How to Become a Travel Agent in Mississippi

Updated On November 13, 2023
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Now is a really good time to consider becoming a travel agent in Mississippi.

The tourism industry returns to normal as more and more people are allowed to travel once again.

Grab a warm drink and read on!

Travel Agent Job Description and Duties in Mississippi

We all think we know what these agents do, or do we?

Most of us use a travel agency to facilitate finding:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Entertainment

We also hope to find lower prices by choosing this route.

Agents can really help us with that, but we first need to let them know why we travel.

This could be for:

  • A Honeymoon
  • Have some more family time together
  • For business
  • Go on a cruise

We also have to mention what our budget is.

Agents usually specialize in 2 or 3 types of travel, and all those details are really helpful for them.

To give the best service, these professionals need to:

  • Review visas, vaccinations, and other travel necessities
  • Understand the needs and desires of their clients
  • Keep accurate records
  • Find solutions to issues and emergencies
  • Handle payments and deposits
  • Promote the various packages resorts, hotels, and cruise companies offer
  • Negotiate with hotels, resorts, cruise companies, and more

In a case-by-case scenario, they might be responsible for other tasks as well.

Requirements to be a Travel Agent in Mississippi

Not just anyone can become a travel agent.

These skills are really useful for the candidates:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good management skills
  • Able to use various computer programs
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Great marketing skills
  • Able to work full-time
  • Detail-oriented
  • Being confident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Having a clean criminal record
  • Being honest
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Speaking a foreign language
  • Liking and having the ability to travel

Some employers are asking for previous experience.

This can be achieved by working other jobs in a tourism agency.

Education and Certification for a Travel Agent in Mississippi

Getting an education in Mississippi is not mandatory for travel agents.

You’ll discover fast that many actually hold a degree in tourism.

One of the most common degrees in this field is the Bachelors’.

The schools listed below offer 2 and 4-year programs in tourism, so you can choose the credential you want.

Search Travel Agent Training Programs

Get information on Travel Agent Training programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Top 12 Schools in Mississippi

School NameAddress
Coahoma Community College3240 FRIARS POINT RD CLARKSDALE, MS 38614
Copiah-Lincoln Community College1001 CO-LIN LANE WESSON, MS 39191
East Central Community College15738 HIGHWAY 15 DECATUR, MS 39327
East Mississippi Community College1512 KEMPER STREET SCOOBA, MS 39358
Hinds Community College505 E MAIN ST MN CAMPUS RAYMOND, MS 39154
Meridian Community College910 HWY 19 N MERIDIAN, MS 39307
Mississippi Delta Community CollegeHWY 3 AND CHERRY ST MOORHEAD, MS 38761
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College51 MAIN STREET PERKINSTON, MS 39573
Northeast Mississippi Community College101 CUNNINGHAM BLVD BOONEVILLE, MS 38829
Northwest Mississippi Community College4975 HWY 51 N SENATOBIA, MS 38668
University of Mississippi143 Ford Center, P.O. Box 1848 University, MS 38677
University of Southern Mississippi118 COLLEGE DRIVE # 0001 HATTIESBURG, MS 39406

When enrolling, you’ll need to prove you either graduated from high school or have a GED.

However, if it’s difficult for you to attend classes in person, you can enroll in an online program.

These are the main subjects you’ll study in a tourism program:

  • Introduction to the travel industry
  • Professional Skills
  • Basic/International geography
  • Destination geography
  • Introduction to international travel
  • Introduction to air travel
  • Transportation
  • Career development
  • Sales and marketing for travel

Travel Agent Salary and Employment in Mississippi

Traveling to actual places comes with the job of being a travel agent.

This allows you to learn more and first-hand about all the options available to your clients, once they arrive at their respective destinations.

The majority of these professionals work for tourism agencies.

It is however possible to work on your own as well, from anywhere in the world.

This option, however, requires additional licenses, so check with your local authorities on the matter.

As far as your earnings go, this will depend on how much experience you have and your location.

If you’re curious to know where the salaries are higher on average, these cities are Olive Branch, Southaven, and Horn Lake.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of Travel Agents in Mississippi

City NameSalary
Olive Branch$35,429
Horn Lake$35,501

Additional Information for Travel Agents in Mississippi

Those who obtain additional licenses will need to keep them current.

If you want to increase your credibility, consider joining an association related to touristic activities.

Travel Agent State-specific Information:

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