use this phrase to describe a person, you say that this person is really easy to get along with.

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La Neta

Locals use ‘la neta’ if they want to say something like ‘really?’ or ‘the truth?’.

You can use it if you want to confirm something.

Also, it can be used in declarations like ‘La neta te amo!’ which can be translated as ‘The truth is, I love you!’.

Moreover, it can be used if there is a need to emphasize something.

For example, ‘Mi nave es la neta wey!‘ means ‘My ride is the shit, man!’.

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If you want to enhance something or exaggerate it, you should use the word ‘pinche’.

It can be literally translated as ‘fucking’ but it has no sexual meaning.

For example, if you want to say something like ‘My fucking car is broken‘, it will sound  ‘Mi pinche nave esta roto‘.


Mexico, as well as almost every Spanish country, has its own word to describe a hangover.

The literal meaning of the word ‘crudo’ is ‘raw’ but locals often use it when they speak about a hangover.

The phrase ‘¡Estoy muy crudo esta mañana!’ can be translated as ‘I am really hungover this morning!

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Spanish word ‘fresa’ means a strawberry but Mexicans use it when they want to say that someone is stuck-up and snobby.

Mi jefa es muy fresa’ is translated as ‘ My boss is really stuck up.’

¡A huevo!

In Spanish, the word ‘huevo’ means ‘egg’.

But if you hear Mexican say ‘¡A huevo!’, it’s not about eggs, for sure.

It is used as an equivalent of the English phrase ‘hell yeah’.

Want to go out and have some fun tonight? – ¡A huevo!

Just keep in mind that if you use the feminine version of this word, it can mean ‘lazy’.

For example, the phrase ‘Tengo mucha hueva‘ can be translated as  ‘I’m feeling lazy’.

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Chinga Tu Madre

Being one of the rudest phrases in Mexican slang, ‘chinga tu madre‘  is translated as  ‘go fuck yourself‘.

You can use it if someone pissed you off completely but make sure to use it in the most necessary situations.

Of course, it can have a more light meaning like, for example, ‘you’re annoying me, go away’.

In fact, everything depends on the situation and the tone of voice.

There are some the most widely used slang words and phrases but it’s not enough to communicate with locals.

If you want to improve your Spanish or learn some basics, you should take some language classes or look for online courses.

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