Money Safety Tips When You Travel To Baguio City, Philippines

Updated On October 7, 2023
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Summer is just around the corner, and many travelers are now starting to plan their summer vacation to break the heat.

There are destinations worldwide that are best visited during this season as they provide comfort during the hot days.

One of the favorite destinations of travelers during summer is Baguio City in the Philippines, which is known to be the country’s summer capital.

Baguio is known for its cold temperature all year round and holds the coldest temperature recorded in the Philippines.

Like in any other places that you have visited or want to visit, it is best to practice safety during your trip, especially when it comes to money.

Here are some money safety tips that you can use during your trip.

Inform Your Bank

The first thing you should do before you leave is to inform your bank that you are going on a vacation abroad.

Letting your bank know will also prevent the freezing of your account once you reach your destination.

You can set a daily withdrawal limit on your account to keep your spending in check.

It is best if you calculate the costs of your travel beforehand to have an overview of the possible expenses and set a budget according to the result.

Setting a limit on withdrawal transactions will also avoid large fraudulent transactions in case your card gets stolen.

Informing your bank will also allow them to keep a lookout for any unusual transaction in the said location if your card gets lost.

Additionally, take note of your bank’s contact number in case problems arise.

Make sure to put them somewhere safe and easy to obtain when you need them.

It is preferred to keep them and your travel documents in one place.

Contact your bank as soon as possible when you encounter any problems regarding your account.

Don’t Carry All Your Cash At Once

It is best to only carry some cash when you go out of your hotel and explore Baguio.

Just bring what you think you need on your day out and leave the rest behind.

Bring one of your cards as a back-up in case you go beyond the amount you have on hand.

It is recommended to have more than one credit or debit card when you travel.

One you will carry anywhere you go and one to be left safely at your hotel.

In case one card gets stolen, you will still have the other to use to withdraw your money.

Wear Clothing With Secret Pockets

If you want to take extreme measures to keep your money safe when you travel, consider wearing clothes with secret pockets to ensure your money is safe.

It is also best to choose clothing with zipper pockets to prevent your money from falling or from getting robbed.

When you carry a bag, ensure that the zippers are closed so that no one will see what’s inside your bag.

You can also opt for a fanny-pack to keep within your sight, and robbers will have a hard time stealing from you.

Be Wary Of Your Surroundings When Using ATM

When you are withdrawing money from an ATM, make sure to check the machine first.

If you notice something odd, do not continue the transaction and look for another machine.

Also, check for your surroundings and never withdraw cash in an isolated place.

It is best to withdraw from ATM machines located in banks and malls to ensure safety.

These places are equipped with security cameras, and security guards are everywhere.

There is also a lot of foot traffic in these areas, so it is easy to call for help in an emergency.

Don’t Be Flashy

Remember that you are not in your country, so avoid showing off your money, especially in public places.

It is best to learn the denomination of the currency used in Baguio or any other destination you are traveling in the future to know how much you will be paying without bringing out the largest denomination in your pocket.

It is also recommended to avoid wearing too much jewelry when you are traveling.

Too much jewelry can make you a target by criminals that are looking for their next victim.

Jewelry can also be stolen easily, and it can be hard to trace.

Never Leave Your Things Unattended

This tip is an obvious one but you should not leave your things unattended as someone might grab them anytime.

Although we are aware of this, there are times that we forget, and we become too complacent.

Never let go of your things to ensure that you will not forget about them or leave them unattended.

If you are traveling with a companion, it is best to agree that you should look out for each other, including your belongings.

Risks are always expected during travels, especially when it comes to money.

Wherever you go, criminals are lurking everywhere, not only targeting tourists but also locals.

Baguio City is not exempt from that. Although local authorities ensure the safety of their visitors, there are still possibilities of unwanted events happening.

Following the steps, you will decrease the chance of any problem occurring during your vacation, and you can focus more on enjoying and having fun.

Keep In Mind

These money safety travel tips should be observed during your travel to Baguio City and other places as well.

Make this your general rule when you travel to ensure that you can have a fun and happy travel experience.

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  1. Baguio City in the Philippines is a favorite destination due to its cool temperatures and beautiful scenery. However, it is important to practice safety, especially with money, while traveling.

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