Top 9 Stay-like-A-Local Airbnbs in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

The international vibe of Tel Aviv is so high that spending time like a local at this place may feel like a challenge, therefore, we are here to help you attain a local experience by recommending the best Airbnbs for tourists who like to feel like locals.

The beauty and uniqueness of Tel Aviv is that, on one hand, it is an attractive beach destination and an ancient historical site while on the other hand it is a perfect spot for party animals and visitor who want to experience cosmopolitan culture.

Tel Aviv proudly holds the epithet of the “Manhattan of the Mediterranean” as its vacation rentals keep on growing in accordance with its urban identity.

The Airbnbs are modern and stylish, often located at just a-few-minutes walk from the beach.

Check out our list to find the top Airbnbs that will make you feel like a local.

Tel Aviv at Night
Tel Aviv at Night

For Solo Travelers

Room in a Superb Neighborhood

If you are traveling solo and want to hang out a bit from time to time in order to get to know the city, then this is the right place for you as the host will be more than happy to help you.

The apartment of this room is located in Jaffa which is one of the most acclaimed neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

The room is cutely decorated with a lot of natural light during the day and cozy furniture to make you feel at home.

A Beautiful Bedroom
A Beautiful Bedroom

Tel Aviv Corner House

This beautiful artistic spot is perfect for making new friends as the hosts often make parties and events.

It is located in Neve Tzedek, very close to the popular Charles Clore Park but also close to many tourist attractions.

The great tourist location is, however, protected from the casual hustle and bustle and you will have a chance to rest in a quiet street.

Stylish Interior
Stylish Interior

Minimal Gallery Studio

This gallery studio is one of the rather affordable Airbnbs in Tel Aviv which is quite an expensive city as you might have noticed.

It is located near the trendy neighborhood of Marina and its accommodation capacity consists of a living room, a bed above a fully equipped kitchenette, and a couch.

Visitors have left excellent reviews about the balcony, the bed, the hygiene, and the neighborhood.

 Luminous Living Room
Luminous Living Room

Places for a Romantic Getaway

Spacious Beach Apartment

This cute apartment will remind you of a typical seaside bungalow due to its surf and sea décor painted in blue along with a balcony full of plants and flowers.

It is set in a pretty convenient location- just a walk away from the beach and only several minutes away from the Nahalat Binyamin and Carmel street markets and the shopping mall Dizengoff Center.

The accommodation capacity consists of a queen-size bed and a living room with 2 couches, meaning you can always invite some friends over after a night out.

A Living Room
A Living Room

Cute and Charming Flat

This flat is in a new building and it is perfect for a romantic weekend or just a simple retreat with your loved one during regular days.

It is full of cute, cozy details like a comfy couch, soft pillows, and an abundance of natural light and it also has a fully equipped kitchenette that will make you feel at home.

The beach is only five minutes away and there is also a balcony where you can relax and enjoy the day.

A Charming Flat
A Charming Flat

For Groups of 2-5 People

An Elegant Loft

This place is quite special and perfect for hipsters!

It has the vibe of a coworking space due to its spacious dining and seating area but it is also full of books, vintage pieces of furniture, and an old TV.

It is located in a very trendy spot, right next to a plethora of cool restaurants, galleries, and bars and it is only a few minutes away from the beach and at a 20-minutes drive from the airport.

The accommodation capacity consists of 2 large bedrooms and a kitchen, i.e. it can host up to 7 people in total.

A Reading Corner
A Reading Corner

Tel Aviv-Yafo Apartment

This exclusive apartment is located in the renowned neighborhood of Tel Aviv, on Eduard Bernstein Street.

When it comes to the interior, this place is much praised for its elegant and minimalist design and architecture.

It has a fully equipped yet sleek kitchen, classy wall design, and hardwood floors.

The accommodation capacity consists of 2 large bedrooms and it is an excellent choice for two couples.

The cherry on top is the swimming pool and the jacuzzi at your disposal.

A Residential Building
A Residential Building

For Large Groups of 6 or more people

Royal Penthouse

We already mentioned that Tel Aviv is a place with a high economic standard, therefore, if you stay at a place called the “royal penthouse” you will definitely feel like a local.

This place is over the top, simply said.

It offers mesmerizing views over the ocean, a lovely outdoor patio, and 3 huge bedrooms.

The penthouse is built in a building designed according to the Middle-eastern influence in Israel, including mosque details and green marble.

If you and your gang of friends are wondering where to stay in Tel Aviv, this is the place to be!

A Cozy Bedroom
A Cozy Bedroom

Cozy Garden Apartment

If you are looking for something affordable yet cozy, then we warmly recommend you this garden apartment that is close to the beach.

It is the perfect spot for a barbecue day with friends in the backyard or a sunny chit-chat over coffee in the charming patio overshadowed by the many trees.

The accommodation capacity consists of a huge bedroom, 2 guest rooms and a common space with a couch and a sofa.

A Lovely Dining Corner
A Lovely Dining Corner

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