Is Democratic Republic of the Congo Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 7, 2023
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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The Democratic Republic of the Congo often referred to as its abbreviation – DRC or D.R. Congo is the single largest and most populous country in Central Africa.

This country has suffered tragic times and has had an extremely tumultuous history.

The presence of armed troupes makes it dangerous for tourists to visit DRC currently.

However, those who manage to enter DRC and are brave enough to spend some time here, are definitely in for an adventure.

Geographically, DRC is diverse and can offer many options for all nature lovers: in the east, you can see volcanic peaks rising above the rainforests surrounding them, with misty clouds descending upon them.

Mount Nyiragongo is especially interesting for hikers who can spend the night on the rim above an active lava lake.

If you’re into jungles, tourists are permitted to trek to families of gorillas daily, but in smaller groups.

You can also spend some quality time on the mighty Congo River, floating hundreds of kilometers on barges and roaming around the lively markets in every corner of the country.

Warnings & Dangers in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Overall Risk


DRC isn't a safe destination for travelers. You should know that many governments advise their citizens not to travel to the country as it is considered very high risk. Be very aware of your surroundings at all times. Both petty and violent crimes are normal here.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Be extremely careful when traveling anywhere in DRC. Transport here is risky and tourists should be cautious at all times. There have been many incidents of highway robberies and carjacking by armed bandits outside urban areas, often resulting in violence.

Pickpockets Risk


As you would expect, petty theft and pickpocketing is widespread in DRC. Make sure you don't flash your valuables and generally don't look like you're wealthy. Dangling cameras, flashing money or credit cards or expensive jewelry is strongly recommended against. Be particularly careful in crowded areas. Bear in mind that crime in this country is a way of life.

Natural Disasters Risk


The DRC is susceptible to numerous natural hazards such as volcanic and limnic eruptions, earthquakes, flooding, and drought. What heightens the susceptability to these hazards are factors like extreme poverty and political turmoil.

Mugging Risk


Violent crime happens in DRC during all times of day, so do not think that daylight makes you safe. You can expect muggings, burglaries, carjackings and armed banditry on the roads. These occurrences are common and the risk increases after dark, so avoid going anywhere after nightfall.

Terrorism Risk


Terrorists are likely to carry out attacks in DRC. The presence of armed forces in some parts of DRC makes the situation in the country extremely tense. Attacks can't be ruled out, so be extremely vigilant at all times.

Scams Risk


There are many scams in DRC, like in most poor and dangerous countries. Be wary of people trying to distract you in order to steal from you and of taxi drivers overcharging you for a ride. We advise you to be extremely careful when handling money and around ATMs.

Women Travelers Risk


DRC is definitely not safe for solo female travelers. They are advised, if it is absolutely necessary that they leave their accommodation at night, to go out accompanied by someone. Be sure to avoid remote streets, both during day and night, and do not flash your belongings or handle money in public.

So... How Safe Is Democratic Republic of the Congo Really?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is dangerous for travelers, and traveling here is strongly advised against due to the potential for large scale demonstrations and civil unrest.

The presence of armed forces in North and South Kivu, Orientale provinces northern and central regions of the Katanga province, and the eastern section of Maniema, makes the atmosphere in the country particularly tense as these groups have been known to perform all kinds of crimes like stealing cars, taking hostages, assaulting people and sexually assaulting women, murdering and kidnapping civilians.

The LRA (The Lord Resistance Army) rebel group continues to wander the jungles near the border with the CAR/South Sudan/Uganda, in the northeastern part of the country.

There are some parts of the country that are close to the Ugandan border and yet still safe to visit, but even so, it’s still not recommended to travel anywhere north and east of Kisangani & Bumba is dangerous.

The traffic conditions in DRC are extremely poor: the road network is in dire need of improvement, as traveling along these roads can take weeks, especially during the wetter seasons.

Congolese planes have been known to crash almost regularly, with depressing statistics reporting eight recorded crashes in 2007 alone.

How Does Democratic Republic of the Congo Compare?

CountrySafety Index
Democratic Republic of the Congo21
New Zealand90
United Kingdom77

Useful Information



Most countries do need a visa in order to enter DRC, and you must obtain one from one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo diplomatic missions. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



There are two currencies in the Democratic Republic of Congo: the Congolese franc and the Zairean zaire. US dollars are accepted in the country. ATMs are common in the large cities.



Lying on the Equator, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The climate is characterized by hot and humid weather in the river basin and cool and dry weather in the highlands, with an alpine climate in the Rwenzori Mountains.



N'djili Airport, also referred to as N'Djili International Airport and Kinshasa International Airport, is the main airport serving the city of Kinshasa. It is the largest of the four international airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to DRC, since it covers not only the costs medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 26° C
Feb 26° C
Mar 27° C
Apr 27° C
May 26° C
Jun 23° C
Jul 22° C
Aug 24° C
Sep 25° C
Oct 26° C
Nov 25° C
Dec 25° C
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14 Reviews on Democratic Republic of the Congo

  1. T
    Travel Enthusiasts says:


    Not safe at all, DO NOT TRAVEL TO THE DRC. especially if your a women traveling solo or with someone else is not safe. its the rape capital of the world rape is the norm and its actually routine. women are raped excessively. almost all women in the drc have been raped at least once. and if your a man you still have to face the crime and terrorism. crime is off the wall in this country and police lack the resources to respond to them. Not to mention the Ebola outbreak and many other diseases DO NOT TRAVEL TO THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AS OF 2019

  2. pretty nice

    went and the locals were very nice, can imagine it may be different in other areas however

  3. N
    No Drc!! says:

    So weird

    Bad country

  4. Fantastic place

    I have been working in the DRC for the last 8 years and to be honest I have found it to be really safe. There appears to be no Covid, the police are actually surprisingly efficient. It is safe to travel to 95% of the country. It is extremely beautiful and the women are generally very ” friendly .” It does help to splash a couple of dollars at them to maitain their interest. I have never seen or heard gunfire, but have seen a pile of mutilated dead bodies up north. Apparently they were a gang of rapists, however local street justice prevailed and they are no more.
    So to conclude, it’s beautiful, safe and cheap as chips.

  5. Why go here?

    Why would you go here? Unless you have someone who is already living here, I wouldn’t go. I was here just because I knew someone here but I wouldn’t go back. The country is beautiful indeed but it’s not safe at all, during the day or night.

  6. A
    Anita D. says:


    I think if you stay on the safe sides you won’t be in any danger

  7. A
    Axel Bwanandeke says:


    1. A
      Axel Joseph Bwanandeke says:

      This is not the real axel bwanandeke, dont disrespect my country please and thanks.

  8. J
    Jenifer Summit says:

    It was ok and although I didn’t experience any crime personally other than a few dead bodies, I did not feel too safe and probably wouldn’t visit again.

  9. m
    matt christman says:


    these reviews are all so good

  10. D
    Daniel Bakajika says:


    Why this country? Every one who says don’t go there aren’t giving reason I’m gonna go to that doing cause my DNA is from the country and become least give a reason!

  11. A
    Anonymous says:

    It’s fine

    Im from there and visited it’s not bad just depends where you stay i stayed at a hotel in Kinshasa it’s pretty good

  12. Not as bad as it seems

    Worked in DRC for 18 months, never experienced any crime and people were very friendly. Yes, there is violent crime which occurs but if you use common sense and avoid dangerous areas and situations you’re fine and this is coming from a white person who stands out

Democratic Republic of the Congo Rated 3.36 / 5 based on 14 user reviews.

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