48 Hours in Bangkok: What To Do And Where To Go

Updated On October 8, 2023
Monks in Bangkok

Bangkok is extremely rich in sightseeing places city.

Mysterious temples, exotic cuisine, and many undiscovered traditions…

But if you don’t have much time to enjoy each of them, you need a good schedule in order not to get confused in the city.

So, here’s the 48-hour plan which would really help you to make unforgettable memories from the most fascinating places in Bangkok.

Day One

9 A.M. – A Good Start

Don’t miss the chance to try unique Thai street food culture!

One of the common meals for breakfast is chicken or pork noodle soup.

You can easily buy it not far from your place – there are plenty of food stalls along the streets of Bangkok.

If you’re planning a short-time trip across the city, the Khao San Road in the backpacker district we recommend.

Thai breakfast
Thai breakfast

10 A.M. – Discover Temples

The most famous temples – Wat Pho and Wat Arun are situated in the district of Old City.

So, just call a taxi (if you’re staying near the Khao San Road) and within twenty minutes you’ll be at the place.

The advantage is that they are located close to each other and it won’t take much time to move from one temple to another.

Keep in mind that while entering you need to have a special dress code – wear long clothes.

If you do not, then buy or rent a sarong.

Two monks in a temple
Two monks in a temple

1 P.M. – Lunch Time

Visit the nearby Ama restaurant to taste traditional Thai dishes like Tom Yum soup, Papaya Salad or Green Chicken Curry.

Finish your lunch with a portion of mango sticky rice dessert.

Traditional Thai lunch
Traditional Thai lunch

3:30 P.M. – Try Tuk Tuk

Have you ever heard about Tuk Tuk, a small three-wheeled urban transport?

Hire a tuk-tuk for a short tour around Bangkok – be sure, it’s an amazing idea!

Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk

5 P.M. – Enjoy A Relaxing Thai Massage

A huge number of shops encourage tourists to try traditional Thai massage.

Return to the Khao San Road and head to a massage parlor.

Masseurs offer many types of massages: back, head, foot massage and even a set of three of them!

What’s more, it costs only a few dollars!

So take some time, relax and just free your mind before returning to your hostel.

Women Thai massage
Women Thai massage

7 P.M. – Quick Dinner

Khao San Road is full of food stalls with different kinds of street food, so you can choose whichever you want.

Stop your choice on Pad Thai – a plate of noodles fried with shrimp, chicken, veggies, and egg.

Food stalls with Pad Thai are often surrounded by a lot of people, but head to the busiest one.

This means quality and wonderful taste.

Thai dinner on the go
Thai dinner on the go

8 P.M. – Cocktails With A View

Get dressed well and take a ride to the Vertigo and Moon rooftop bar – it’s located near the Banyan Tree Hotel.

You will definitely be stunned by spectacular views of night Bangkok.

And don’t forget to accompany your rest by a delicious cocktail, of course (actually, they are not that expensive).

View to the city at night
View to the city at night

Day Two

9 A.M. – Floating Market

You are lucky if you visit Bangkok on Friday, Saturday or Sunday because you’ll have a great opportunity to visit a wide-known floating market.

So, get in the boat and do your shopping.

Try to buy fruits, noodles or other meals right from the sellers’ boats, which you pass.

Floating market in Bangkok
Floating market in Bangkok

11:30 A.M. – Discover Grand Palace

One of the places which are definitely worth seeing is the Grand Palace.

History tells that this building ornated with gold was built in 1782 for a royal family.

At present, a museum of the history of this palace and the “Emerald Temple” are housed here.

Therefore, take a few hours and feel the atmosphere of this majestic building.

Grand Palace Bangkok
Grand Palace Bangkok

2 P.M. –  Jim Thompson’s House

Another incredible place to see is the former House of Jim Thompson.

Briefly, he is an American entrepreneur who found a silk industry in Thailand in the 1940s.

There are so many unique collections of Asian arts here.

Hire a guide – it’s the best way to discover so many interesting things about its history and estimate the role of the silk industry in the development of the country.

But don’t forget to have lunch at a restaurant nearby before entering the house.

Stalls with silk
Stalls with silk

6 P.M. – Shopping at Night

If you want to eat something special, visit Silom Night Market.

Here you can buy unique dishes, for example, “red ant egg salad”.

But even though it sounds a little bit bizarre, it’s considered as one of the tastiest dishes from Thai cuisine.

What’s more, the Night Market is a great place for purchasing gifts, clothes and other stuff for a really low price.

Night market
Night market

9 P.M. – Backpacker Beers

While returning to the Khao San Road, drop in one of the local bars and grab some beers.

You’ll enjoy the careless party atmosphere.

Also, there are usually much drink offerings.

Backpacker beers
Backpacker beers

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