Top 7 Restaurants in Ashland, Oregon

Updated On October 7, 2023
Ashland Restaurant

Ashland is a real gem of the state of Oregon.

It is known for its amazing cultural festivals, beautiful green spaces and parks, exciting museums, and local farms.

However, the thing that is the most amazing in Ashland is local food.

The city can offer some amazing local products, creative dishes, incredible hospitality, and stunning atmosphere.

There are lots of absolutely great restaurants so we’ve picked some of them for you.

A woman at a restaurant
A woman at a restaurant

Greenleaf Restaurant

This place is one of the best restaurants in the city with a long-lasting history of 33 years of success and popularity.

The Greenleaf Restaurant is located between Calle Guanajuato Park and Lithia Park.

For more than three decades, this place is considered as one of the best places in Ashland that offers absolutely great food.

There you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Also, the restaurant offers a varied menu for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free customers.

The Greenleaf is known for its comfy atmosphere and friendly staff.

Moreover, it uses only local products including even wine and beer. 

During a sunny day, you can enjoy the city view from the outdoor seating.

Restaurant meal
Restaurant meal

Standing Stone Brewing Company

There is an incredible rivalry in the brewing industry in the Pacific Northwest so it is really hard to stand out there.

In fact, there are lots of great options for people who want to enjoy a pint of some excellent beer.

However, in Ashland, there is an undeniable leader in beer brewing – Standing Stone Brewing Company.

In 1997, the company opened a space that changed completely the typical restaurant-client relationship.

The place has an incredibly friendly vibe and a family-like atmosphere while providing visitors with an incredible experience due to the farm located right in the restaurant.

And, of course, the beer there is absolutely amazing.

The place offers a wide range of brews from lagers to ales made of organic ingredients.

Standing Stone Brewing Company
Standing Stone Brewing Company

Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine

Larks Home Kitchen is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy some tasty food and relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

The menu contains a bunch of classic rather simple but absolutely great dishes that remain home cooking.

There you can enjoy amazing sandwiches, delicious soups, incredible fish and meat, mouthwatering desserts, and excellent wine for reasonable prices.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, Larks offer special seasonal menus so it is a good idea to visit during the holidays.

Restaurant food
Restaurant food


There are lots of Mexican restaurants in Ashland but the most amazing one is for sure Plancha that is located near the Varsity Theater on East Main Street.

There you can enjoy some delicious traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos al pastor, fish tacos, fresh guacamole, homemade salsas, and margarita.

Also, the restaurant offers some absolutely ambitious dishes for real gourmands.

Come there to have your breakfast and enjoy migas, chilaquiles, breakfast tacos, and masa waffle with pulled pork.

If you want to have something tasty for lunch, you need to try Camarones y ceviche con jicama.

And, of course, don’t forget about an occasional special offered in Plancha – slow-roasted goat.

Also, the restaurant offers about 50 vintage tequilas for those who want to relax.

In fact, Plancha is the best modern Mexican restaurant in the south of the state.

Restaurant table
Restaurant table

Hearsay Restaurant

Hearsay is one of the most gorgeous and unforgettable places in the city anyone should visit.

The restaurant has a magnificent old-timey atmosphere.

It is a great place to enjoy excellent jazz music while relaxing in an outdoor garden or lavish lounge that reminds of gangsters in expensive suits.

The menu can satisfy any meat-lover offering such amazing options as citrus-chili short ribs and double ranch rib eye.

If you are more like a seafood fan, you’ll be impressed by tequila prawns and Szechuan calamari.

Also, make sure to visit one of their happy hours that are held every day from 4:30 pm.

Hearsay Restaurant
Hearsay Restaurant

Tot Restaurant

If you a fan of Asian cuisine, Tot is exactly the place you need.

The restaurant is located in Ashland’s downtown and offers a whole variety of dishes inspired by Thai and Vietnamese street food.

There you can try absolutely delicious ramens, Bahn mi sandwiches, and a slew of coconut-based classics.

Also, there is an incredible variety of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

It is a perfect place for those who want to just enjoy their food.

The place is known for its high-quality products that are produced locally.

A waiter taking food at a restaurant
A waiter taking food at a restaurant

Wiley’s World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery

Wiley’s World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery is 100%, not for gluten-sensitive people.

For more than 20 years, this place offers a whole bunch of homemade pasta dishes.

There is pasta for any taste – with basil walnut pesto, garlic, sundried tomatoes, roasted olives, and a variety of fishes.

Also, the restaurant offers absolutely delicious home-baked bread.

The atmosphere there is absolutely relaxing and cozy so its a great option for some quiet time with a plate of mouthwatering pasta.


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