Useful Tips for Your First Trip to Thailand


Planning your first trip to the magnificent Kingdom of Thailand, you need to remember certain things and places that you cannot miss during your journey.

We here to help you decide on some things that cannot be missed for sure.

Our list includes gorgeous beaches, street food, Thai massage, floating markets, and so on.

There are top 10 things that you for sure should include in your list when going to Thailand.

Take A Temple Tour In Bangkok


It is hardly possible to find a better way to experience the local culture than visiting numerous temples in Bangkok.

It is an absolute must-do if it is your first trip to this beautiful country.

Two of the most remarkable Thai sites are located in Bangkok and the fact is that you need to see both of them.

The first one is the Grand Palace that is a stunning golden building and the former home for Thai royal families.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) is the second one.

It occupies 61 acres of grounds and is known as one of the wonders of the world.

After exploring these magnificent places, make sure to visit the Gems Gallery where you can find some great gifts.

Bangkok statues
Bangkok statues

One other place you should visit is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

This gorgeous temple was built in the 16th century and located right near the Grand Palace.

It’s absolutely worse visiting and should be included in your list of places to see in Thailand.

The incredible Wat Arun (the temple of Dawn) is located on the opposite bank of the Chao Phraya River.

You need to know that it is one of the most significant places in Bangkok that is known for its unique shape.

This temple has very steep stairs but it absolutely worth it climbing there as the view is stunning.

Admire The Sunset On Chaweng Beach In Koh Samui

Kids playing on the beach
Kids playing on the beach

Koh Samui region is known as a real paradise in Thailand.

It has gorgeous white beaches and numerous palm trees.

The most popular town in the region is Chaweng that is located near the best beaches in the country.

Visiting Thailand, you absolutely need to visit Chaweng Beach.

This dreamy place is boasting warm temperatures and lined with huge coconut trees.

You need to know that the place is known for its beautiful sunsets and bustling nightlife.

Visit it in the evening and find a place to have a drink or just relax while enjoying the view.


If you don’t feel like visiting a bar, you can take a bottle of good wine and sit on the beach while drinking it.

Soak In The Sun On A Beach In Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta

Located right near the coast of Krabi, Koh Lanta is known as one of the most beautiful places in the country.

If you want to visit it, you can get there by car or by boat.

The island has a long coastline that is full of gorgeous beaches where you can spend relaxing time and sunbath.

You need to know that this island has some of the greatest beaches in Thailand.

If you want, you can find some quiet places where you can swim and sunbath in private.

To get to the most amazing beaches, head to the southern tip of the island.

The list includes such options as Mu Ko Lanta National Park, Bamboo Bay, and Nui Beach that are known for their peaceful atmosphere.

If you are looking for more bustling areas Kantiang Bay and Long Beach are the best option for you.

After some good sunbathing, take your time and explore the area as there are lots of great and fun things to do.

You can explore the National Park or attend cooking classes to learn how to make local dishes.

Try The Authentic Pad Thai

Thai food
Thai food

Pad Thai is the most famous and popular dish in the country.

In the late 1930s, Plaek Phibunsongkhram (aka Phibun) became the emperor of the country.

Following his desire to transform the country, the emperor started a competition to find the new traditional dish.

Pad Thai was an absolute winner.

This dish is an amazing combination of spicy, sour, salty, sweet, and bitter flavors.

You need to know that Pad Thai cooked in Thailand differs significantly from the one you’ve tried in your home country.

You for sure should try this great dish while visiting Thailand.

Shopping At Floating Market

Floating Market
Floating Market

If you want to experience Thailand, the best option is one of the famous floating markets.

It is a great place to learn Thai culture, way of living, and mentality.

Numerous wooden boats are full of various vegetables, fruit, and coconuts for those who want to drink some fresh coconut juice.

Also, it is one of the best places if you want to try some local food, pastries, and desserts cooked in floating kitchens.

The market is full of numerous incredible smells of spices and food so be ready to get really hungry.

Just make sure to take your camera as you’ll for sure be impressed by its colorful place.

If you don’t know which floating market to choose, the one located south-west of Bangkok will be the best bet.

Among other popular options, there are the Damnoen Saduak, the Tha Kha and the Amphawa floating market.

Get An Authentic Thai Massage In Chiang Mai

Thai Massage
Thai Massage

Visiting Thailand, you should be ready for long walks as there are lots of things to see and to do.

In any case, after all this walking, your body will for sure be worn out.

If you feel a little bit tired during your journey, make sure to visit Chiang Mai.

This beautiful city in northern Thailand is not only beautiful but also known as a perfect destination for getting some authentic Thai massage.

Just spend a little time enjoying Thai massage and you will feel like new.

If you want to have an authentic Thai massage, Chang Mai is exactly the place you need to visit.

The truth is that the best Thai Massage schools are located in this city.

After having Thai massage that re-establish the energy lines of your body, you’ll be well recharged so you can continue your Thai vacations.

Party In Patong In Phuket

Thailand bar
Thailand bar

Phuket is one of the busiest and most bustling cities in the country.

If you want to have fun and look for some of the best night clubs and parties, Patong in Phuket is your destination.

The craziest parties and most amazing clubs are there at Bangla Road.

The truth is that there is a whole variety of options for nightlife lovers.

The list includes beer bars, go-go bars, street performers, vendors, lounge bars, games, live music, nightclubs, beach clubs, sunset bars, live theatre, and cabarets.

As you can see there is something for anyone.

As soon as the sun goes down, numerous people gather on the streets of Patong in search of places where they can party and have fun.

Kayaking In Ao Nang

Ao Nang area is known for its amazing coastal kayaking in the country.

Located in the province of Krabi, Ao Nang is known as a real Paradise.

The place is surrounded by beautiful bays and small islands so the views there are incredible.

It is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy some peaceful kayaking in the open sea.

If you don’t feel like doing it on your own, you can enroll in one of the kayaking tours offered in the area.

There are stunning limestone caves, canyons, and hidden lagoons that can be accessed on canoe.

You can rent one and enjoy some paddling while exploring the area.

The wildlife there is very rich and amazing so you can see hornbills, kingfishers, smaller herons, tropical fish, and even monkeys while walking around.

Just make sure you have a waterproof bag to keep your things safe while kayaking.

Snorkeling In Koh Rok

Koh Rok
Koh Rok

Koh Rok Island is one of the most beautiful places in the country that is known for its white powder beaches and azure water.

It is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling as the water there is very warm and marine life is extremely rich.

You can observe a variety of tropical fish, beautiful coral reefs, starfish, and even small sharks.

A monkey on the beach
A monkey on the beach

To get to Koh Rok, you need to take a boat from Phuket or Koh Lanta.

Considering the fact that it’s impossible to have an overnight stay there, it can be a great option for a one-day trip.

We promise you that only after one visit, you’ll for sure fall in love with this place.

Try Street Food In Bangkok

Bangkok is a perfect destination for any food lover as prices there are affordable and cuisine is absolutely great.

The streets of Bangkok are overloaded with various stalls with a variety of street food.

You can enjoy Thai boat noodles, suckling pig, bird’s nest soup, Kobe beef noodles, roast duck, jungle curry, shrimp, vegetables, salads, fruits, desserts, dancing shrimp, and griddle cakes galore.

The best stalls are located in Chinatown, Khao San Road, and Rattanakosin.

Street Food
Street Food

Just keep in mind that on Mondays hardly half of the stalls are working as it is a cleaning day in Bangkok.

Thailand is an incredible country that will for sure impress you.

While visiting it, you can see a variety of historic gems, try some incredible local dishes, sunbath and swim in warm water, have lots of fun and relax in numerous ways.

It is a great place to see on your own or with your family and friends.

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