Where To Eat The Best Sushi In Osaka?

Updated On October 7, 2023

You are going to read about the best places in Osaka to eat conveyor-belt sushi.

This dish is also called Kaiten sushi and is very popular far beyond the borders of Japan.

It is healthy, delicious, and often at a reasonable price. 

If you were looking for a good place to get this kind of food, go on.

1. Edomae Sushi-Go-Round

The visitors report good quality of food and reasonable prices in the restaurant at such a level.

Edomae is just a typical Japanese restaurant where you should not expect anything extraordinary to happen.

This restaurant in Osaka offers a lot of other traditional foods that are kindly served on hand-painted plates.

And you are always welcome to complement your sushi with a glass of good wine or Japanese sake. 

They try to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible, from the entrance to your seat.

Japanese sake
Japanese sake

2. Genrokuzushi

A typical Japanese restaurant for sushi admirers with a few branches throughout the city.

You can complement your dish with wine, sake or choose from an assortment of tea sorts.

Why so many travelers like this place?

It gives an opportunity to see how the local masters “spell over” your main course.

Soy sauce over sushi
Soy sauce over sushi

3. Kantaro Sushi

The food for this popular restaurant in Japan is delivered from the Hokkaido island.

The place is known for fresh and high-quality seafood so there’s no need to worry,

As you open a map, you can find the restaurant right away.

You need to look for the Grand Front Osaka.

A helpful tip from a traveler is to order from the tablet.

In that case, sushi will be delivered faster than from the belt.

Well worth checking.

Asian food
Asian food

4. Kura Sushi

It seems like conveyor belts in Osaka work better when you order sushi via iPad.

A great thing in this restaurant is a great variety of sushi that you can choose based on the name or price. 

Some of them are very delicious, while others are just regular. 

But the chefs always verify the quality of products.

You just have to open a plastic cover and smell the dish.

It usually creates a finger-licking effect.

White sushi
White sushi

5. Kaitenzushi Ganko Eki Marche Osaka

People love this place!

They leave it smiling and fed.

Looking for vegetarian varieties?

Here you go!

You can find the restaurant not far from the Shin-Osaka station and subway which makes it a good place for travelers to try local cuisine.

They serve dishes on multi-colored plates and the price depends on the color too.

Make sure to ask your waiter so you do not get surprised when your bill arrives.

Vegetarian salad
Vegetarian salad

6. Daiki Suisan 

They welcome you to try out the most delicious and freshest sushi.

Their motto is “From the sea to your plate”. 

Have you seen that viral video where sushi tries to escape the visitor’s plate?

Probably, they talk about the same fresh products.

No jokes, this Daiki Suisan is a really good restaurant where the selected Japanese fisheries deliver the products to.

Enjoy it with your friends in Osaka.

Salmon fish
Salmon fish

7. Muten Kurazushi

Seared pork belly, prosciutto sushi, carbonara ramen…

Just a few mouthwatering creations on the menu of the restaurant will not force you to limit your choices.

By the moment you have ordered your fifth plate, the tablet on your table offers you to play a funny game.

This can result in a gift in the form of a small toy, or disappointment.

The latter happens more often though.

But the kaiten sushi remains one of the most delicious dishes in the city anyway.

Marbled meat
Marbled meat

8. Hakotaro

Traveling in Osaka with your significant other?

Looking for a place where kids are rare visitors?

Another high-quality conveyor belt sushi restaurant at the Grand Front is open for you. 

The portions are not that big and the prices are higher than average.

Still, this is a good place to eat and drink if you are nearby and feeling hungry.

Osaka port
Osaka port

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