Where To Go in San Marino, CA?

Updated On October 8, 2023
San Marino square

Want to get the best of some quaint entertainments not far from Los Angeles?

Take a short drive from the big lights of LA and visit San Marino, the small but beautiful city with it’s famous Huntington Library and Japanese Garden.

Never seen them?

Then you urgently need to go to San Marino!

And so that you do not waste time searching and see everything, we prepared a list of 8 great places, specially selected for you.

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

It’s a classic and most popular tourist spot.

Although the magnate Henry Huntington began his collection of books and collection of 18th-century British portraits.

Want to see the first edition of Hamlet?

It and many other rare books you will see in the library.

Prefer to read in small portions?

Then take a walk in the library garden – it’s amazing!

The garden is divided into parts and decorated in Chinese, Japanese, Korean styles.

There’s a theme park dedicated to the works of W. Shakespeare.

Old books on the shelf
Old books on the shelf

The Huntington Desert Garden

Even though The Desert Garden is located in the Huntington Library, we still set it as a separate point for visiting.

And we do it for a reason!

The Desert Garden is one of the largest and oldest collections of cacti, succulents and other desert plants in the world.

Do not forget to take a picture next to the Cereus cactus, which weighs 20 tons and is the largest in the garden.

Once you see the Desert Garden in Huntington, you’ll inevitably have a desire to see it again.

Cereus cactus
Cereus cactus

Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

Japan amateur?

This pond-style stroll garden features a fifteen-foot waterfall and a formal teahouse on approximately two acres of land.

The garden is divided into several zones.

The first is the central part of the garden – private, closed to public visits.

Karesansui – the so-called zone of a rocky or sandy garden.

It’s a traditional form of the garden for Zen Buddhism – a very symbolic garden that encourages the viewer to develop his imagination.

The bonsai zone is represented by a variety of dwarf trees.

Want a photo for memories?

Take some photos in Japanese suits that you can rent.

Bonsai tree in hand
Bonsai tree in hand

Edwin Hubble House

Want to visit the house of a real astronomer?

Then welcome to Edwin Hubble House, where he spent most of his life.

The contribution of Edwin Hubble to the development of science is difficult to overestimate.

It was he who invented the telescope and his modern understanding of the space helped to determine with some accuracy the distance of remote objects.


Lacy Park

Looking for a relaxing picnic spot in San Marino?

Lacey Park is an ideal place for picnics, concerts, truancy and even golfing.

The territory with wide fields, forests, and a little historical knowledge is so vast that you can easily find a secluded place.

Have you arrived with your four-legged friend?

Lacy Park is pet-friendly, so your visit with pets won’t be a problem.

Dog looks out of the car window
Dog looks out of the car window

Splash Zone

Gathered in San Marino with the kids?

Then you should visit this park!

There are 32 acres of sports fields, picnic shelters, trails, and more, so consider exploring after your little one gets his or her fill of splashing around.

Stock up on time and things and enjoy a wave of coolness on hot days.

Picnic shelter
Picnic shelter

Alhambra Park

Spend a lot of time in the air?

Then Alhambra Park is the place for you.

There are many eats for relaxation, a basketball court, a tennis court, and even a pool.

For lovers of walking, there are also marked tracks in the park.

Spend your weekend actively!

Man playing basketball
Man playing basketball

Hale Solar Laboratory

Like to look at the stars?

Then you should visit the personal observatory of one of the most prolific American astrophysicists, George Ellery Hale.

Hale was responsible for the planning and founding of three major observatories, each at the time considered the largest in the world.

Want to know about him and his hobbies in science and Egyptology?

Then welcome to the Hale Solar Laboratory Museum.

You’ll spend time with benefits.


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  1. San Marino is a must-visit destination near LA, with its beautiful gardens and unique attractions like the Huntington Library and Japanese Garden.

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