Boring, Oregon: Top 10 Things to Do

Updated On October 8, 2023
Oregon mountains

We are here to prove that Boring is not boring at all!

This city in the Oregon state in the USA is a find for those looking for another great vacation destination.

We will open the doors of some of the most popular Boring eateries to eat out.

We’ll go hiking, floating, drinking beer, and trying specialties of the region.

Please join us to travel to Boring, Oregon.

You don’t want to be hungry in Boring, do you?

Our first stop in the virtual trip is one of the local restaurants.

Where to Eat

Heaven Scent Baked Goods Café and Coffee

You’ll fell in love with the decor and the overall atmosphere of the establishment.

They serve coffee, tea, and some especially delicious baked goods with sweet fillings like apple, coconut, lemon, banana and more.

You can get a bite and then buy one for yourself.

The prices are very attractive.

A cup of coffee at the wooden table
A cup of coffee at the wooden table

The Not So Boring Bar and Grill

This pub and bar is an authentic Boring place with leather chairs and pool tables.

Good music plays on as you have your grilled steak and a glass of beer.

You can come here with your friends to watch soccer on a widescreen if you are a fan.

Brief, this place makes visitors come back.

Pool table
Pool table

Taqueria El Jaliciense

Mexican food restaurant located at Highway 212 has some good offers for lonely travelers and parties.

The prices are intermediate so you won’t spend all the money in the world here.

The visitors are happy with the employees who treat every client as if they are their family members.

If you are looking for good food and delicious cocktails, come here.


Things to Do

Learn Why Boring is Boring

To learn the history of the town, you can browse the Internet or check some books in the library.

But it is much more exciting to hang out a bit and ask the locals.

Mr. William H.Boring was the first resident of the town so it’s named after man, not a tedious state of things.

The town started growing with the first railroad connecting the area with Portland.

Then there appeared some hostels, a market, a restaurant, and they called it Boring.

No railway runs through the town today.


Liepold Farms

One of the fun Fall Festivals takes place here in Liepold Farms.

You can get fresh pumpkins at a very low price.

Oregon is known for lots of family-owned farms, and this is a great opportunity to see hayrides, meet farmers, and nearly get lost at the corn maze.

Hayride in the field
Hayride in the field

Hiking in Lava Field

Interestingly, the Boring town is famous for its location in a place where lava used to be in prehistoric times.

You can choose out of the numerous trails for hiking and see the incredible Mount Hood on the horizon.

Lava field
Lava field

Brewery in Boring

Well, brewing is something that’s not definitely boring in Boring.

If you are not satisfied with the restaurants that we’ve offered above, you can always stop at the Boring Brewing to have a glass of beer and some panini if you’re still hungry.

Traditionally, you can watch a match on a big screen or have a small talk with the locals.

The Boring Brewing company is located in Sandy and it produces the best craft beers in the world.

Cold beer in a hand
Cold beer in a hand

Not a Boring Goth-Style Float

Tired of hiking but want to have some extra dose of adrenaline?

Try this special goth floating down the Clackamas River in Oregon.

This is a group floating so you won’t be alone in your adventure.

Around two hundred participants gather here with their black tubes and positive mood to have fun.

Hipsters couple
Hipsters couple

Boring and Dull Pair

The American town named Boring and the Scottish town named Dull decided to team up to become more interesting to the visitors.

After doing so, the towns became tourist attractions.

Some people come here just to make a selfie at the road sign.

Every year, on 9 August, two towns celebrate their partnership and hold festivals.

The bagpipers play in the streets, kids buy ice cream from the trucks, over 60 thousand tourists are here to have fun.


Time to Leave

Take a car ride for only half an hour and you’ll find yourself in a big city which is far from Boring.

Portland is waiting for you to discover its history and attractions too.

Tourists love this place because they never get hungry, bored or lovesome.

Skiing, camping, nightlife, and Mount Hood are there for you.

Mount Hood
Mount Hood

Oregon Safety Overview

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  1. Boring may have a funny name, but it offers a diverse range of activities and delicious food options that make it an awesome vacation destination.

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