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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Burundi is a small country located in East Africa, with some cultural and geographical ties connecting it with Central Africa.

It is squeezed in between Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Though it is not a common destination for most travelers that go to East Africa, if you have it in you to bear the risks of visiting Burundi and the means for it, you should definitely consider traveling here.

It has many risks to it – for example, traveling outside the capital of Bujumbura is a risky move, especially after nightfall.

However, if you’re an adventurer, you really might have a good time here, as you will mostly run into friendly people – just be sure to get vaccinated against malaria and to drink plenty of water.

You should also bear in mind that Burundi is still recovering from a natural disaster that occurred in 2014.

Namely, severe flooding caused destruction countrywide and the country is still suffering the consequences.

It is also shaken by political turmoil over the next elections.

If you do visit, be sure to visit the Nile Sources near Rutovu, and bring your swimsuit and swimming gear: the hot springs with picturesque surroundings are a heavenly experience for tourists.

Warnings & Dangers in Burundi

Overall Risk


Burundi isn't a safe destination for travelers. You should know that many governments advise their citizens not to travel to the country as it is considered very high risk. Be very aware of your surroundings at all times. Both petty and violent crimes are normal here.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transportation isn't too safe either. Roads aren't exactly known for being catastrophic but they can be rather dicey at times, and traveling after dark can get dangerous due to incidents of armed robbery that have happened. Keep in mind that buses and public transport is where pickpockets and thieves operate.

Pickpockets Risk


As you would expect, petty theft and pickpocketing is widespread in Burundi. Make sure you don't flash your valuables and generally don't look like you're wealthy. Dangling cameras, flashing money or credit cards or expensive jewelry is strongly recommended against. Be particularly careful in crowded areas.

Natural Disasters Risk


There are many natural disasters that hit Burundi commonly, like earthquakes, landslides, river floods, and water scarcity. There are factors in Burundi that heighten the country's susceptibility to these disasters, like soil degradation, deforestation, high poverty levels, and population density.

Mugging Risk


Petty crime is not the only problem in Burundi - violent crime rates are high throughout the country, and you can expect muggings, burglaries, carjackings and armed banditry on the roads. These occurrences are common and the risk increases after dark, so avoid going anywhere after nightfall.

Terrorism Risk


Though Burundi hasn't been attacked recently, terrorist attacks shouldn't be ruled out and the biggest threat is coming from Al Shabaab group that has made public threats against Burundi because of its support to the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

Scams Risk


There are many scams in Burundi, like in most poor and dangerous countries. Be wary of people trying to distract you in order to steal from you and of taxi drivers overcharging you for a ride. We advise you to be extremely careful when handling money and around ATMs.

Women Travelers Risk


Burundi is definitely not safe for solo female travelers. They are advised, if it is absolutely necessary that they leave their accommodation at night, to go out accompanied by someone. Be sure to avoid remote streets, both during day and night, and do not flash your belongings or handle money in public.

So... How Safe Is Burundi Really?

Burundi isn’t safe at the time and is currently in a state of unrest.

It is still shaken by the military coup that occurred in May 2015 and is recovering from the consequences of disastrous flooding that occurred in 2014, so tourists are strongly advised against traveling to Burundi.

Those that are currently in Burundi are encouraged to plan their departure from this country as soon as they have the opportunity to.

Though democracy has shown its face in Burundi during the recent past and with it, something resembling normalcy has returned to much of the country, travelers are still not safe here.

The biggest threat for both tourists and locals is the rebel group called Forces Nationales de la Libération that persists in attacking government forces, locals, civilians, and foreigners.

Apart from that, you will encounter incidents related to banditry, armed robbery, petty crime and other forms of violent crime, so avoid going anywhere after dark.

Due to threats on the streets, many roads, villages, neighborhoods, embassies, and organizations have curfews.

Monitor the situation closely and consult your embassy if anything goes wrong.

Bear in mind that in 2009, the Burundian government criminalized homosexual acts between males, so if you’re a member of LGBTQ community, stay away from Burundi.

There are some other issues to bear in mind, concerning your health in Burundi: avoid eating foods on kiosks and generally on the street and never drink non-boiled tap water.

Do not go to Burundi, if you haven’t been vaccinated for diseases and epidemics characteristic for this area.

HIV infection is also widespread, with some sources suggesting 18.6% in the cities have HIV and 7.5% in the rural areas.

How Does Burundi Compare?

CountrySafety Index
New Zealand90
United Kingdom77

Useful Information



Most countries do need a visa in order to visit Burundi. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months past the date of your staying in Burundi and that you have one blank page in your passport. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Burundian franc is the official currency in Burundi. ATMs aren't exactly widespread but you might find some in the country, and some of them accept foreign credit cards. Top-end establishments accept credit cards, but don't rely on this.



Burundi has mild and warm climate, with variations depending on the altitude, but when it comes to temperature, it doesn't vary much. Basically, Burundi has two rainy seasons - the major one lasts from February to May, and the minor one lasts between September and November. There is also two dry seasons: the longer one lasts from June to August and the shorter one takes place between December and January.



Bujumbura International Airport is the only international airport and the only one with a paved runway. It is located in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Burundi, since it covers not only the costs medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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34 Reviews on Burundi

  1. Very inaccurate

    This review is so inaccurate. I have been in Burundi several times and i have never encountered anything bad! I have never heard of any foreigner targeted in any attack for a long time. Robberies do happen some times , as it is in countries like USA. If you want to travel in Burundi, I personally would advice you to do so!

    1. That is really dumb for you to say and now you’re going to have unsuspecting travelers in danger due to your comment. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. Stop intentionally trying to lead people astray.

      1. G
        Gavin Atkinson Jr. says:

        You need to hear both the good and the bad when traveling in order to make a good adult decision

        I agree. It might be too early to say that Burundi is safe and I think everyone generally needs to exercise caution. This article is definitely informative if you don’t want to sugarcoat anything, and want the facts as they are… straight up and unfiltered, which is great.

        The figures don’t lie! However, coming from someone who’s lived there for nearly a year, I’d say that it’s not too bad for now.

        I’ve met literally the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life and honestly haven’t heard a SINGLE gunshot in months. But that’s just my personal experience.

        When traveling anywhere, you need to hear both the good and the bad, whether you like what you hear or not and this article gives an honest review which is precisely what you need to make a decision.

        1. P
          Patriote says:

          What how u durtify my country

          Finally there is not even anyone in burundi why people are like that we will build our country the raison of that hate is that u dont get what u want but keep calm we dont have visa to live in our country visit burundi or dont it still my country and u better be careful also in watever is the fakest news u spread. Cool man watch ur steps ,better watch out

        2. Thanks for the balanced look. I found it funny how your gauge of safety was “I haven’t heard a SINGLE gunshot in months”.

          1. E
            Elisheva says:

            ALL Countries Fit your profile of Burundi

            Go to ANY city in the World and tell me there are NO gunshots. Hypocrites!

          2. @Elisheva – what are you talking about? The world is not America and Africa. You go to any place in Europe, and you will not hear any gunshot for years. Go to the most of Asian countries, same thing. Gunshots are common for Americas and some African countries only.

      2. Burundi is Safe

        Stop lying. I was there for 2 says ago . Was there for 5 weeks and i dint not see all that are written. Burundi is a wondeful country with good people . A specially too much enjoyiment in Bujbura city. Its safe . u can even go out to the club and go home whenever u want .

    2. g
      ggwekfhw says:

      Terrible lies

      whoever wrote this article. We can tell you’ve never been to Burundi because your article is full of lies ,everything you wrote is so exaggerated .Burundi is like any country in the World: There are some good and bad.

    3. E
      Elisheva says:

      Fake information

      I agree with the other posts here. All the things listed here re: being unsafe are lies. Why would you boycott this beautiful country and it’s beautiful people? Is there a country in this world now, (2021) that is not subject to the things mentioned here?? Burundi is wonderful, stop blackballing it please…

      1. Burundi is safe and much enjoyiment in Bujumbura

        I agree with u . I was in Burundi for 2 days ago . Its very wonderdul and much enjoyiment there

  2. A
    Assou NAHIMANA says:

    Burundi a developing country

    All the things that are said here arn’t true! The current sitution in Burundi its safe, and the one who wrote this may be as enemy of progress cause what he/she said its totally wrong! Burundi its a safe place to visit, it has nice weather,nice environemnt as well. So stop telling people lies.

    Burundi its a developing country for now after what happened in 2015 whereby some enemies of progress wanted to demolish our peace but unfortunetly couldn’t get what they planned to do.

    That’s all about our beloved BURUNDI.

  3. N
    Ntahimana John says:

    Burundi is safe. Visitors have to be careful with mentioned points.

    What has been written here is common in any African country.

    I think everyone traveling to Burundi or any other country in Africa should be aware of this. Thanks for reminding me about this.

    I am sure I will be fine too since soon I will be traveling to Burundi.

  4. a
    aaron demmi says:


    my friend was shot and killed, not a fun trip

  5. V
    Van Wilson says:


    As researcher i have red a lot about Burundi and its has always been the same result……Not a safe place at all for travelles.
    So be careful if your making a trip to Burundi.

    1. M
      Mores Bega says:

      Burundi is safe above the average. and safer for westerners.

      You have read but have not been there. Well, I cannot say that everything written is not right hence let’s rely on oral transmission, however, I wish I can know whose book you lead. as you can see through these comments most people are surprised with these political correctiveness speeches painting Burundi as they want. I am also surprised.

      first, whether Burundi is safe or not, it unlikely (almost never) that any form of attack in Burundi would target a stranger. Burundi fights against themselves, I am from DRC, I remember even in the time of wars, I visited there, when you say you are from DRC, automatically they would not consider you as part of the conflict. So far in my trips around the world they are many countries painted peaceful that do not even have the same level of tranquility that is in Burundi now.

      I think the best conclusion for someone who has never visited Burundi and who is not political involved in any part would be a neutral conclusion. Yes, If you feel it is not safe from the sources you trusted, you should not go, however, you cannot use that to thrown your conclusions on someone else. Hope this is a fair review on your comment

  6. D
    Dr.Saleem A.Khan,, India says:

    safe & Cool Burundi

    I have traveled to Burundi – not only the capital – Bujumbura, but have lived in Muyinga and Cibitoke. I have found this country to be very safe and lovely with mild temperatures and very cordial people. Rare to find muggers or cheats here. At least, I did not find any during my frequent journey- literally every month for 7 months for 15 days trips. I have many Ministers – including the President of the country and attended public functions and found all the people very cordial and soft speaking. It is common to see the Army moving around in open Pick-up vans and trucks with guns in their routine check ups and safety drills. None have obstructed or questioned us badly even a single time.
    With the new Presidential office in the foot hills (reportedly built by Chinese), I hope things only improve in this country. I am looking forward to work again in Burundi in the hilly region.

  7. B
    Basquiat222 says:


    Bit Peak, I got shot in the foot when I needed a taxi driver for trying to kidnap me but lady in the hospital was well nice so all in all a decent trip 👍

  8. Not A Bad Place

    Burundi Is Kinda Safe For Travelers

  9. J
    Jean-François Loise says:

    I´m living in Burundi since a year ago. I have lived their earlier in 2014-15. Why these very exaggerated list of risk ? As European i have only one case of discomfort to report, a theft attempt by a pickpocket As in most country in the world, to hire a taxi without a taximeter is like playing Russian roulette. Never sit in before you agree of the price. Otherwise think that is like every where outside Europe you must negotiate the price of everything you want to buy. People is friendly, but under election time it can be dangerous to be at the wrong place on the wrong time. It is wise to avoid all political discussion and public assembly, under the political campaign.

  10. This is lie. Burundi is safe

  11. M
    Muganwa M says:

    Burundi is one of the best place I ever visit so far.

    Fake News, I was in Burundi for 3 months I never come across to anything like that is mentioned above. AlI can say is don’t listen to people, if it’s in you to visit Burundi please do so.

  12. Stop giving stupids information about where you’ve never been. I’m not a burundian but I live in Burundi for almost 3 years and I’ve never hear a gun’s sound. We are living our best life here you because you guys are stupid and racists you always try to give our counties a bad image

  13. T
    Tabitha says:


    Am Confused wanted to travel to Burundi.

    1. Welcoming

      Warm welcome to Burundi. You will be surprise about everything. It is a nice place to be

  14. Get your vaccination against malaria first, before anything else

  15. I love to visit burundi

    I dont know what to say i,m from nigeria i want to vist burundi.please i hope the country is good.

  16. Burundi is currently ruled by a bunch of criminals who compete for anything and the least they care about is the safety of travellers! They have a killing machine that operates around the clock and their barbaric actions are costing lives of thousands!

    I am Burundian and I strongly recommend any who cares about their safety to avoid Burundi

    If you care about your life, why would you travel there?

  17. P
    Peter Ptts says:

    In every life most of the people will love you if you like but a few will hate you. I don t follow few people who hate Burundi. Burundi is a good country. There, there is no industry of missile, of war cars, grenade, guns, atomic bomb, …/no air pollution, no water pollution, etc. You will find lovely nature and lovely people ready to share with you the everyday life.

    1. J
      Jean Claude Ndayisenga says:

      Burundi is a safe area for any traveller

      Thank you dear Peter for your addition.Shame on people who have betrayed their nation by reporting lies on it. God will never forgive such an abomination. In fact, I would tell everyone who has read those insane words above: Burundi is rather a safe country to stay in, of course for non wicked humans. Those who intentionally criticize it know why. They would love to be there,but just because of what they accuse themselves of, they can’t dare set foot on it’s nice soil. Therefore, they indurge in negativism against their mother nation. Come and see such a lovely country,a country where citizen are educated to hospitality, love, care and respect. A country where even through language barriers,sign language works with thousands smiles and loving looks. Christians and Muslims get along with each other. A country where discrimination on whatever basis is never recorded. I cannot exhaust the features of this country. Just come, you will next back me up with a formal descriptive writing to the globe’s population, and you shall unexpectedly get inspired to sing a new song on the beauty of Burundi. Come on!!!

  18. F
    Flash Harry says:

    Exceptional place

    Barundi is a beautiful country full of polite friendly people. I have no idea why the safety index is so low. I worked in the capital for just over a year in the import export business and there is plenty of money to be made. You can easily bribe the border guards with cigarettes or coloured beads and they will turn a blind eye to your business transactions. We used to ship bus loads of women to Saudi and import betamax video recorders, they just couldn’t get enough.

Burundi Rated 3.32 / 5 based on 34 user reviews.

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