Staying Safe in Mexico: 8 Simple Tips You Should Follow

Mexico flag

Mexico is an exciting destination for those who look for breathtaking emotions and excellent journey.

There you can find an interesting culture, fascinating places, friendly people and tasty food.

Visit ancient Mayan temples, relax on beautiful exotic beaches and try some delicious local food.

Nevertheless, it cannot be called an absolutely safe destination so just make sure you are aware of basic safety tips to make your journey to Mexico great.

There are known cases of pickpocketing, hijacking, and even kidnapping in Mexico, so you should be prepared to make your visit success.

We’ve prepared for some tips that can be useful while visiting Mexico.


1. Use an App or a Designated Spot to Take a Taxi

There are special taxi spots also called sitios in Mexico where you can take a taxi that is registered in a service.

It’s easy to spot a registered taxi as it should have:

  • a current license plate;
  • picture ID of the driver posted on the dashboard;
  • a working taxi meter.

Keep in mind that, if the meter isn’t working, you need to ask the price before getting in a taxi.

Also, it’s better to take a picture of the license plate and send it to your friend, especially if it’s in an unsafe area or it’s late at night.

One more option is various taxi apps such as Beat and Uber.

Most of them are widely used in Mexico.

Just make sure, you have access to the Internet and there is no need to look for a WiFi spot.

Taxi in Mexico
Taxi in Mexico

2. Take Safe Streets and Well-Regulated Roads

Traveling around Mexico, give preference to daytime transportation.

Also, if you are traveling by car, make sure to use the toll (cuota) roads if possible.

In case you travel by bus make sure to choose high-rated lines.

In the past, there were known cases when night buses were hijacked in Mexico.

If you decided to take a night bus, it’s better to hide your money and credit cards in some secret spot.

In fact, one of the best options for an overnight drive is a private car.

Parked cars
Parked cars

3. Keep Wallet and Mobile in Front Pockets

Public transport is really busy in Mexico which means that you can be jam-packed during your ride.

If you need to take your valuables such as a wallet or smartphone with you, make sure to keep it in your front pocket.

Also, you can hide it under your jacket if you wear one.

Locals often wear their backpacks upfront to protect their belongings so it’s one another great option.

Wallet in a pocket
Wallet in a pocket

4. Learn Some Basic Spanish

Local people know English pretty well but still Spanish is the most widely used as it’s an official language.

If you want to make it easier to get around and avoid scam, it’s better to learn at least some basics.

Considering the fact that local people are really friendly, you can easily find someone willing to help you with your language skills.

Also, it’s a great option to use some apps.

You can find a bunch of learning apps as well as dictionaries and translators both online and offline.

If you already know Spanish, it’s a good idea to learn some local slang.

It can help you make new friends and avoid some problems.


5. Give Preference to Crowded Food Stalls

Mexico can offer you an incredible variety of absolutely delicious street food.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that all places offer fresh and quality food.

To avoid any food illnesses, it’s better to choose those stalls where are lots of visitors.

Also, try to choose those places where locals eat, they for sure know good places!

Street food
Street food

6. Be Aware of Currency Scams

Despite the fact that official currency in Mexico is peso, there are some places that accept dollars gladly.

Nevertheless, the scam that involves currency confusion is widely spread.

The prices for services are reasonable but it’s important to make sure that it’s quoted in dollars properly.

Don’t forget to clarify right away which currency you are going to use to avoid problems.

Also, make sure to count your change right after making a payment.


7. Use Sheltered ATMs to Withdraw Your Money

Make sure to use ATMs that are located in Banks or hotels.

It will let you keep your money safe and avoid robbers.

Also, keep in mind that it’s better to separate your money on smaller parts and keep it in different places.


8. Stash Some Cash in a Safe Place

This tip should be used wherever you travel.

Just make sure you have some secret stash of cash for some emergencies or unexpected events.

Also, don’t forget to keep your cash and credit cards separately.

Make sure not to place them in the same bag or wallet.


  • If you are robbed, don’t try to fight back.
  • Express kidnapping is widely spread in Mexico. If it happened to you, it’s better to do as you said and don’t try to argue.

Of course, it’s an absolutely unpleasant experience and no one wants to robbed or kidnapped but remember that it’s only things that aren’t worth your life!


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