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Updated On November 7, 2023
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data
User Sentiment:
* Rated 69 / 100 based on 122 user reviews.

Guyana, officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is a sovereign state located in the northern mainland of South America.

However, it has such strong cultural, historical and political ties with other Anglo Caribbean countries, that it’s often considered part of the Caribbean region.

Guyana shares its borders with the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Brazil to the south and southwest, Suriname to the east and Venezuela to the west.

Guyana is the only South American nation in which English is the official language which makes things that much easier for an average tourist, though the majority of the population speaks Guyanese Creole, an English-based creole language.

A must-see for all tourists is definitely the Kaieteur Falls, which are monumentally five times the height of Niagara Falls.

This place can be accessed by a short plane flight from the capital.

Lovers of summer activities can enjoy the gorgeous Shell Beach where they can see a range of Leatherback, Green and Olive Ridley turtles laying eggs.

For those in the mood for hiking, there are Merume Mountains, with a legend to follow: the legend has it that no one has been to the top of the Merume Mountains, or found the source of the Mazaruni river rumored to be within them.

Warnings & Dangers in Guyana

Overall Risk


Even though this country is known for its welcoming people, you should keep in mind that it is still filled with dangers to bear in mind. Apart from petty theft, there is serious violent crime to consider so apply all possible precaution measures before venturing into this beautiful country.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transportation is generally not the best in Guyana. Road conditions are generally poor, the bus service, although it is frequent, isn't very reliable or safe and it is best to travel by taxi, especially at night. Be particularly careful on public transport for pickpockets that operate on buses and trains.

Pickpockets Risk


As in most countries in the world – where there are tourists, there are pickpockets. Pickpocketing and purse snatching are frequent in Guyana, particularly in the busiest areas of the country, like Georgetown. The general area of Stabroek Market and the area behind Bourda Market are places where petty crimes have been reported so apply caution when around these places.

Natural Disasters Risk


Guyana isn't prone to a huge amount of natural disasters, but it does have two significant rainy season, with substantial rainfall, causing severe flooding because there are two significant rainy seasons.

Mugging Risk


Petty crime can sometimes turn violent so your best bet is to just hand over everything you own immediately. The problem is that violent crime in general in this country is a serious issue, with murder rate that is three times higher than that of the United States. Armed robberies, muggings, burglaries, assaults and rapes are frequent. Areas where you should be particularly cautious include the village of Buxton, which is located along the road that leads from Georgetown to New Amsterdam, as well as Agricola, which sits near the East Bank highway.

Terrorism Risk


Although there haven't been any terrorist attacks in Guyana's recent history, they shouldn't be ruled out so remain vigilant at all times.

Scams Risk


As in almost any countries, there is a great risk of getting scammed in Guyana, too. Always check everything twice and negotiate everything in advance. Taxi drivers might try to trick you into paying more, giving you wrongful information about the price of the ride.

Women Travelers Risk


Women should definitely not travel alone in Guyana, but in a group or within a tour, especially at night but this applies to daytime, too. You should exercise precaution at all times and avoid dark and empty streets and locations.

So... How Safe Is Guyana Really?

Guyana is not known as a particularly safe destination, with Georgetown being notorious for petty street crime.

Never carry all your money with you: in fact, do not carry large amounts of it at all.

Never walk alone both during night and day, as daytime is not a guarantee that you’re safe.

Avoid areas such as the Tiger Bay area east of Main Street and the entire southeastern part of the city including Albouystown and Ruimveldt, though if you’re in a group, you might pass by these places and you probably won’t have any problems, particularly if you’re with a native company.

Do not count on police assistance, as they will probably help you only if they see a criminal act occurring in front of them.

The good news is that the inner regions of the country where you can explore the famous, breathtaking waterfalls of this region and the vast rainforests are completely safe and crime-free.

Generally, once you leave the major cities and venture into rural areas, you will enter a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The interior regions with the breath-taking waterfalls and the beautiful rainforests and mountains are perfectly safe.

Before you travel to Guyana, make sure you get immunized for yellow fever, as well as malaria and dengue fever, though it has appeared only in the inner parts of the country.

Yellow fever is endemic to this area and you can catch it even in cities.

How Does Guyana Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



Many countries do not need a visa in order to enter Guyana. Make sure your passport is valid for six months beyond the period of your planned stay in Guyana. If you are not sure about your visa status, visit which will let you know whether or not you need visa based on your nationality and the country you want to visit.



Guyanese dollar is the official currency in Guyana. Bear in mind that not all ATMs accept foreign cards, and that credit cards are rarely accepted.



Climate in Guyana is warm and tropical all year round. There is substantial rainfall throughout the year, and the humidity is high. Guyana has two rainy seasons, December to January and May to June, while along the coastline the climate is tempered by sea breezes.



Cheddi Jagan International Airport is the national airport of Guyana. It is located on the right bank of the Demerara River in the city of Timehri, 41 km south of Guyana's capital, Georgetown.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we advise getting travel insurance when traveling to Guyana, because it would cover not only medical problems, but also theft and loss of valuables.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

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122 Reviews on Guyana

  1. E
    Elizabeth Fallen says:

    Very good experience

    Guyana is s beautiful country your points are not completely correct I love Guyana I’m from London. The people are very nice and friendly. I had a really good experience there and I would definitely go again.

    1. Hi
      I would like to have more details about safety & dealing locally. I want to start a gems & jewellary business there. I am from India.

      1. One has to be careful with scammers and robbers.Careful when dealing with some people.They can be dishonest and look for any red flags.

      2. A
        A TRUE GUYANESE says:


        To Rakesh…..alot of other guys from india are doing great here….business is really booming here in the clothing department……and thats what the others are doing here

      3. s
        slobotnavich says:

        A long, long time ago, whilst a service rep for Ford in Central and South America, Georgetown Guyana was among my many ports of call. I loved the place though it was likely the most dangerous places in the Americas, with the malefactors being dubbed the “choke and rob” element, gangs of roving thugs who’s waylay unwary or careless visitors, rob them of everything, including their clothes, and often give them a sound thumping for good measure. It also featured the most spectacularly beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been pretty much all over the world, with beautiful racial mixtures of pure English beauties, East Asians, Amer-Indians, pretty much everything but Eskimos. The biggest downside was the cuisine, which was virtually inedible at best and potentially lethal at worst. This all was 35-40 years ago and likely much has changed for the better. Given the chance and a free airline ticket I’d love to go back for a visit.

      4. Dear Rakesh I want go Guyana and please give me more details

    2. P
      Princess says:


      Just because u had a good experience don’t mean the author is wrong he correct all the way

      1. N
        Narresh says:

        Not a place to raise a decent family

        Agreed, Guyana is a shithole country, and as a Guyanese living in New York, I went back 4 times in 35yrs, out of the 4 times, I got robbed twice and I got stabbed in the neck from one of those robberies, there are approximately 185 countries and I prefer to go places where I don’t have to be afraid walking alone in the streets by myself cuz I did so many times in some of the most safest streets in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia all by myself.

    3. N
      Narresh says:

      Not a place to raise a decent family

      Guyana is a shithole country, and as a Guyanese living in New York, I went back 4 times in 35yrs, out of the 4 times, I got robbed twice and I got stabbed in the neck from one of those robberies, there are approximately 185 countries and I prefer to go places where I don’t have to be afraid walking alone in the streets by myself cuz I did so many times in some of the most safest streets in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia all by myself.

      1. Guyana is a beautiful place not bad

    4. D
      Destiny says:


      love your comment i actually from Guyana 😁😀👍😃

  2. Great place to visit

    Man what the hell is this shit who wrote this
    This is so not true and it should be taken down

    1. G
      Guyanese citizen says:

      Your vitriolic words are just proving the author’s comments to be right.

      1. F
        Fair Justice says:

        So what if the individual used colourful language it doesn’t take away from the fact this is a damaging quote about Guyana not being safe. There is crime and petty thieves everywhere but that doesn’t stop people from travelling.
        So who ever the author may be… it’s high time you reevaluated your statement.

        1. E
          EvilWhiteMan says:

          “There is crime and petty thieves everywhere….”

          NO, there is not! Time for you to visit Iceland, Austria, Switzerland or Norway (just to name a few). In these countries you don’t have to think about what time it is when leaving your hotel. It’s perfectly safe around the clock. Yes, even pickpocketing is very rare. Violent crime is “nearly” unheard of.

          So, please stop this “…it’s the same everywhere” BS. That’s a hippie lie. There ARE much better and safer countries out there. Go inform yourself.

          1. M

            I worked there 5yrs ago (healthcare). We did our research, went well prepared. Had to stay in a secure compound in Georgetown. We were robbed at gunpoint on the way to work at 9am. Witnessed a machete attack at 9pm (a small crowd of us)
            The author seems to know what they are talking about.
            People travelling need to know if they will be safe and the areas to avoid

        2. A
          Anonymous says:

          Guyana is a very special country but, crime is out of control from the airport they follow you to your destination, there is an insider who is involved with your destination.

          1. A
            Anonymous says:

            My wife is guyanese and she told me the same thing

      2. A
        Anonymous says:

        crime crime crime risk high

    2. R
      Roger g says:

      I was robbed of everything at gunpoint on my way from the airport, apparently this is quite common according to the US embassy where I had to get a temporary passport to return but the government hides reporting crimes for obvious reasons. Crime is terrible throughout the country, not a place to visit.

    3. G
      Guyanese says:

      The author is absolutely correct. There is a armed robbery nearly everyday. The murder rate for such a small country ?
      Your disparaging remarks serves to confirm precisely what the author is conveying.

  3. So not true. Georgetown is usually busy and does have thefts but if you go other places like Linden, Essequibo etc it’s beautiful and safe, people even sleep with their windows and doors open because a lot of areas are safe. Know your facts before you write this crap. P.s people are very friendly there, usually greeting you as you walk by.

    1. M
      Mary J Rich says:

      Would like to visit

      You sleep with your windows open in Guyana and you’re likely to get eaten alive by a snow leopard.

      1. D
        Donna P says:

        What snow leopard? Smh. You get robbed at gunpoint in the USA.

      2. snow leopard in the tropics? come on now.

      3. I wish to visit Guyana..though crimes are all over even in Africa

    2. T
      The Fish Man says:

      No crime is way above the norm. Especially if you are white. Why go to a place where you have to be on high alert unless you prefer that sort of vacation. Try Costa Rica or Caracas No sense in being a victim. Sorry l will always choose safety over unsafe.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        Skin color has nothing to do with being a victim of crime.

        1. G
          Guyanese Gangster says:

          Yes it does I am Guyanese born, and I’m married to a white wife being white in Guyana attracts attention to the wrong type of people. They’re bad people all over this world when I lived in Guyana, I was the victim of a home invasion, they threatened to chop my baby out of her mom belly with a cutlass if I did not give up the money . My wife and daughter are alive. Thank God ! Being white in Guyana makes you an easy target. You have so many desperate people there Safty is definitely an issue. I guess it has to be an issue of luck if you’re lucky you won’t get killed!!! And I was not easy in GT. Disparity knows no limits! Lucky to be ALIVE you need a Glock 40 with lots of ammo to be safe!

  4. i
    iNf4MouS Pi3RRE says:

    Shit hole country

    This is 99% facts… Just remove trains… Cause there’s no public trains and not train terminals… Guyana is not safe and nobody should travel there… Worse caribbean country…

    1. iNf4MouS Pi3RRE: You’re a shit hole asshole. Guyana is first class country and most important, shit hole asshole, Guyana is NOT a Caribbean country. Guyana is a South American country. Ok shithole asshole. Just a little edification for you.

      1. Actually it is considered a Caribbean country. It’s the only Caribbean country that is part of a land mass rather than an independent island.

        1. I thought Belize was also part of the land mass and classified as Caribbean?

        2. P
          Proud Guyanese says:

          Guyana is not the only Caribbean country apart of mass land

      2. Control crime

        I am a Guyanese. Unfortunately the author’s comments are absolutely correct.

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Big time inside crime high

        2. G
          Guyanese says:

          Guyana , serious safety concern.

          I lived for 25 years in Guyana. Author is on point.

      3. P
        Proud Guyanese says:

        Guyana is apart of the Caribbean

        Though guyana is not geographically accepted as apart of the Caribbean, on historical terms, sharing similar or rather exact history with caribbean islands, Guyana is a Caribbean country.

      4. P
        Princess says:

        Hateful Ken a Guyanese

        U r a hateful foul mouth bafoon you just prove the author right

      5. N
        Narresh says:

        You are an example of a first class Guyanese POS how they act and behave, not only in public but on the the internet while having a discourse with a fellow being. A fowl mouth like you are the reason why Guyanese get a bad name. It’s fallicious to have an discussion with ignoramus like you.

    2. G
      Guyanese citizen says:

      No, we are not the worst, there’s Trinidad and Jamaica. Guyana in the 50’s was described as “Paradise on Earth” with the friendliest people but no longer. The author who wrote this article is quite right.

      1. My opinion of Guyana.

        Agree I’m Australian my wife born in Guyana . Was a paradise before independance. Also East Indians and corrupt goverments had made this place a no go zone.
        Am a travel agent and yes the beauty is in the interior. I stayed at the Pegasus and didn’t feel safe. Robbery is rife the police turn their back. Money talks…
        Thank goodness my wife had a British Passport before becoming Australian citizen . She was admonished when visiting. . There were trains once from Geo to Rossignal. Only mining companies have trains down south. We were treated so badly . The airport staff were rude and ignorant. Transport is terrible. Best get limo of hotel.
        Advice stay out of Guyana , Venezuala or Suriname.
        Dont ask for directions or help as you wont get it. Why do you think major airlines keep failing and giving up route.

      2. M
        Mary Rich says:

        Guyana in the 50’s was riddled with race wars between the Afro and Indo Guyanese, much like the Protestant/Catholic kill kill kill in Northern Ireland, all due to the British telling NI Protestants they were superior to NI Catholic and Indo Guyanese they were superior to Afro Guyanese, all poppycock, of course, nobody is superior to anybody, but all grist to the mill of divide and conquer.

    3. D
      Donna P says:

      Beautiful Guyana

      Some people need to get their facts correct. Guyana like many countries experience some problems with crime. However, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people . Guyana is about to become one of the richest countries.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        Guyana is a shithole thanks to the pnc

        1. hiding behind an anonymous politically charged posting does no one a service

      2. A
        Anonymous says:

        Racist country

        Guyana is unsafe and the ppp and their supporters are racist

    4. N
      Noodles says:

      Just gonna ignore El Salvador like that

  5. G
    Guyanese citizen says:

    Ken, your offensive language has just proved the man is right.

  6. M
    Mark Axelson says:

    I have not been to your beautiful country. It is a dream to, one day. God bless your efforts, Guyanese people.

  7. I felt most unsafe in the markets in Georgetown with 2 people doing a gun type action with their hands and pointing it in my direction. Beaches are just terrible -full of litter. I felt more safe in San Salvador than I did here.

    1. I
      I hate Norway Guyana is better says:

      Guyana is better than Norway

      Norway sucks Norway is dumb country boring dumb people there bruh never g to Norway expensive crime terrorist attacks and El Salvador suck the end

  8. P
    Patricia says:

    I believe the people who says Guyana is not beautiful, haven’t been traveling.
    I don’t mean, going to a Caribbean Island Resort and getting drunk on a white sand beach or staying in your hometown saying ,”God Bless America”
    I haved visited over 27 country in world, I’ve used local buses and trains to see people lifestyles and what resources the country has. Many times I broke down in tears seeing Poverty. It’s unbelievable how people live especially children.” I have never been to Africa”.

    Safety; The world have a safety and security issue. It’s going at your own RISK, anything could happen anywhere at anytime

    Dirty; Did you ever check out New York and Los Angeles. One of the richest countries in the world with the most dirtiest city.
    I am Guyanese, I’ve lived in the USA for over 35 years. Guyana is a beautiful country that need to be develop more and its getting there.

  9. I
    Ivor Harry says:

    Very good

    I am from Guyana but have been living abroad for the past thirty eight years. Guyana is just climbing out of poverty and systemic corruption. The Capital city is looking much better these days with modern malls, office blocks, restaurants and night spots. The place is fairly clean just bushy along the verges. Most Caribbean countries are the same. The people are friendly and mostly protective of visitors. They enjoy a good joke and are not afraid to engage strangers in conversation. Gun violence is a concern in recent times but it has not reached crisis levels as in some other places. One has to be vigilant but no need to be running scared. Downtown Georgetown is best traversed on foot and can be quite crowded but, relatively safe. In terms of natural beauty, this country has it. The interior villages and towns are very safe and quite picturesque. The inland lakes and long winding rivers filled with exotic creatures foments excitement and adventure. Fruits are plentiful and wild animals in the forests make for great gastronomic satisfaction. Beautiful Guyana.

    1. Use common sense when visiting Guyana

      This man is right, Guyana much like traveling anywhere else calls for a bit of common sense. It’s best if you have a local contact come and pick u up from the airport or use one of the approved taxis. Dress not to draw attention to yourself and leave jewelry and gold chains and bracelets at home. Walk with just what you need in terms of money and btw, Guyana can be a very expensive destination so I would say about 100$usd/day to GYD. You may not spend it all but if ur visiting family n friends it will be gone trust me! Bury the rest of ur cash somewhere deep on ur person or hide it really well where ur staying. Trust NO ONE with ur money! People are people the world over, there are good n not so good but don’t be afraid to go to Guyana, it is a poor country by Western standards but the people would be glad to have you. Oh n white folks you are the last ones who have to worry about crime in Guyana, people will treat u especially well, please return the favor and reciprocate from your positions of power. Tell ur colleagues to please visit and take advantage of what the beautiful interior has to offer. Guyana is really trying hard to pull itself together but with decades of grinding poverty, change is not going to come overnight. Guyanese people are easy going and love a good laugh, make someone laugh and you’ve made a friend. Don’t fear going to Guyana, it might be a shithole country but that means ur measuring it against something else and if it is indeed a shithole country to some, it’s an shithole tons-of-fun for others!

      1. P
        Princess says:

        Beautiful country but be vigilant

        It is true I been going there for years and have been scanned so many times by dishonest people the buses are unsafe robbery is rife we witness robbery in broad daylight taxis do bump up prices when they know you from abroad so it is true stop being nationalistic and be honest Guyana isn’t safe period.

      2. About 12 of us (some white English, some mixed English and Indo-Guyanese) hope to go to Guyana next year. None of us have been to Guyana before and no idea what to expect. But I do know that the parents of the mixed E and IG came to England, not because of poverty, but because of the race wars. So how safe are we from the Afro-Guyanese?

  10. I don’t know why these people who are making comments about how Guyana beautiful. Guyana rass aint beautiful. It just has beauty in some areas just like any other country. What is so beautiful about Bourda and Stabroek markets. The areas are filthy. These people are all brain washed by Burnham. The whole bloody country is corrupted. Clean the country up. Most crimes committed is hardly solved. In adequate police force. It is a very poor country. No middle class. if it so beautiful then all you who have left Guyana 30 years ago, should go back and live there. I bet in a few months you will run away. The country requires structure. take a page from the Island of Barbados.

    1. I think what Grant is saying is pretty true.I want to go to Guyana but what I gather from other writers I put together. One should dress down and don’t show off just go with the flow.I suggest you should take your shots from your Dr. Do not take too much clothes, you wash and wear and make sure you have a reliable person to pick you up at the airport. Carry enough money to use and just know where you are going. Don’t travel by yourself.

  11. Hi, I been to Guyana in 2007, I met a wonderful lady online, and invited me to come over. I never been outside Europe before. I must say the guyanise people are one of the most friendly, warm welcoming people I ever come a cross.i felt very welcomed and safe, I difenetly go again.

  12. H
    Harish Permanand says:

    I am a Guyanese, migrate to Canada in 1982, because of safety and the bullies of the PNC.
    You cannot count on law enforcement for your safety due to corruption. Look at the Government, total disregard for the constitution, after a non confidence vote. Get a grip of yourself people, there is no law and order of that land of three quarter million people. The city that I lived in Canada has twice the population and I’m sure our Mayor can do a better job than those meat heads that call themselves leaders. Leadership is lacking which in turn creates unemployment, no hope for the decent people, helplessness, and anger which in turn creates criminals and thugs. Read my lips, Guyana is not safe. Stay away.

    1. The truth about Guyana

      I was born at Leonora, left at age 22 years old all alone for Canada with a landed immigrant Visa. I returned a few times and I know what I am talking about.
      Guyana is a lawless country fuelled by racism / politics. I am now 70 years old. The police and military are Negroes and as such are loyal to the Negro government PNC – APNU-AFC.
      Just take a look at the 2020 March election. Guyana will soon becomes like Zimbabwe under the PNC.
      Guyana is no Country to visit, it is unsafe for tourist.

    2. You sounds like sour grapes ..I know your race

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        Shame Indo and Afro can’t live together without hating each other.

    3. A dangerous but beautiful country

      So true my friend. When certain individuals suspected I was planning to leave the country as I was uncomfortable with the political policies, they arranged the burgling of my home perhaps, to take the passports? they failed, but stole a lot of jewelry and the stereo set. Next, they arranged the break and enter of the institution I managed but couldn’t access the safe. I finally fled with 2 suitcases. In the 60’s and 70’s I travelled all over the country on business and can say it’s a beautiful country with beautiful women who are struggling to survive and probably being taken advantage of. However, I understand the crime rate has increased with many unsolved murders some of which are high profile, and of late many unsolved fires. Perhaps the flow of the oil money may reduce crime but since crime pays, that’s not likely to happen. You couldn’t pay me to return on a visit.

    4. A whole bunch of us are planning to visit Guyana next year and your comments about the PNC are worrying. Think I’d feel safer if it was run by the PPP. Maybe I’m biased as some of the people I’m travelling with are descended from Indo-Guyanese who left Guyana due to Afro-Guyanese violence.

  13. G
    Guyanese says:

    Beautiful Guyana, Land of many WATERS

    Guyana is not a crime country. Things have changed and you shouldn’t portray our country as being bad. It’s a beautiful place to visit and I gaurantee that you’ll be safe there.

  14. R
    Royal Rolle says:

    Every place has challenges, just be vigilant and enjoy

    i am a proud Guyanese living in the Bahamas for 16 years now.I was very proud to take my Bahamian husband to Guyana. Despite my country needs a bit cleaning up, things are looking much better now than before.Guyana is naturally beautiful, the food was great n my husband and kids loved it.We felt safe even with public transportation. My husband and kids took lots of pics especially in Linden. We are planning vacation again there very soon.

  15. Guyana is beautiful. I spent 5 months there and enjoyed it. The people r friendly and treat foreigners respectfully. The place has cleaned up immensely since the new government has taken control. The previous govt did nothing to improve nothing everything was in disarray. I will visit again at the drop of a hat. Continue the good work seek God’s guidance and put race and hatred out of there. We r God’s children live like we r.

  16. Love of country

    I am Guyanese by berth now a Canadian citizen for 49 years, I am proud of Guyana that I still call home original from Bernice No. 63 beach, I love this beach has great memories with my family as a child that was all we had. love of family is the greatest thing, for the people in Georgetown please be more friendly to foreigners, we needed to change, where some one is bore is not your fault, be good to others and give yourself and country good names. We alway have a fabulous and save time when we visited. The government should restrict bad people for certain area of Georgetown and have curfew on under 18 years at night.

  17. R
    Richard Mallen says:

    I walk every day in Guyana, and have been doing so since I first arrived in march 2019

    Today I was on my way back from a walk from central Georgetown to the national park a few laps and then home via quay wall, I have seen and met several young men whom approach you and ask for money, today at 9:45am I was followed by two young men age around 16-18 on small bikes.

    Battery Street between the two of the largest / busiest hotels Pegasus and Marriott, they cruised past me before stopping to ask for money, I told them I didn’t have any, no watch, they pulled out a machete and lunged at me, I hit one and removed the machete and they ran off…. I was lucky I am quite a big guy…. this is happening every day, to foreigners but also Guyanese people across Georgetown….. the police came to make the report, an officer came to take my details as he was supposed to check cameras outside…. but I have no idea if they have the ability to follow up, they need more Police Visibility, more camera’s and certainly more patrols where tourists gather…….. sad for Guyana’s tourism industry which is slowly developing but people and income will not come when read these reports & the statistics …. god bless Guyana….. most people hard working & humble only a few dangerous one’s.

  18. R
    Rosiemary tate says:

    I notice that the President Trump never go there to met there. I guess so. That the place of Guyana will not Safe. Well. I thank God for that. This Guyana need the best improve more restrict like Mexican patrol.

  19. Talk about what u know

    Talk about your country and keep Guyana out of your mouth

    1. P
      Penelope says:

      Beautiful Guyana!!!

      A lot of these reports are first hand experiences from people from Guyana. Don’t get angry, become aware of what Guyana truly is. A beautiful country indeed but certainly dangerous for visitors as well as locals. Sadly, no one is completely safe in Guyana

      1. Tell me about your experience or leave a tip for others, Hello I am from Nigeria but I will like to come Guyana work a job. my name is innoma.

        This email

    2. P
      Princess says:


      Why let the truth be told debbie

  20. S
    Sam Samaroo says:

    I live in the vacation capital of the world Orlando, Florida. IS it safe no do you hear about all the crimes in Orlando , NO.
    Property crime rate in 2018 Orlando :368.0U.S. Average:189.3
    PER 100,000 : Murders:39 Rapes : 200 Assaults 1415 Burglaries 1619 Thefts : 10,965 Auto Thefts :1219 and Arson 13
    Orlando the beautiful ( smile )
    We talk about the negatives of a small country 600 k people very little taxes collected , we blame the government for everything, Georgetown is not GUYANA This is my first blog///
    I was born in Kitty

    1. That’s right Georgetown is not Guyana
      Just look at the sky it is so beautiful
      The smallest child pass by say good morning
      Guyana our beautiful country

    2. I was born in Guyana kitty to be exact Gordon st left in 78 never went back. When I left, Guyana was getting bad not interested in wasting good money on a bad trip.

    3. A
      Anonymous says:

      Do you know 100 Sheriff Street?

  21. Is it safe or not

    Hi, I have been reading the comments on this page I have a boyfriend who lives there and wants me to come there to visit, but something tells me it not safe reading from ur Comment I don’t know what to believe.

    1. interested in knowing if you went to visit?

    2. M
      Mr mention says:


      Absolutely not safe

    3. E
      EvilWhiteMan says:

      Jess is a sugar momma and doesn't know it

      Your “boyfriend” lives there and you’ve never visited him? Seems like you don’t know what the word “boyfriend” really means, lady. Talking to someone online doesn’t make him your boyfriend. Yeah, go visit him….you will get used, robbed and dominated by him, his friends and his entire family….you dummy. How much money have you already sent to him?

  22. I’m Guyanese and this country is a real disgrace to civilization the city of Georgetown is a real shit hole, is the only city in the world with no order apsoluty none.

  23. One has to be careful with scammers and robbers.Careful when dealing with some people.They can be dishonest and look for any red flags.

  24. S
    Sarecia anderson says:


    First of all iif yall want to talk about Guyana like that well think again Guyana is a beautiful country I am a guyanese and yes I admit Guyana has some flaws of it’s own but that dosen’t mean that Guyana is a very bad country we are still developing trying to make Guyana a better place

  25. I love Guyana

    People! If you haven’t gone to Guyana in the last five years. Please don’t judge Guyana.

    If you haven’t gone to other countries please don’t judge Guyana.

    I know hundreds of people who goes to Guyana often. I Don’t know anyone who was robbed or killed

    There is bad people everywhere including Guyana.

  26. E
    ESSENCE says:


    Guyana is a safe country. I am from Atlanta, Ga. The West End area to be exact, where the crime was at an all-time high and I’m sure it has skyrocketed since I’ve left. I feel safe living here in Guyana the people are friendly, I have family here who are very welcoming, the land is peaceful..yeah might be petty theft but that is everywhere…Guyana is nice I love it here and plan on staying and getting a home here.

  27. F
    Forever Guyanese says:

    Guyana, mine to rediscover

    I am Guyanese. I left there 50 years ago and it was very safe back then. I lived in Georgetown and many nights we slept with the downstairs windows open.

    That never caused any problems. I have never been back but have lots of relatives living in the USA who visit Guyana regularly. I heard there was an increase in crime but it wasn’t enough to keep them away and none of them was ever a victim. Recently I have been hearing from several sources that things are getting a lot better. As a matter of fact a lot of non-Guyanese are moving there permanently and one of my cousins moved back to retire there about two years ago.

    I am planning a trip back there soon to show my family where I grew up. I appreciate the validity of different opinions shared in this forum but it would be great if people would just stick to the facts, and state exactly where and when you had your experience so that it would be helpful to people who will be influenced by this to make travel decisions.

    Lastly, I beg of you especially if you are Guyanese, please don’t butcher the English language. If you want to write Creole, cool. Try hard to get the correct spelling. But, if you are writing in English please use Grammarly and Spell Check.

    You are on the internet so these tools should be easy to find.

    When I left home I was pretty young but I clearly remember that while we may have spoken Creole we wrote proper English.
    Since I have no first-hand knowledge I have given a neutral rating for safety since N/A is not a choice.
    Jan 2020

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Creole suggests you are Afro-Guyanese, therefore safe when visiting Guyana, but are you safe if you’re Indo-Guyanese?

  28. C
    Cajetan says:

    I Have been listing to all ur views pls someone should help me with the truth because I am abt coming to Guyana to search for greener pasture

  29. C
    Cajetan says:

    I want to know about Guyana

    I Have been listing to all ur views pls someone should help me with the truth because I am abt coming to Guyana to search for greener pasture before I make mistake thanks.

    1. Visit African

      Come to Kenya

  30. This article is not an update!

    I First of all of you haven’t visit Guyana recently? Or did you even visit Guyana? Are you Guyanese?
    This is a 2020 update? LOL 😅🤦🏾‍♀️ Okay! 😂
    Our county crime rate has decreased drastically and our economy has grown within the five past years. Our land is very beautiful and is ranked one of the top three eco-tourism destinations. “Guyana is not particularly safe.” Really? Every county has petty crimes yet you are here talking about my country as though tourist shouldn’t come here (Guyana) , Yes we had high crime rate in the past years but have you done your proper research? I’m okay with you saying that the crime rate was high to a point where you would be scared to walk the streets but that was the past. What about or flora and fauna did u talk about that? Did you mention that our county is an oil producing county? Did you mention our diverse culture? NO instead you spoke only about our country not being safe. P.s I hope the county you live in are so safe that you can leave you doors and windows open🙂

  31. Bad

    Guyana was a good country, not any more

  32. A
    A visitor says:

    Never again

    Guyana isn’t such a nice place scamming is rampant especially when the locals realise that you’re a foreigner. Secondly most locals there are just plain out racists and rude. Last issue cleanliness is not a top priority there is some cases and areas its just not a priority at all

  33. P
    P. Ramnauth says:

    Don't go there.

    I lived in Guyana all my life and it is exactly as described above. Anyone who says something different is either fooling themselves or haven’t actually lived there long enough. Crime is a norm. I grew up there so I’ve got first hand experience. The country has beautiful landmarks and sights to see but is it worth your life? Crime is crazy high and cops are corrupt to the highest level. If you’re going there… be super careful, especially in the capital Georgetown. People get robbed and assaulted even in the day time . These criminals aren’t scared. Don’t risk your life or your loved ones lives for this place.

  34. R
    Richard Johnston says:

    Well worth a visit.

    I’ve been to Guyana 3 times and would go back any time. I never felt anything other than safe and welcomed. I walked a lot in Georgetown including Bourda & Stabroek markets. They’re messy and noisy but you can get pretty much anything you need in or near them.
    The people are mostly friendly and helpful and don’t try it on just because you’re a tourist.
    Travel by taxi rather than minibus, they’re always crowded.
    The biggest problem I saw is litter everywhere in Georgetown. A great beach spoilt by plastic water bottles, the drains full of plastic, rubbish just dropped on the floor. Clean the place up, it could be a ‘garden city’ again.

  35. A
    Amy Gbayagula says:

    Guyana trip 2021

    I would like to visit guyana

  36. I
    Imaniree says:

    Give Guyana a Chance!

    Guyana has its share of problems like most anywhere else but just use your common sense and you’ll be fine. The people of Guyana as you have read here are friendly and welcoming but decades of grinding poverty has brought out the worst in some. When was the last time you read or heard about tourists being robbed or killed in Guyana? If you want to flaunt it and attract attention to yourself you’ll find trouble in any country you visit however if you leave the jewelry at home and dress like an ordinary person you’ll have no problems. If you’re white even more so, the people don’t want to rob you, they would really like to get to know you! If you are traveling to Guyana for a trip to the interior, ur chances of running into problems are virtually nil. Use ur common sense like you wud anywhere else and don’t walk around with a lot of money. Leave the jewelry home! Should you see a high ticket item that u really want to get, make arrangements to pick it up later with the shop owner or the head person. I GUARANTEE that your travel to Guyana would be a good one just by using ur common sense! Virtually everyone going to Guyana is going to meet someone from the get go and move around Guyana in a like manner so, like so many have said, ur visit to Guyana should be a memorable one!

  37. I am yet to visit Guyana. My daughter is seeking admission in Texila American University. I just wanted to take a look at the reviews on Guyana. Some of the reviews are worrisome.

    1. university of Guyana is the only real university.

      You should spend time check out Texila American University. Only real university is the University of Guyana.

  38. The truth hurts

    Anyone living in Guyana who has never been the victim of a crime ,it’s only because your number hasn’t come up yet.I am a Guyanese who has travelled and lived all over the world and Guyana is the most unsafe place i’ve ever seen.It’a a fact that people have been held up and robbed at gunpoint while eating dinner in restaurants with the cooks,cashier and security guard all having guns pointed at them.Don’t let your guard down with the nice people you meet in Guyana.Evil lurks among those people.Guyana has the highest rate of suicide in the world.Many cases involve men killing their wives and girfriends and then drinking poison.Gyanese can defend Guyana all they want,but they so are in denial.

  39. M
    Mark Smith says:

    Beautiful Guyarna

    Hi, having travel through a lot of Guyana over months from the south to the north, kayaking rivers spending time isolated survival in remote jungle places lethem,Georgetown Rewa Bora Bora……… i’ve probably visited more places than most the locals and definitely seen places most of them never been. Guyarna is beautiful fascinating mythical. Yes it can be dangerous but so can most places if you walk in the wrong place in London you can find trouble. Most Guyanese people A friendly I’ve had some amazing nights out in Georgetown probably some of the most craziest times I’ve ever had. I find most people on the interior especially the tribes very friendly. Having kayaked the Rio Negro and the real Blanco in comparison is totally the opposite! If you’re looking for adventure choose a company like BushMaster holidays, you will never forget it!

  40. A
    Art Palmer says:

    I would take family there, only when safety improves

    I went only once to Guyana, and that was when it was British Guiana. I went with a small group to dive for diamonds in the interior. This was in 1963. Forbes Burnham came personally to meet us at the little pensione we stayed at on Middle St. Although there was some trouble going on, while in the City one usually would get ‘wind of it’ ahead of time and stay indoors. Trouble like molotov cocktails and small caliber shooting, especially in the evening. The leader of our group was out walking one night and got jumped. However, our fellow practically killed this wayward guy – leaving him motionless. “Choke and Rob” was the usual term used to describe. Mahdia was sort of a hell hole full of homely prostitutes (we went there to sell diamonds), but taking the paddle-wheel steamer up river to colorful Bartica was nice, particularly on Easter. The town even had one oold jukebox playing very loud music. We actually felt safer in the interior than in Georgetown. And I must say the vast jungle and its lifeline of rivers was, for me, the highlight experience!. Parrots in pairs flying overhead and toucans, also. Caiman and capybara were quite plentiful there. But the diamonds were NOT plentiful, drats! I would some day like to take my son to visit Guyana, but only if it improves – safety-wise.

  41. D
    Donald Trump 2.0 says:

    Make Guyana Great Again

    This country doesn’t have a Pizza Hut or a McDonald’s. It’s terrible folks. Very terrible. Very very terrible. I will run for office here someday and save this beautiful country. We will wipe out all the crimes folks. All the crimes. We will improve the police force. It will be a great police force. A wonderful police force. And most importantly? We will have a McDonald’s and a pizza Hut. I guarantee it. Together, we will make Guyana great again! Thank you. I love you.

  42. C
    Cool Eduardo says:

    Beverage Rev

    Just don’t drink the kool-aid.

    1. Your Choice

      My cousin married a guy from Guyana that’s been in North Carolina for the past twenty some years. They visit quite often. Not once has she told me of a horror story.. in fact she’s moving there very soon. Her longest stay was three weeks. I always hear good things about Guyana from her mouth!

  43. N
    Narresh says:

    Shithole racist country indeed

    Guyana is a shithole country, and as a Guyanese living in New York, I went back 4 times in 35yrs, out of the 4 times, I got robbed twice and I got stabbed in the neck from one of those robberies, there are approximately 185 countries and I prefer to go places where I don’t have to be afraid walking alone in the streets all by myself cuz I did so many times in some of the most safest countries in the streets of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. No ifs and buts about it.

  44. I spent sometime in Guyana when I was a kid ( 1959/1963 ) but back then it was British Guiana my Father was a Mining Engineer for Reynolds Metal Co. and we lived up the Berbice River in Kwakwani. My Mother taught me 1st/2nd/4rd grade and one year (3rd grade) had to live in Georgetown at a Convent which was another story but that year I was in Georgetown was the year it burned with lots bad times there and I was in the middle of it— My father came and pulled me out of the Convent and ended up living on a large crew barge in the middle of the Berbice River for about three or four weeks with others from the US and UK— we where guarded by the BRM ( British Royal Marines ) that bivwacked on the roof of this crew barge— machine guns where set up on all four corners—there is more to the story but will not go into it— In time I did finish out 3rd grade at the Covent but did not go back– ( Do not let anyone ever tell you nuns can not get real strict and or will not give you a good whipping if you get out of line well lets say back in the early 60’s) anyhow out of all those years down there I have always remembered the BG people there where real nice to me and the Country was very nice and for some reason remember a lot of those times down there and how the Jungle was as a kid. The Jungle is another story which will not get into but will say it was mind blowing. I have always wanted to go back to South America but most likely will never make it. The way the world is now a days really there is no place you can call safe not even walking out your front door in the US — One more thing over the years I have met a few Guyanese people which have been very nice and I hate to say it they had a very neg. attitude towards there Country ( Politics/Crime/ etc,etc ) and where very glad they no longer lived there. If it is changing like some have said on here then I hope for the best in the years ahead for Guyana.

  45. Enter at your own risk. Not Safe. No ambulance. No medical care. Crooked police. You're on your own.

    Enter at your own risk. Not safe. No ambulance. No public medical care. Crooked police. You’re on your own.

  46. W
    Working Abroad says:


    Headed there in a couple days for work… most of these comments have no dates. I’ll be there for a month, anyone have a current opinion? I travel a lot, have common sense, so not worries, but just wanting any recent feedback from Georgetown area.

  47. Airport experience

    I only changed flight once in Guyana, but I had read some interesting facts about the country before I landed. The problem was that I had forgotten all about it on my way. The personal in the airport did not want me to take the next flight to Panama since I was told that I had no return-ticket from Peru that was my destination. Not letting me on the flight stressed me and the street outside looked kind of dull and not welcoming, although it was sunshine. Even though I looked like a random backpacker the personal maybe wanted money from me. I just kept saying that a ticket back from Peru or not must a problem in Panamá, or Peru. Not in Guyana. Why letting me on the fligh from French Guyana at all? Finally I had to enter to an office and go online and finally I found my return-ticket from Lima to Europe. What a mess and stress.. Got on the flight, just on time bye-bye. This experience confirms the info about feeling safe and comfortable

  48. Too unsafe

    Never been here but my cousin had a layover of several hours in Georgetown, he couldn’t wait to get out of there. Every street felt unsafe and during a one-hour walk he saw five mugging incidents. That’s insane!

    1. 🇬🇾 can be safe or unsafe back in 2002 there were plenty shootings u gotta read it

  49. C
    Canal 1 says:

    I think it is unsafe anywhere in world….when you go to other Caribbean island you mostly stay at the resort and never leave to go out to the locals. Why???? All I would say if all of you did not get the opportunity to migrate…you would have to survive in Guyana!!! You know the saying “do not burn the bridge you crossed on”.. you never know!!! Guyana is beautiful!

  50. U
    Unknown says:

    Amazing country!

    Guyana is amazing! As long as you keep your eyes open at all times, you’re sure to have fun. It’s super pretty too!!

  51. L
    Leonard barclay says:

    Exercise caution in Georgetown

    Got mugged in Lima Peru. Lost everything except for my underwear. Would I go back? …absolutely. Guyana has a lot of crimes in their capital city, Georgetown so you guys exercise extreme caution visiting there. The new Govt. is taking the tiny country in the right direction. With their new found oil wealth, crime in the country will be addressed. The country, more directly Georgetown, will be safe to travel in the near future.

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