5 Safety Tips to Stay Safe at the Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Updated On October 7, 2023
Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is a coastal megapolis famous for breathtaking beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

This huge Brazilian city has magnificent landscapes, an incredible party atmosphere and unforgettable annual carnival that is known all over the world.

It’s held every year before Lent and known for being the most extravagant festival on the planet.

It runs for nine days and involves more than 2 million people that march through the streets dressed in bright costumes.

Nevertheless, Rio is also the city that’s famous for its crimes and drugs cartels.

It’s a great issue to start thinking over your safety during the Carnival.

Every year, millions of visitors come to Rio to see the Carnival and they often become an easy target for various crimes including even such as kidnapping or murder.

If you want to enjoy this magnificent event on its fullest, you should be aware of some common as well as rather local safety rules.

To learn how to stay safe during Rio Carnival, read some tips below.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Things


Want to take part in the event itself?

Consider some essential precautions.

First of all, don’t take unnecessary things with you.

Passport or ID card and some cash for the day will be absolutely enough.

To keep your belongings safe you can use such tricks as neck-pouches, bum bags or a hidden pouch.

Also, it’s better to avoid buying alcohol on the street.

Just bring some booze from home.

One other point is that all valuable things should be left at home.

If you think you may need your phone, take a cheap one.

Try Not to Show Off Your Belongings

Before checking your phone or money, check your surroundings to make sure it’s safe.

The best way to take your phone out is by standing with your back against the wall.

In such a way, it cannot be stolen from behind.

Don’t count your money on public and don’t take your wallet out without any purpose.

Also, make sure to check your surrounding before taking your wallet out.

It’s highly recommended to split your money and hide it in different places.

Behave Like Locals

Locals on the beach
Locals on the beach

In fact, this tip should be followed in any your vacation destination.

Behaving and dressing like locals, you can not only provide yourself more safety but also have more fun during your trip.

It’s really hot in Rio so locals have their unique way of dressing.

Just try to look like them and behave like you know what you are doing.

Don’t take empty streets as it’s absolutely a bad idea.

If you are stopped by someone, pretend to be busy and keep walking.

Also, it’s really great if you have some friends among the locals.

Is It a Good Idea to Visit Favelas?

Do you remember those shanty street shown in Michael Jackson’s music videos?

Locals call them “Favelas” and some of the best street parties also known as blocos are held there.

Nevertheless, it’s not in the list of places you should visit as lots of crimes occur there.

If you still want to visit it, address some tour agency.

In such a case you’ll be accompanied by an official guide.

Try to choose the biggest agency you can find, stay inside the designated route and don’t forget to behave like locals.

Some Extra Useful Tips for Every Day

The city view
The city view

As you see there are some simple and rather common rules to make your visit to the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro great.

In fact, it’s your best option to make your trip safe and exciting.

Follow common pedestrian safety rules and traffic laws.

Keep your valuable things and documents safe.

Don’t lose your common sense while having fun and avoid drugs or alcohol abuse.

Just following these simple rules, you can have an excellent time in Rio relaxing on beautiful beaches and enjoying amazing landscapes.

Rio de Janeiro Safety Overview

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