10 Things to Do in Texas With Kids

Updated On November 7, 2023

Texas is the second-largest state by size after Alaska and the second-most populated state in America after California, according to World Population Review.

That means it’s almost impossible to exhaust the must-visit spots and attractions.

Whether you’re visiting the state for the first time or simply want to explore the state with your kids, Texas has no shortage of things you can do with your kids.

With a good plan of itinerary, you may be able to visit most places and help your kids have as much fun as possible.

That’s why we’re here to help you know the best places, so you can plan effectively and have peace of mind about what to expect.

10 Things to Do in Texas With Kids

With its remarkable beauty, breathtaking scenery, historical attractions, pristine beaches, and amusement parks, Texas offers endless fun for the whole family.

It doesn’t matter what your children like, because you will find it here.

You also don’t have to break the bank to visit these places regardless of where you are, as most of them are budget-friendly and will give your kids an unforgettable experience.

From the warm sandy beaches on South Padre Island to the rolling hills in the Hill Country, Texas is the best place to be for you and your kids.

Here are the ten things to do in Texas with kids.

Space Center
Space Center

1. Visit the Space Center in Houston

If you have a little astronaut or space enthusiast, the best thing you can do for them is take them to NASA’s Historic Mission Control in Houston.

This is the closest and the only place kids can get hands-on experience with engineers and astronauts who spearhead American Space Exploration.

Children as young as five years can visit and enjoy some fun and educational activities.

The Space Center hosts Mission Control, and NASA’s Lyndon B Johnson Space Center will fire up your child’s imagination.

You will also find the experience awe-inspiring, making this place a fun, family-friendly attraction.

You can get an astronaut suit and explore the vast collection of moon rocks and other artifacts put together from previous space programs such as Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury.


2. Check out the Alamo in San Antonio

Alamo is a symbol of Texans’ history and bravery.

It symbolizes Texas’s resilience in the face of adversity and represents a treatment of the people’s courage and spirit.

Taking your children to visit the Alamo helps them learn more about the state’s past first-hand and experience its rich history and cultural heritage.

You can visit the grounds and admire the amazing architecture, stroll along the lush gardens while soaking yourself in the stunning views of downtown San Antonio.

If you’re planning to visit this place, check the Alamo website to take advantage of free days when Alamo doesn’t charge admission fees.

With so much to explore, Alamo is an affordable kid-friendly place to visit with your kids that you should include in your list of to-dos.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Museum of Natural Science

3. Explore the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Another destination to explore with kids in Houston is the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

This place allows your child to learn more about anatomy, history, and anthropology.

Children interested in these fields can also get updated with the latest information by watching an educational movie on the giant screen theater or observing the stars through a telescope.

The exhibits encourage hands-on activity so children will not only see but can touch and learn how things work.

This trip is further enhanced by the planetarium, the observatory, and the butterfly center.

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park

4. Go Camping in the Big Bend National Park

There are plenty of camping areas in Texas where your children may enjoy spending a day or two, especially if they enjoy camping.

Most campsites provide everything you’d need to have a fantastic night at an affordable price in case you decide to camp at the last minute.

One of these fantastic places is the Big Bend National Park, located in the Rio Grande River.

The park provides plenty of biking and hiking trails throughout its breathtaking views.

If your children are above 12 years and enjoy doing rustic things, then hiking, biking, and camping here will give them an experience of a lifetime.

Other affordable camping sites with plenty of activities for kids include the Caprock Canyons State Park, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, Galveston Island State Park, and Mustang Island State Park.

Natural Bridge Caverns
Natural Bridge Caverns

5. Explore the Caves in the Natural Bridge Caverns

The underground caverns in San Antonio are awe-inducing every month of the year and a perfect place to be no matter the outdoor weather conditions.

Your kids can spend the day exploring caves and passages formed thousands of years ago and will cherish every memory of this thrilling adventure.

They will also learn about geology and nature while also exploring other fun attractions inside the park.

Among the activities, your kids would enjoy include a zipline course, the maze, and watching thousands of bats flying from the cave at night searching for food.

Gator Country
Gator Country

6. Visit the Gator Country

Gator Country is home to over 450 alligators and crocodiles, making it the largest alligator sanctuary and adventure park in the southeast part of the state.

Most of the crocodiles and alligators here have been rescued by the sanctuary’s team of experts.

You and your children can have an excellent opportunity to learn more about the animals hands-on and take plenty of photos.

There’s also a special Adventure package for alligator enthusiasts that includes wading with the gators.

You can book in advance, which comes with benefits, as you can take a boat tour through the swamp, which allows you to see a variety of birds and a few gators.

This is an excellent place for children interested in learning about crocodiles and gators.

Children’s Museum in HoustonChildren’s Museum in Houston
Children’s Museum in Houston

7. Check out the Children’s Museum in Houston

We have plenty of museums in the United States, but very few are dedicated to kids.

However, you don’t need to go far to find a children’s museum in Texas because there’s one in Houston.

This museum is dedicated to kids and has plenty of kid-friendly places to visit.

It’s more of a playground for their minds that allows them to explore as they learn through hands-on activities and exhibits.

Your child will learn more about friction, physics, and force at the Newton Know-How and the Gullah people and their culture.

They can also invent new things at the Chevron Houston Texans Maker Annex or learn about tech.

This is an excellent destination for parents with multiple kids who enjoy different things, as the place has a little of everything.

It’s also worth mentioning that the museum hosts free family nights and distributes free vaccinations to children.

If you want to check other children’s museums in Texas, you can visit the McKenna Children’s Museum between Austin and San Antonio.

Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World

8. Spend Time in the Dinosaur World

Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and would take any opportunity to learn and explore more about them.

The Dinosaur World is located in Glen Rose.

It’s an adventure park with ground covered with plant species dating back to prehistoric times and life-sized dinosaur sculptures located in every corner.

Children also have an opportunity to see real fossils in the indoor museum, dig for fossils and play on the dino-themed playground.

There is no food for sale here, but you can bring your own.

So be sure to keep this in mind and carry your snacks and drinks and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Dogs are allowed, and there’s a Jurassic Park marathon too.

KidZania in Frisco
KidZania in Frisco

9. Have fun at the KidZania in Frisco

A stop at KidZania in Frisco is undoubtedly one of the best places you can visit with your kids.

The 100,000-square-foot indoor attraction is fun for your young ones.

With the hands-on activities and over 100 occupations to role-play, there are plenty of things to do and have fun with.

Youngsters can take on the real-life professionals they like, such as doctors, surgeons, engineers, astronauts, or pilots.

They will also earn money in KidZos, which they can invest or spend on experiences and souvenirs.

This amazing place is like a city managed by kids and scaled down by about three-quarters of its size.

Have we mentioned that it also features real-life brands like Chase, Spotify, and American Airlines?

Parents can take part in being the audience for a television studio or as guests at an interactive restaurant.


10. Visit the RiverWalk in San Antonio

The River Walk is one of the most exciting tourist attractions for families in Texas.

The place is packed with restaurants, shops, and activities for children and adults to enjoy.

You can hire a river taxi and cruise the River Walk’s colorful sites.

Children that love art can visit the galleries and enjoy delicious Texan cuisine in the many restaurants along the banks.

Texas Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Texas park entry fees expensive?

Fees vary from one park to another.

Some parks can charge as low as $2, while others cost $8 for the day.

We recommend getting your Texas State Parks pass which gets you free entry into any Texas State Park for an entire year.

Are there autism-friendly things to do in Texas?

There are plenty of things to do with autistic children worth exploring, such as the magic theater, the dinosaur World and the children’s museum.

Is Texas safe for visiting with Kids?

Texas is a relatively safe state to visit and move around with kids, with Houston being rated as one of the third-safest cities for kid-friendly vacations.

Which are the best family-friendly cities in Texas?

Some of the best cities in Texas to visit with kids include Austin, Woodlands, Plano, El Paso, Arlington, Amarillo, and Frisco.

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