Travel Safety Tips For College Students

Updated On January 21, 2022
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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

For most people, the best antidote to unhappiness is traveling.

Touring new places, finding new people, taking dozens of pictures, learning further information, what’s not to like!

Any free time we get our hands-on, we spend on our hobbies, be it shopping, watching movies, or traveling.

Travel is like therapy where you just let go of everything and feel your surroundings.

However, everything we do feels much better when it’s secure because our goals are simple at the end of the day; feeling secure and safe.

For travel to be much cherishable, safety must be paramount.

We asked professional essay writers from Advanced Writers to share their experiences and provide some travel safety tips for college students.

1. Make Copies of Important Documents

There was a video I once saw of a man who suffered from a stroke while driving.

He was in an absolute lack of control of the vehicle, and he eventually crashed into an electric post.

Well-wishers came to his rescue and took him to the hospital.

Luckily, the man had credentials and documents that allowed people to reach out to his family and inform them of the accident.

When traveling, anything can happen.

Many unexpected things can happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Make copies of your corporeal documents like your passport, national identification document, school identification document, and driver’s license.

You could also have copies of these documents online, where you can retrieve them in case of emergency.

From the cited example, the presence of the record allowed the man’s family to access him in no time.

2. Have Insurance

Accidents are usually sudden and unplanned, and they could happen at any time and anywhere.

Health and vehicle insurances are particularly paramount.

Insurance provides a money source where you least expected an accident to occur.

You could be traveling in school or as a group of friends, and a health complication occurs.

You could pronto get help at a nearby hospital, covered by the insurance, despite the preparation for the situation.

Some people also forget the necessary medication they are supposed to take.

Health insurance helps you access the medicine at the nearest pharmacy available.

You could also get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible after an accident.

For most people, insurance may not be a priority.

However, do consider obtaining insurance if you don’t have one.

3. Do Your Research

Surprises can be good.

However, nothing can be as wrong as an unpleasant one.

Before traveling, the first rule is to conduct your research.

Learn about the area you want to visit, the weather, the traveling restrictions, if any, the political state, the cultural norms, and even the safe zones of the area.

Learning about the area before your visit can give you knowledge on what kind of accessories to pack, places to linger during the visit, and how to relate to people.

It also teaches you about the areas you should steer away from and how to interact with people.

If you are traveling outside the country, learn about the currency so that you are adequately prepared.

Learning about the political state and the traveling restrictions is particularly vital.

During the 2020 lockdown, the United States of America imposed traveling restrictions on countries such as China.

Any uninformed traveler would have had a tough time.

Traveling to Gaza at this time is highly hazardous given the political state of the country.

So, before you buy that ticket, please do your research. 

4. Stay on the Low

Joan Young, an academic writing expert, quotes that a great man is always to be minor.

When in new surroundings, stay on the low.

Remember, these are not people you know about you, and not everyone has your best intentions at heart.

Make sure you do not flash your wealth.

That is as good as lighting a bulb to a moth.

Flashing your wealth attracts pickpockets, burglars, and scammers.

The best thing would be to leave your valuables in one place.

People who look like they are from out of town look vulnerable and are particularly prone to falling captive to criminals.

Choose inconspicuous clothing that will not draw attention.

5. Keep Your Family and Friends Updated

Stories about catastrophic events can help you learn about what to avoid.

Sometimes, people want to hide from the world and become completely invisible.

They travel places discreetly, leaving their family and loved ones worried sick.

In these situations, tell at least your best friend or companion.

Anything could happen, and you could lose the direction or get stuck at a place.

Updating your family and friends ensures that someone will be able to find you as soon as possible without difficulty in case of anything.

Update your family, even if it’s for a small excursion.

You will find this to be particularly vital and handy.

6. Do not Hitchhike

Trust is often gained.

Daring, on the other hand, is hoping for the best.

As mentioned earlier, not everyone has their best interests at heart.

Some people only seek out to destroy or harm you.

It is best to avoid hitchhiking when traveling.

Strangers may offer you rides and end up being sordid and unsavory individuals.

Stories are told about students who hitchhiked and ended up being robbed.

However, misfortunes never come singly.

Most of them end up dumped in forests and thickets.

Essay writing services want what’s best for you, to ensure you have all your papers in order before preparing for your travels.

Also, avoid getting caught in shady places at weird scenarios and times.

7. Try Not to Travel at Night

Traveling at night, especially in an area you know little about, is highly hazardous.

The quote goes that nothing good happens after 2 am, but I’ll change the wording to midnight in this case.

The night hours are a hotbed for burglars and criminals.

Traveling at night is also risky because the visibility is usually lower, especially for drivers.

Whenever you have the chance to travel during the day, please do so.

Travel is the one thing you can buy and get richer.

Travel as much as you can to as many destinations.

Remember, you only live once.

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