10 Must-Take Road Trips From Houston, Texas

Updated On October 8, 2023
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In Houston, you can spend your time actively in a variety of ways.

Go to the nearest park, climb the hill to see the spectacular skyline, play golf or ride a catamaran.

Play tennis and volleyball, go skiing and cycling in the Memorial or Buffalo Bayou parks.

If all of these activities seem boring to you, time to go on a day trip outside Houston.

See the ideas below to decide on the best vacation not far from Houston.

One Hour or So Trips

1-Hour Trip to Blessington Farms

Farming has followed people since the birth of civilization.

Many tourists in Houston are eager to follow this old tradition of getting closer to earth and go gardening.

Kids find it especially exciting to be part of nature and eat eco-friendly products from a farm.

Houston is absolutely appropriate to practice collection of fruits and vegetables.

Go to Blessington Farms which are less than an hour away from Houston and collect pumpkins, strawberries, or tomatoes.

The entrance fee to some fields does not exceed twenty dollars, while some of the lands are free to enter.

Pumpkins at the cart
Pumpkins at the cart

1-Hour Trip to Blue Bell Creamery, Brenham

Another old-fashioned spot for the lovers of natural products.

Tasting this Blue Bell ice-cream at the location between Austin and Houston is a real return to childhood.

They use the freshest milk and natural flavors and fillers.

You are going to taste vanilla, chocolate, blueberries, pistachio, coffee, mint flavors and more.

Did you also know that four wineries open their doors to explore local wine tastes?

Pleasant Hill, Texas Star Winery, Windy and Saddlehorn Wineries are always waiting for you.

Green vineyards
Green vineyards

50-Minute Trip to Brazos Bend State Park

So many great attractions are there in Brazos Bend State park – wetlands, prairies, forests, and all forms of wildlife.

Brazos Bend State Park is just one of many, although it has one of the most unique ecosystems in the entire state.

January and February are the best months to visit here.

This is just a 50-minute ride from Houston, and it is definitely worth it.

You can see alligators there so you should be really attentive and careful in the park.

Its wildlife is fascinating that is why many tourists choose to stay here for a week or so after they visit here for the first time.

Boat at the shore
Boat at the shore

1-Hour-15-Min Trip to Galveston Island

Have you ever been to the Gulf of Mexico?

Take a trip which will take only one hour and 15 minutes but it will stay in your heart for much longer.

When on Galveston Island, you’ll be able to spend time actively and with great pleasure.

After all, you are not the kind of person who is looking for all the comforts of life.

You can go there with your family and discover the museum, the theme park, the aquarium, and rainforests.

Hunger is not an issue here since lots of shops and restaurants operate on the Island to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Galveston Island
Galveston Island

1-Hour Trip to Johnson Space Center

‘Houston, we’ve had a problem!’ is a popular saying from a movie.

Actually, the major NASA’s base is located exactly an hour away from Houston.

This is the headquarters for numerous space operations that the US space center has completed.

You can take kids with you, touch some interactive panels, and see all that you’ve seen on the screens with your own eyes.

NASA astronaut in helmet
NASA astronaut in helmet

40-Minute Trip to San Jacinto Battleground

This place is just epic.

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, you have to see these mighty ships.

The museum was recognized as a National Historic Landmark back in 1960.

You’ll be able to take a very special lift and go 149 m up to have a breathtaking view just like the seagulls see it.

The museum depicts the events that took place during the Texas Revolution in 1836 and war for independence from Mexico when the soldiers occupied the Alamo.

The Battle of the Alamo became an epic 13-day resistance of the Texans which they have lost but won again later that year.

San Jacinto Battleground ship
San Jacinto Battleground ship

Two to Three-Hour Trips

3-Hour Trip to Lafayette, Louisiana

This place in Louisiana is famous for its variety of fresh sea products.

Where else in Texas can you eat better shrimps, crawfish, andouille sausage, and other culinary delights of Louisiana?

This is not the main attraction that you should go to Lafayette though.

The major place of interest is the Cajun and Creole Country which is named the happiest place in America.

Crawfish on a plate
Crawfish on a plate

3-Hour Trip to Jacob’s Well

Hamilton Pool and Jacob’s Well are good for swimming if you want it this process to be more sacred than usual.

The Pool is carved in the limestone.

The main attraction here is a roaring 15 m waterfall.

If the cave in the limestone is not enough for you, move forward to Jacob’s Well which is an underwater cave.

Really worth going there.

Underwater swimming
Underwater swimming

3-Hour Trip to Natural Bridge Caverns

Our mother nature is so rich in marvels and beauty.

Natural Bridge Caverns are the place to be if you have more than three hours of free time and ready to spend it in the cavern sludge.

Imagine yourself going down the rope to the depth of 54 m to see rock formations and discover the hidden gems.

The Natural Bridge Caverns are easily reachable from San Antonio.

A hole in the stone
A hole in the stone

1-Hour-40-Min Trip to Shangri La Botanical Gardens

When you enter or leave Louisiana, make sure you do not miss an unrepeatable spot called Shangri La Botanical Gardens.

Miraculous ponds, wetlands, hanging gardens, flowers, and oaks will surround you here.

You can go volunteering and share your love for nature with the like-minded people as well as help develop the center.

Beautiful scenery
Beautiful scenery

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