Is Portland Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On October 28, 2022
Portland, United States
Safety Index:
* Based on Research & Crime Data
User Sentiment:
* Rated 57 / 100 based on 125 user reviews.

Portland, Oregon, is in the state’s northern section, just south of the Washington state line.

Two rivers run through and eventually meet in Portland, Willamette, and Columbia.

This isn’t where you’ll find information about Portland, Maine.

The two Portland cities are about as far away as can be in the continental United States, with 3200 miles between them.

Many of the websites you’ll find for each city have similar names, so we’ll be sure to detail the correct website for Portland, Oregon, as we go through the different elements.

Portland has a long history of public demonstrations and protests for civil rights or speaking out against wrongdoing.

While the 2020 protests garnered headlines in the wake of the George Floyd murder, that wasn’t Portland’s first protest by any means.

You might see protestors while you’re there or view propaganda from circling crowds of people exercising their right to free speech.

The city is split up into six quadrants, with more than 90 neighborhoods between them:

  • North Quadrant: The city’s northwest section between the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.
  • Northeast Quadrant: Bordered by the Columbia River on the north and I-84 to the south.
  • Southeast Quadrant: This section is south of I-84 and includes the convention center and all remaining areas east of the Willamette River.
  • Northwest Quadrant: This is just south of the North Quarante and west of the Willamette River. The southern boundary is just north of downtown.
  • South & Southwest Quadrants: This includes the downtown area and remaining land west of the Willamette River.

Much like social media trends we see now, roses became a trend in the 1880s when a prestigious woman invited friends over to see her elaborate rose garden.

The trend took off, without social media, of course, but sprang to life so quickly that you would see roses even bordering Portland’s streets.

Is everything still coming up roses in Portland?

Let’s investigate.

Warnings & Dangers in Portland

Overall Risk


Portland has a medium risk, but it's not as bad as you might have heard. There are a lot of ingredients that go into the risk level we provide, but Portland is struggling - like many other large cities - with an increase in violent crime. 2020 was rough, and 2021 was worse. 2022 and beyond remain to be seen, with new initiatives to fight crime, keep police staffing at safe levels, and reduce budget-breaking overtime. I will give commendation to the tourism website that addresses this issue head-on with a section on Safety in Portland. It doesn't hold back on tough questions tourists are asking.

Transport & Taxis Risk


TriMet is the public transportation system that covers bus service through the city and the suburbs, a light rail, and a street car system. Portland is very bicycle-friendly. You can also get taxis and rideshares easily or choose to rent your own vehicle. While public transportation can go through high-crime areas, all methods of getting around have risks and benefits. Choose the one you feel safe using to get around but always remain aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like headphones.

Pickpockets Risk


While the 186 pickpockets and purse snatchings are nothing compared to the 13,400 car break-ins, it's still worth treating this as a medium risk. There can be crowded parts of the city or at big events, and if there are protests, that could also cause a distraction, which would make you an easy target.

Natural Disasters Risk


Portland faces a lot of risks throughout the year, so it's a medium risk for sure. There are possible earthquakes that give no warning. Flooding, wildfires, air quality issues, and landslides are other risks. Since many of these risks are new to some tourists, check out the website to read how to stay safe before, during, and after these potential events.

Mugging Risk


32% of robberies happen in public places, known as highway robbery. In addition, 42% of robberies happen in businesses or other places the general population might be. This city has a lower robbery rate in homes than many other cities, so be on guard. While most robberies are among people who know each other, you can lower your risk by not wearing valuables or having an easy-to-spot designer purse or a fancy watch.

Terrorism Risk


The bigger risk would be from protests that get out of control or a home-grown terrorist, but being a big population region, there's going to be a medium risk all around. Seattle to the north would be a more likely target due to the high-tech areas and shipping ports.

Scams Risk


Search for the Scam Alert Network through the Oregon Department of Justice website. You can sign up for scam alerts there, and any new scam will be mailed to you. The top scams reported in 2021 mostly impacted residents.

Women Travelers Risk


Violent crime data shows women are actually less likely than men to be a victim of a crime, but you'll need to use street smarts and common sense to lower your risk further. Don't drink alcohol beyond your ability to make smart decisions. Don't go to private house parties and stay in the well-lit sections of the entertainment districts.

Tap Water Risk


The way the 2022 Portland Water Quality Report is worded, there's no clear message if there was a violation or not - but it does look like all testing was in full compliance. I'd advise calling the Water Quality Line before you go to ask about current water quality tests. That number is (503)823-7525. You can also email

Safest Places to Visit in Portland

You want to visit to get to the tourism site for the Oregon location.

If you go to, you’ll be at the Maine location, which is 3200 miles away.

The Travel Portland website has a really cool feature called “Near Me,” which is a 3D interactive map that marks your location and shows you cool things to visit nearby.

It’s like a tour guide right on your mobile device!

Step aboard the Oregon Maritime Museum to spend an hour on a steam-powered sternwheel tugboat.

This is the last one of its kind still in use.

From the wheelhouse to the boiler room, you’ll get a full tour of the boat while riding the Willamette.

(And in case you didn’t know, Willamette is pronounced: “Will-AM-it.”

Locals will tell you “Willamette, Dammit” so you remember how it rhymes.

They aren’t cursing at you.)

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is full of innovative and interactive exhibits, but what really makes it cool is that kids can enjoy it by day, and at night there are special events held for adults only to enjoy a few cold beverages in this unique setting.

Go inside to go outside at the World Forestry Centers Discovery Museum, which explains the importance of forests, trees, and the surrounding ecosystem to the world.

You’ll learn about the animals in the forest, how logging works, and how sustainability will help forest regions thrive.

That museum is in Washington Park, which is a great place to spend a day or two.

The Oregon Zoo is also located there, along with the Portland Japanese Garden.

You simply cannot miss the International Rose Test Garden, in bloom from late spring to early fall, with more than 10,000 types of roses and sweet scents filling the air.

What makes this even sweeter?

The Rose Garden is free to visit!

Oaks Park is an amusement park with a carnival atmosphere south of the city.

It’s no Disneyland, but it’s a great adventure for kids and adults, with seasonal activities like “The Park After Dark” during Halloween.

Forest Park lives up to its name with a massive park near an urban setting, and if that’s not enough – there’s a witch’s castle inside!

Ok, so the witch thing might be a little creepy.

You can also visit Pittock Mansion and see how the affluent Portland family once lived.

Portland is a progressive city, and it’s a cultural destination for everyone.

The tourism website (, remember – don’t go to the wrong one!) has a great breakdown of every culture you can imagine, from Japanese Americans to Latinx/Hispanics to LGBTQ and even Jewish culture – there is so much a tourist can learn here and enjoy traditions from other countries.

Places to Avoid in Portland

Neighborhoods in the far east and northern sections of Portland have the highest crime rates and are even mentioned in the Portland Safety FAQ section of the tourism website.

These traditionally underserved and financially-disempowered communities were hit hard by the pandemic and saw violent crime rise.

While the downtown area can also have crime, you need to avoid leaving a car unlocked, having even a small space rolled down on a window, and leaving the car as empty as if it came off the factory line.

57% of thefts are directly related to car break-ins or car accessory thefts.

Avoiding arguments with protestors, even if you disagree with their cause.

You do have the same freedom of speech and right to speak your mind, but don’t let tensions escalate.

Most protestors will be happy to have a calm and rational discussion, but it just takes a few angry people to turn a protest into an angry mob in any city.

Safety Tips for Traveling to Portland

  1. is the website for all things related to the city of Portland, Oregon. is the website for the Maine location. That should be much easier to remember than if you were visiting Portland, Maine. The same goes for social media channels – all handles are @portlandpolice.
  2. You can read the latest annual report from the police department to learn about crime issues, safety initiatives, and police interaction information. This offers a great all-encompassing look at crime challenges citywide and through the three different police precincts.
  3. The open data section of the police department’s website will show you all the crime information you can handle. You can get straight crime data, see the areas with the highest 911 call rates, view use-of-force actions by police officers, and learn about the most stolen car models. (With a car theft rate nearly six times the national average, this is great information to have before you consider which model of a rental car to get.)
  4. For general city information or questions, use the 311 services. You can email or dial 311 locally. For calls outside of Portland, call (503)823-4000.
  5. The Transportation section of the city’s website has detailed safety guides for however you choose to get around – walking, biking, public transportation, or driving. You can download maps, see the low-traffic streets that are safe to walk on, and learn how to use the various modes of public transportation.
  6. Each district has different parking rules, hours, and fees. Use Parking Kitty, which is the mobile app provided by the city. The rules and regulations are mind-boggling, so be sure to review the parking rules for your destination ahead of time.
  7. Check out to see an interactive map of natural disaster risks. You can enter the address of where you’ll be staying and see the top risks, or search for the places you plan to visit.
  8. Oregon doesn’t allow drivers to pump their own gas. It’s a law that has been in place since the 1950s. There will be an attendant who pumps the gas for you. Don’t try to be nice and say, “Oh, I’ll do that,” because you simply aren’t allowed to – you are welcome to tip the attendant if you want, but it’s not required.
  9. Use the WaterWorks map provided by the city of Portland to look for water quality issues. The website also goes into detail about potential water issues like discoloration or odd smells/tastes. When in doubt, let the tap water run for a few minutes to see if the issue clears up. Sometimes it’s the plumbing of a building causing problems, but it can also be a water issue from nearby water main work.
  10. In case you’re wondering, “Why is she not mentioning more about Witch’s Castle???” I’ll get into it now. This is a stone structure in Forest Park that has a great story behind it (that I won’t ruin for you first-timers). It’s in a perfectly safe space, and you’ll never be alone with either one of the ghosts said to haunt it. It can be covered in graffiti from time to time, but the parks team works to keep it clean when possible.

So... How Safe Is Portland Really?

Portland’s safety issues arise on several levels.

First, there’s the rising violent crime – mostly shootings and homicides – that has led to the mayor declaring a State of Emergency many times in the past year.

The emergency declaration comes at the same time the Portland Police Department is dealing with historically low staffing levels.

The 2020 protests lasted almost three months, blasting through the overtime budget of the police department.

That puts the department deciding between having enough officers to cover the city while working overtime or risky public safety to adhere to a budget that’s already bleeding red ink.

Now, here’s the other side of this coin.

A Homicide Problem Analysis was done and created a report known as CPSC (not to be confused with the Consumer Product Safety Commission – this one stands for California Partnership for Safe Communities.

According to the CPSC report, there are 200 people in Portland who are responsible for the bulk of the shootings happening at increasing rates.

Much of the violent crime happens between known affiliates, gang members, or drug-dealing situations.

There isn’t a rash of crime against tourists, but there is more crime in places tourists might be.

Add to that – Portland prides itself on being “weird” and accepting of all people.

Some people see “weird” as dangerous, but that’s not the case.

Portland is a big city, and you’ll likely be panhandled by homeless people, offered drugs, or have a thief peek into your car for valuables.

That could be said of any big city.

Stick to the main streets and tourist attractions.

Don’t walk around alone after dark.

Use common sense, situational awareness, and basic safety steps, and you’ll get to enjoy the cultural melting pot in Portland – and all of its “weirdness.”

How Does Portland Compare?

CitySafety Index
Los Angeles56
New Orleans57
Washington DC56
Siem Reap (Cambodia)63
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82

Useful Information



You'll need a U.S. Visa or Visa Waiver to get into the country through Customs. Use the U.S. State Department's Visa Wizard to see which visa works best for you. Start this process up to four months ahead of time because some embassies have long wait times for in-person interviews.



You can only use the U.S Dollar (USD) here. Currency exchanges are available but always go inside a bank to do so. Don't use public ATMs. You can use most transportation and visit most businesses using just a credit card or mobile payment. There's little need to carry cash.



Brings layers of clothing for the changing temperatures throughout the day, and always bring a rain jacket here. Even rainy days will be busy because Portlanders aren't going to let the rain stop them from enjoying the city. Waterproof shoes are a great idea too. If you're going hiking, bring hiking boots that are worn in before you hike. During winter, you'll need sweaters and sweatshirts, with thick socks and a coat.



Portland International Airport is on the north side of town, right along the Columbia River. It's a major airport, so you'll get great direct flights to big city destinations.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We always recommend travel insurance and be sure you know the "Act of God" restrictions your policy might have, just in case of a major event - like an earthquake.

Click here to get an offer for travel insurance

Portland Weather Averages (Temperatures)

Jan 6° C
Feb 7° C
Mar 9° C
Apr 12° C
May 15° C
Jun 18° C
Jul 21° C
Aug 21° C
Sep 18° C
Oct 13° C
Nov 8° C
Dec 6° C
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Oregon - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Baker City77
Coos Bay52
Hood River82
Klamath Falls67
La Grande84
Lincoln City78

Where to Next?

125 Reviews on Portland

  1. D
    Don Meyers says:

    ANTIFA Terrorists!

    Have you ever heard of ANTIFA?? Portland is Safe? Are you F%#%n’ kidding me?

      1. S
        Sharon Chamberlin says:

        Nobody swore. They disguised it for you hoity eyeball. Now mother some ACTUAL PEOPLE, if you have same. Damn waste of space.

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Sharon is based I agree with her

        1. L
          Lindsey says:

          I live here. PDX is safe.

          Are you from Portland? I am. Antifa isn’t a thing. Antifa is a made up name to scare people. What you refer as antifa are counter-protesters to the Proud Boys. Proud Boys are an organized group. Right or wrong is up to interpretation, but Proud Boys announce their dates, time, and place of organized protests. They carry weapons and are dangerous. Last protest was in a grocery store parking lot, so you shouldn’t stumble upon them. As of September 2021, Portland is perfectly safe unless you’re a Proud Boy.

          1. C
            Cape capers says:

            Portland has spiraled downward into a zombie apocalypse in very short order. Crime has replaced the vibe.

          2. S
            SEfelon says:

            I really hope you never ever become a victim of the crime wave your posturing middle-class idealism help make. Portland has just had its worst year of all time in homicides in 2021 all thanks to your 100 nights of white guilt! The high homicide rate is because of the shockwave of the riots. Portland exploded in violence in rage and white middle-class leftists are to blame.

    1. Propaganda? Many years out of date.

    2. A
      Anonymous says:

      Not true at all, the amount of homeless people and meth in Portland is really bad. I don’t feel safe downtown in a lot of areas and people are getting shot and killed right now in east Portland.

    3. S
      Shellie says:

      A Safe Place to Live

      I have lived in this beautiful city for over 30 years,and even with the protests and rioting our city is still safe.
      These protests do not define Portlander’s!!

      1. Yikes!

        Hello blind person!! Wait until they put in the police oversight committee! Glad I moved cross country this summer – good-bye Portland! We’ll be praying earnestly for it and the blind that still live there!

      2. O
        Oregonian says:


        This is what you would like Portland to be or maybe what it used to be, but it is anything but that now. Seems very dangerous.

      3. Lived here 76 years> this is a travesty . Portland is VERY DANGEROUS

      4. Very true. I’ve lived here since the seventies, and those were some rough times. It’s nothing like it was then.

      5. Glad U left Portland Yikes. .I’ve lived in Portland for 50 years. .seen the GOOD. .the BAD. . & now the UGLY. .
        WORKING TO MAKE PORTLAND GREAT AGAIN!!. . If U can’t be a part of the SOLUTION. .BYE BYE

        1. M
          Maverick says:


          Mostly peaceful burning, shooting and rioting.

      6. What should I do ?

        I really wanna move back but nervous too
        But I don’t want my fear too hold me back
        From coming home to Portland

      7. a
        anonymous says:

        Good lord. I wouldn’t vacation there for no amount of money. I hear property values are in the toilet.

        1. L
          Lindsey says:

          Do research

          Property values are too high. No one can afford it. You have no idea what you’re saying. Check before you speak.

      8. B
        Blacknwhite says:

        I’m sorry, but all the mess going on there is starting to define Portland.

    4. N
      Native Portlander says:

      Yes, I’ve heard of Antifa. I believe that stands for Anti Fascists. (correct me if I’m wrong) So I’m guessing you are pro fascism?

      I used to think of the U.S. as anti- fascist, you know, after that whole World War 2 thing where we fought against “the fascists” in Germany and Italy but apparently I must have been mistaken.

      FYI, Portland does have a lot of homeless people camping in the open and with the pandemic the streets are not as bustling but it is generally safe unless the Proud Boys (Nazis) show up to rally near you. Stay away from the Fascists and you should be fine in the other 99.99% of the City.

      Oh and for you Californians, welcome. Anyone who comes here and gets it is just another person to drive the a-holes who don’t, off to Jesusland.

      1. J
        Jose Dunlop says:

        Couldn’t have said that better myself.

      2. C
        Concerned Citizen says:

        I found a protestor!! Basically anybody with 5 stars in this chat has broken a window in this city. We were supposed to visit for 2 weeks… we left after the 3rd day. We even prepared for the protests, but it was so much worse. What you see on TV is a fraction of what goes on in Portland. You want to know what hell is like… Go to Portland. Fire and neon haired demons everywhere.

        1. Portland is VERY DANGEROUS

        2. A
          Anonymous says:

          Portland Out of Control

          I am so sorry that you had to encounter this on your visit. How scary that must have been!

        3. 100% agreed. I’ve lived just south of Portland for quite some time & as a middle aged man who’s 6’2, 240 lbs, in excellent physical shape, able to defend myself & carries concealed, I don’t dare step foot in that sh*thole. This article is 100% B.S. as it doesn’t even mention the fact that shootings are up 1900% this year.

      3. W
        Walks With Privilege says:


        No person wants fascism, I feel like both sides of certain political beliefs are having certain political beefs that do not necessarily coincide with each other’s definition of what fascism really is or means.

        Conservatives feel like the liberal thought form for the first and second amendment are a direct attack against America’s constitutional right to what they have grown to believe. They feel like a lot of their rights as an American are being taken away, so they have joined a group. That is how groups like “Alt Right” or “Proud Boys” are formed. They feel like Antifa is a fascist movement against America through anarchy.

        Yet, Antifa groups, or people with the opposite opinion of conservatives have been taking the offense by breaking out windows of local businesses that have nothing to do with any of it, and not giving a damn about who it affects> I have met and spoke to people who have verbatim said: “burn it down, feel the Bern, Bernie Sanders!”

        Honestly, I do not think he endorses or condones those kinds of things or actions, but I get it.
        These are stressful times for everyone, so it is very easy to become tribal and stick with your tribe, being a Native American, I was born into a tribe, so I understand I guess, Native Portlander.

        But I mean… Those Californians and their Jesusland, it is so tough for us Portlandians.
        My business was destroyed.

        1. N
          Native Portlander says:


          Ha ha. Nonsense!

      4. A
        Anonymous Okie says:

        Anti antifa

        They chose Antifa because they couldn’t use pro socialist. So, just because someone is (forgive the pun) anti antifa, doesn’t mean pro fascist. That is simplistic thinking.
        BTW, I have canceled a trip planed for Oregon because I don’t want to be arrested for trying to drive in the Interstate.

      5. A
        Actual Portland resident says:

        Actual Resident

        I like how you said anti-facist but not anti-violent 🥴 we get it though, you’re a bunch of racist commies who use black people to riot for you haha.

      6. J
        JoJo Kinne says:

        Word salad

        If you believe antifa is actually anti-fascist not much more needs to be said. I’m guessing you believe BLM is about black lives. And Planned Parenthood is about parenting. Gotta love the word salad!

      7. I guess you read your George Orwell. Let’s label something that is it polar opposite and see if we can confuse people.

      8. A
        Arvo Part says:

        It has not been rose tinted

        What about the 900% increase in murder rates? The streets filled with homeless tents? Just because I call myself anti bad guys, doesn’t mean everyone who aren’t in the anti bad guy club are bad guys. That’s a logical fallacy. If you aren’t in my anti bad guy club then you are pro bad guys. Lazy. Talk is cheap, it doesn’t matter what you call yourselves, what matters is how you act. Hitler could’ve called his movement antifa, would that have made what he did any better? Nope. Semantic games. A name doesn’t give you moral high ground. It’s not that easy to be moral.

      9. m
        max brand says:

        I doubt many people supporting antifa know what fascism is. If you are antifa and you want to identify a fascist, just look in the mirror.

      10. A
        Anonymous says:

        Antifa is the opposite of what the name implies

    5. S
      Shannon says:

      I do not believe downtown Portland is safe

      Thank you that’s exactly what I’m saying they’re saying it’s safe but I don’t think so either and my husband has to go for business in February. Downtown Portland.

    6. M
      Mr smart says:

      Portland is a shithole full of losers

      I wouldnt come within 100 miles of that hellhole

    7. you are so correct Portland is very dangerous

    8. A
      Anonymous says:

      Too Dangerous To Visit

      I used to love Portland but it is just too dangerous to travel to nowadays. I live in Seaside, Or and will not travel to Portland. I hope things change as the city was so beautiful.

    9. G
      Gene Poole says:

      Portland is safe, and beautiful.

      Portland had the unfortunate luck to be singled out by our former national bully in chief and his most rabid zombie drones can’t seem to let it go.

      The statistics don’t lie. Portland is relatively safer than other big cities.

      Does it have problems? Of course it does, homelessness is a big problem nationally that we are working hard to address it locally. I find the criticism from people outside of Portland, many from surrpunding communities whose “cure” for homelessness is to ship their homeless to Portland to be particularly hypocritical.

      Come and visit, downtown is well on its way back. It may not be for everyone but it is loved by most of us.

      1. T
        Traveler says:

        Safe city; disregard the conspiracy theorists

        This is spot on. Homelessness? Yes.

        I’ve traveled to many, many cities in the world, and I can confirm Portland is very safe. Don’t let Trump’s chumps’ rabid rants mislead you. Best visit in late spring and summer or early fall, best times to enjoy nature and its beautiful landscapes. Unless you don’t mind overcast skies and light rain, then you can visit whenever. Living here since 2014, and loving it in spite of the post pandemic struggles.

        Great food , too. Great bars. Great coffee. Nature. A brunch culture. And accepting of everything that’s weird. You won’t be judged here, unless you’re a bigot. In which case, stay out.

  2. Terrible

    Old downtown Portland is not safe at. It is shady and risky sometimes during the day or mostly during the night.

  3. A
    Anonymous says:

    Not safe

    Portland is pretty unsafe actually. Lots of violent crimes and transit isn’t all that safe either. Lots of homelessness, which isn’t an issue, but most of them are on drugs and unpredictable and have committed their share of the crimes here. Be aware and carry pepper spray.

  4. H
    Heather says:

    Worse than San Bernardino

    Portland is definitely not safe. I visited for a three day weekend and was attacked by multiple homeless people on different occasions. Why doesn’t this article mention the random stabbings/murders on public transit by homeless people. The most unsafe city I have ever been to and I’m from San Bernardino county.

  5. S
    Sharon Chamberlin says:

    So so wrong ( local take)

    This is utter garbage. Unsafe even for locals!!! Do you call a stroll through Chicago safe as well??

    1. Lol yes? Have you ever been to Chicago? The vast majority of the city is completely safe, but neighborhoods have violent gang-targeted shootings. The locals know not to go there and enjoy the rest of the beautiful city. Y’all will really just hear something on Twitter and regurgitate it as if you actually know what the lifestyle is like there.

  6. I love Portland and have been there many times, my wife lived there for a couple of years and we are both deeply sadden by what we see in TV. We cancelled a trip and won’t go anywhere near it, why – 60+ days of nightly rioting, disbandment of the police, emptying violent offenders out the jails.

  7. Not Safe in July, 2020

    July 25, 2020

    With declared riots happening in the center of downtown Portland I would not visit there right now. It is such a shame because it is a beautiful city, but things seem to be out of control.

  8. As long as you stay away from the riots, Antifa and the anarchists. Oh, and if you are from California, expect the cold shoulder.

  9. D
    Don Wayne says:

    Lol. Was a crap hole when I lived there in the late seventies.

  10. F
    Frankie Z says:

    Portland: terrorist capitol of the US

    maybe this article needs an update Portland is overrun with terrorist organizations BLM and AntiFa , the municipal police have been forced out by socialist politicians and the city is a wasteland of drug addicts and homeless . the City is a complete mess and it seems to have become a political hotbed for the election with the democrat sided who control everything in the city denying that there are riots , calling it protests .. it’s a riot and socialist siege make no mistake . Portland is a disaster area

    1. You forgot about the murder rate doubling.

      1. No cops=higher murder rates. And more car thefts, muggings, and riots. (Remember summer of 2020? )

  11. A
    Anonymous says:

    Ya,, Portland seems safe!!! hahaha update your site guys!!!!!!

  12. Easy to avoid trouble

    I live in Portland. The protests on national TV are confined to a few blocks. If you want to avoid them, you easily can.

    Skyrocketing housing prices are attributed to transplants, especially Californians. It’s true you may get a cold shoulder if you say you’re from California. If you explain you’re just visiting though, folks will appreciate that.

    Homelessness is an issue like in most large cities. Be respectful. Don’t stare. If you’re friendly, usually people experiencing homelessness will be friendly back. If you ignore them, usually you’ll also be ignored. Have some empathy.

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for your reasonable response

    2. Thank you! It’s important to get replies from people who actually know what they’re talking about, and not just those repeating propaganda. What blocks should folks visiting Portland avoid?

    3. Thank you for the level-headed response. My blood pressure is on the rise reading so much misinformation, but you brought it back to normal. I love it here too. I’m hoping that the cost of living here goes down a bit, now that we have such a bad rap. Then we could again be the secret paradise of yesteryear.

  13. A
    Anonymous says:

    Palestine seems safer than Portland today.

    1. T
      The Schnertz says:

      Baghdad actually bos safer than Portland.

  14. L
    Leaving Portland says:

    Worst City Ever !

    Most Dangerous city in the US right now. But even after the riots, looting, intimidation and harassment end the city will return to its previous state of anarchy where homeless people smoke meth and commit crimes. Heroin users shoot up and commit crimes when they need money for another fix.

    The people voted for the government that brought this about so I guess its what the majority want. Don’t be foolish enough to go there

  15. violent crime is skyrocketing daily

    this website is a farce. carry a US flag downtown and then tell us it is a safe city. all while violent crime is acutely on the rise.

  16. Molotov Cocktails are Nice

    Portland is your warm destination, as the residents are always starting peaceful fires around the city. Edge on up next to a warm Molotov Cocktail. Enjoy the view as a government building is burned down to the ground. Invite your other Antifa friends and roast civilians. Great time for all!

  17. My Husband

    In May I flew to Portland too see my husband. I was shocked to see the tent cities next to the freeway. Now Portland is all over the news and it’s not for being safe!

  18. Unsafe Every Presidential Election Year

    Every 4 years (Election Years) from Summer thru Fall downtown Portland is a dangerous place. Especially if you are the least bit normal looking. The city is then taken over by 20 something year olds rioting, using endless causes as an excuse for their sad lives. But if you have pink hair, tattoos, multiple body piercings and a totally black wardrobe you may go unsolicited. Carry bear mace just in case.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        And you don’t? F off little girl

  19. A
    Anonymous says:

    Why would this site say this is a safe place, some people may believe this and could be hurt or killed. It not responsible to mislead and to put people at risk.

  20. D
    Dharma Bum says:

    anywhere but here

    Was there one month back with family, a horrible experience. Everything was closed up. There were tent’s all over downtown when we talked the city, with enough homeless and big guys on the corners to make visiting Bagdad seem safer. Gov’t building were spay painted and trashed, even their deer statue was spray painted. There were angry maxist kids fighting cops. Powell books was closed, everything was closed along the river, most the town boarded up. Only thing you could hit up was Voodoo donuts and Wholefoods. I was shocked to say the least by this Anti-American town, it was a mix of jaded angry hipsters with poor manners who have a love of Marxist theology mixed with potheads. Avoid this town, and if you have a family keep far far away from this place.

  21. A
    Anonymous says:

    Downtown PDX is not safe

    We recently traveled to downtown Portland. It was overrun by homeless people. Many stores are boarded up. We saw a homeless man taking a bath in a fountain and another one washing his hair in a drinking fountain. One female was scantily clad with a bra and very short shorts and her friend wasn’t wearing a shirt and his pants were so low we could see his butt. We didn’t stay long needless to say as there’s really nothing good to see right now.

  22. S
    Shay Brooks says:

    I was born & raised in Portland – believe me it is NO SAFE CITY. It use to be clean, but hundreds upon hundreds of homeless has changed all that. Now, you can watch people shooting-up drugs on city sidewalks; you can also watch people fornicate, urinate, defecate, scream, vandalize – the list goes on. The mayor is weak and doesn’t have the guts to face all the riots now happening here. The mayor/governor allow anyone to do what ever they want on our city streets. Both these inadequate and weak politicians need to go. Where people use to take pride in this city – that’s now gone and it’s like living in a garbage pit. The above advert isn’t telling the truth. They are just trying to sell you a travel deal. STAY AWAY FROM PORTLAND – it’s like living in Sodom & Gamora…really!

  23. D
    DEAD SHIT SHOW says:





    1. R
      Randy local says:

      This article is so outdated. Portland has descended into a crime infested city. Its leaders support the people destroying this city over the residents and small business owners….so sad.

  24. R
    Randy local says:

    This article is so outdated. Portland has descended into a crime infested city. Its leaders support the people destroying this city over the residents and small business owners….so sad.

  25. T
    Tell The Truth says:

    Tell the Truth

    I have lived in Portland for 25 years. It used to be a weird quirky town of hippies and introverts. I worked in downtown and used public transportation. The homeless population has been steadily growing over the last few years. During the summers, there was a very strange vibe in the city… lots of young panhandlers would come from out of town and the streets were crowded with beggars. But the problem was not just that… there were certain drugs that were making these people act insane. This was beyond just a group of mentally disordered homeless. The ‘Drug of the month’ would really tweak these people out. They were rolling around on the sidewalks, taking naps with their head and neck hanging off the street curb, screaming/fighting with invisible beings, spitting and throwing trash at passer-byers…. that was the Norm. That was the daily occurrence. And all of that was prior to the pandemic.
    Then came the protests/riots. Downtown Portland turned into a zombie apocalypse zone. Homeless every. Feces, drugs, urine, violence, looting, arson, the list goes on and on. I don’t understand why some people are so protective of this city and refuse to tell the truth. No, the protests weren’t exclusive to just a couple street blocks. They have taken it far and wide, from downtown Portland to SE, NE, N, and beyond. Hardworking tax payers are terrorized in their own neighborhoods. Immigrants who left their war torn countries have been stuck in the middle of a violent temper tantrum by a bunch of bored young people without an identity or culture who have NO idea what true devastation war and revolution could bring.
    And these spoiled entitled kids are now crying about ‘PTSD’ from their nonstop rioting.
    They truly want to feel like special snowflakes… but to most, they are just ridiculous fools who have lived a very easy life and single handedly have destroyed this city. No, Portland is not going to be revived. Most people are leaving, disgusted by what has happened.
    And since the police have been stifled and beaten down, is it any wonder why the murder rate has soared in the city?

  26. K
    Kurt Johnson says:

    Stay away

    I’m a senior citizen camping across the country. Stopped in Portland (Oct) for 2 days passing thru. Had terrible experience got surrounded and my wallet and cell phone forcibly taken. I’m a veteran and not intimidated. The people of Portland have no values and must be very soft and afraid. It is too bad I understand it was a beautiful place. I’m from Wisconsin and have a tip …90% of the nations land is red on a political map. Just stay in those areas and enjoy our beautiful country. I’d give Portland 1 star I couldn’t change the number of stars rating. Thank you

  27. C
    Concerned Citizen says:

    Extremely Dangerous City

    Portland is one of the most dangerous cities in America. Nightly rioting and looting by Antifa (no they are not anti facists, they are Anarchists, get a clue. The state and city government have beat the police down so much, they are incapacitated, unable to enforce the laws that have been established to protect law abiding citizens. There is nothing in Portland worth dying for.

  28. K
    Karen H. says:

    I have lived in Woodstock neighborhood 57 years. I love it. I have not experienced any of the negative things people here have mentioned.

    1. C
      Concerned Citizen says:

      Do you work in the mayor’s office?

      1. Karen lies

        Karen you are a bold faced liar

    2. r
      richard licker says:

      You are blind.

      You are blind I take it?

  29. Mixed Bag

    I’d say Portland is a mixed bag. At the time of writing this (3/15/2021) there have been more homicides (I think about 20) since the beginning of the year. Same time last year, there was one or two. The crime rate seems to be steadily increasing. I’ve lived in downtown for 6 years, in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. While I feel safe (false sense of security maybe) walking, running and living the life of an urban dweller, the city has really gone downhill. The homeless crisis has spiraled out of control and city officials don’t seem to care. While I have compassion for people and the situation at hand, something needs to be done to provide housing and mental health services for those in need; to get them off the street and into a safe place. The widespread encampments have become a blight on what was once a very beautiful city. Also, Covid has wreaked havoc on the economy (just like in all the other cities across the country and worldwide) creating a vast wasteland of empty restaurants, storefronts, movie theaters, boutiques, shopping malls, etc. What was once a vibrant, cultural city teeming with community has now been reduced to a graffiti ridden, garbage strewn desert. It could use a really good polishing. That being said, it continues to retain its charm, beautiful architecture, uniquely distinct neighborhoods, many parks and some of the best dining in the country. Now that covid restrictions are being lifted, I feel the city will eventually return to its former glory and fingers crossed, will become the safe, friendly, charming city that it’s always been known for.

    1. Agree with Mixed Bag

      DJ B—your assessment is spot on. I’ve lived in NE Portland for 15 years and feel the same. Thank you for providing some much needed context.

  30. D
    Dr Dave says:

    Portland is a dump

    Portland is a trash dump filled with homeless people and syringes. This city is a vestige of its former self.

  31. One thing take a moment and check the current murder rate 2021.

  32. A
    Anonymous says:

    High Crime

    According to “” which appears to be a real estate website, Portland is in the top 2% of all US cities with regard to high crime rate. It is in the top 3% of all Oregon cities with regard to high crime rate. Need anything else be said?.

  33. D
    Debbie Johnson says:

    Portland sucks

    Went to visit a friend, will never visit again. Homeless tried to steal my purse. Why the residents of Portland put up with this garbage is beyond me.

  34. Oregonian for 47 years and still counting. Being a former Portlander and one who traveled frequently to the downtown area I can honestly attest that the city is not worth visiting. The city is not safe currently and would advise against travel. No meaningful law enforcement since it was defunded.

  35. E
    Ex Portlander says:

    Geting Out will Can

    Lived in Portland for ten years. Hard to sleep this summer with pistol shots and explosions waking me up. Just sold My place and headed across the river were there seems to be sanity and police protection.


    Portland is being run by thugs because the useless mayor, Ted Wheeler, and the city council have abdicated their authority and support the violence. My daughter and her family thankfully are moving out of the shithole next month. She, her husband and their 7 year old son saw a man on the street drop his trousers and take a dump right on the street. They say the city they once loved smells like urine. They are lucky they are able to leave the state. They believe the thugs will move their terror out into surrounding communities.

  37. T
    They keep it weird and stinky says:

    Portland sucks

    This article is by far inaccurate! It should state how Portland Oregon crime rate has drastically increased in the past year itself. Portland has been slowly destroying what once was a beautiful city over the past two decades. Living in the state of Oregon and recently visiting I told my family that resides there from now on family gatherings will be outside the city that smells of urine now. Took a stroll down Chinatown three weeks back and that was heartbreaking as opposed to two years ago when you could actually walk on a sidewalk then. Now the city is a homeless population that instead of the state of Oregon governor, and their horrible Ted Wheeler doing anything to fix the homelessness and also destruction of their city they just walk by like it isn’t a issue. Needless to say I tell everyone that wants to visit that shithole not to and when they don’t listen they regret their choices. However you can legally shit on the sidewalk in front of anyone so if you want to leave a token behind you won’t be the only one that does that there. Their own community does it to themselves.

  38. Tip of the iceberg.
    Portland is the worst place I have ever lived in. Someone said go slightly east young man
    I was happy to take their advice.
    Be it cost of living, be it genuinely crazy people surrounding you.
    Tent cities that compare any other leftist shithole.
    Portland is broken, do not go there do not live there.

  39. G
    Gen. Q. says:

    I’ve lived in the Portland Oregon area on / off in my time growing up from a child to an adult. Now I’m rooted in Portland at the moment. I’ve always loved the locals who were down to earth and that the nature in Oregon is amazing! I much preferred going to Astoria or Lincoln City or any place outside of Portland to see the amazing nature you’ll find and interesting towns. It definitely has changed a lot. It’s not exactly as safe as it use to be and it has gotten more populated, There are various changes happening and we cannot discredit that Downtown Portland isn’t what it use to be. There is a major Homeless issue that isn’t being resolved properly and there is still meth and trafficking issues in Portland area. I’d say if your visiting someone you trust here in Portland then that’s your best bet for a good time in Portland Oregon area but it is in a progress of decline as tensions do rise here and that the issues Portland faces is at a standstill with the public and authority. Do be safe if you are visiting and travel with a friend.

  40. P
    Portland local says:

    This entire article is a lie. Portland is a complete trash can. Homeless EVERYWHERE, drugs, shootings have been at an all time high, there have been more people murdered than covid deaths in Portland. Be careful not to step on any needles or human shit walking down the street. Portland is Garage

  41. City of human vermin

    Portland is s sewer
    diguised as a shithole run by anti american commies !!!!!!
    If you think New York is bad y portland is its twin!!

  42. A
    Anonymous says:

    The voters in Portland need to realize that they ultimately have the power to steer the course for their wounded city.

    They need to take an honest assessment of the serious problems menacing their once beautiful city and then formulate a plan to restore their city to the vibrant, quirky, and safe city that it formerly was.

    Then they need to rally around, support, and elect representatives who will lead their city away from the mess and back to its once proud perch.

    I personally think that a lot of the needed energy to rescue Portland is within the ranks of all of their plentiful forward-thinking, risk-taking, hard working, enthusiastic, and optimistic small-business owners. Surely all of them do not appreciate the descent towards decadence that their marketplace has tumbled into.

    Portlanders…rally around the good people who love and believe in your city. Small-business owners’ sleeves are always rolled up. They know how to take on a challenge.

    They can lead your city back to greatness so get going!

  43. T
    Ted Wheeler says:

    Portland is not safe

    I’ve lived in Portland my whole life and it’s definitely not safe anymore. Whoever wrote this obviously hasn’t been to Portland for years. 2021 is on pace to shatter the all time homicide record in Portland. There’s an all out gang war with multiple shootings every day. There’s riots all the time. There’s thousands of homeless people everywhere. Everything is border up. There’s garbage and graffiti everywhere. The cops don’t even investigate crimes because they are so slammed with cases.

  44. J
    Jimmy Jones in my Bones Inc. says:

    It's a no go

    Are you serious? In 2021 this place is crawling with domestic terrorists called Antifa. They’re communists that will destroy and hurt whoever they come across.

    Nice place If you want to get murdered and have your apartment burned down. The police got defunded, the businesses got destroyed, people were murdered. It’s a wasteland and is even getting worse. The #BLM is not only a bunch of scam charities stealing money that you can’t even question or Netflix-run propaganda but a movement destroying whole cities.

    Stay away!

  45. "
    "Dr. Detroit" says:

    Good, times. Bad, times.

    “Mmm! Let, me, see! There’s, the Rose Festival for 1st; 2-weeks in June, 2021.
    This, week! That’s, going to be something,
    to see & if it, happens! Look, up the Goose Hallow Bar & Grill. The Yamhill trolley goes by, there. Nice, beer & food. Yep! Oh~warning~>Don’t, Jaywalk & get time
    at Rocky Brut of Multnomah County.<~🤣
    Ok, ok!
    How, about those neighborhood bars off, 23d, & Burnside Ave. Lived there during the 1970's ~ 1980's. Those, were crazy 🤨 dayz in time, too! Just use somekind of good judgment in whatever you do there. Remember, that Portland, ORE; is no 🤬 joke of a town. Also, remember that;
    Life is hard in the big, City of Roses.

  46. N
    Native Oregonian by force. says:

    The truth

    Born and raised here; it has ALWAYS been racist the back door kind of racism “my best friend is black” racism. Crime is horrible, over priced housing. The cost of living is through the roof. Shootings every other day. No where is safe. In most large cities do you know which neighborhoods to stay out of or areas to stay out of will not here in Portland you can be anywhere at any time and become a victim of a violent crime. I think that’s what makes it so much more dangerous. As soon as I can I’m out of here. I felt safer in West Harlem than I do here. I spent leas money in NYC for housing and feeding myself than here in Portland which is truly saying something.

  47. C
    Citizen says:

    Reevalutate your ratings

    Please, for the sake of those that will believe this site’s ratings, stop providing misinformation. Portland is out of control and there appears to be no let up.

  48. P
    Portland says:

    Portland is a complete Sh*thole. I’ve lived here for over 10 years. Don’t forget the record setting shootings in portland. Watch out for needles on the ground and all the poop. Getting harassed by the drug addicted homeless. The antifa/blm terrorists have destroyed the core downtown and ruined it with graffiti and damage. Waiting on hold while calling 911. Your on your own if you get mugged, police are stretched so thin, they wont show up for an hour or so. Use to be a great city until the libtards and dems ruined it.

  49. P
    Portland hate says:

    Portland is reaping what it sowed. The rest of the country is watching the hate that Portland represents. Until the city elects adults capable of making the right decisions which will clean up the decaying cancer that controls local government, most Americans will not consider traveling to this Filthy, stench filled, rotting piece of garbage.

  50. r
    richard licker says:

    Visit at your own risk!

  51. R
    Realist says:

    Portland is safe

    Portland is safe. Seems like these comments are just a bunch of sensitive conservative snowflakes.

    Try going to some other cities and their hoods, then all these folks will no what danger looks like.

  52. F
    Forexpreneur says:

    Portland is now a cesspool (living here 25+ years)

    I live in Portland and have for nearly 3 decades (will be moving very soon, not just out of Portland but out of Oregon). I’m writing this in August 2021 and I can absolutely assure you that Portland is NOT safe and you can thank all the Police hating commie liberals for that.

    Violent crime is up drastically including many shootings, stabbings, etc. Street racing is becoming prolific now (you won’t survive a head on car crash when they are going 80+ mph and hit you). Police won’t even respond unless there is an immediate threat to your life (essentially someone is aiming a gun at someone and threatening to shoot, or if you are being stabbed to death).

    Homeless people are everywhere and some side streets are completely lined with tents and there is nothing you can do about it because the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that it is their Constitutional right to pitch tents as long as they aren’t blocking the sidewalk.

    There are plenty of the homeless who have very serious mental illnesses and there have been a few murders in the last few years, but what isn’t often reported are people getting hit and beat by these homeless.

    Portland has become a complete cesspool and won’t get better until people stop voting for these insane liberal Democrats (Oregon Democrats have a Super Majority in Portland, Multnomah County and the State).

    You’ll need the marijuana and soon to be legal shrooms to live here and put up with it. But heh, maybe that is your cup of tea, but it’s not mine.

  53. J
    Jennifer grassley says:

    Portland is NOT safe

    Never will I go to Portland again. I didn’t feel safe.

  54. B
    Blacknwhite says:

    Blaming Everyone Except Themselves.

    Since knocking back the police, etc. etc. no one seems to want to go to Portland; esp. due to the social climate now. Not sure why the people there seem so blind and keep voting in these folks who are bringing the city down, making it lawless then blame everyone except themselves. They have to boot out some of those crazy politicians, etc. or its going to get worse.

  55. C
    Citizen says:

    Lets be truthful

    As I read the comments left by others, I am amazed at the ratings being given to Portland by this site in its opening remarks. It makes me wonder if ratings given for other venues can even be believed since there is no acknowledgement of Portland’s current chaos which seems to have been going on for years now. Should we not trust this site for accurate ratings?

  56. crazy rampant domestic terrorism BEWARE

    I left back home to Canada after seeing my property razed in Portland, and my family scared. I filed a police report and spoke to insurance for hours. What’s the point of being a cop anymore if you won’t do your job????? BLM/antifa are terrorists FFS. There’s nothing more organized crime than threatening to burn down a city for what?? to threaten the jury of a court case you’re not even involved in? I don’t even want to be associated with this politics. It’s full of low IQ, homeless, jobless, grifters, and opportunistic criminals.

  57. M
    Make Portland Weird (and Fun) Again says:

    Outdated and Potentially Dangerous Article

    PLEASE UPDATE THIS WEBSITE!!! I have lived in Portland for 20 years. What used to be a fun, weird, eclectic and beautiful city has devolved into a literal toxic waste dump. There are homeless camps EVERYWHERE. Violent crime, and shootings in particular, have risen to epidemic proportions. There are OPEN AIR CHOP SHOPS with lines of obviously stolen cars in various stages of disrepair littering the roadways. Multi use bike paths are no longer safe, and once pretty and tranquil parks are littered with garbage and used needles. Our city leaders have FAILED us. There is no sign of anything getting better, and I fear we may have to move away from this city that I once thought I would grow old and retire in. It is truly a travesty what Portland has become.

  58. Still a great place to visit

    Portland is a great place. The prices are a bit high but that’s probably something that will get sorted in 2-3 years maybe. The people are generally friendly and there are plenty of interesting spots to visit. And yes, I also think it has that small town feel to it which I like.

    1. F
      FM Whatsapp says:

      It’s wonderful to hear your positive perspective on Portland. Despite higher prices, the friendly people and abundance of interesting places contribute to the city’s charm. The small-town feel adds to its appeal.

  59. YoYo

    Lived here for 22 years
    If your saying Ptown is not a wreck and is safe you most likely are one of the following
    You don’t leave your safe little 5 block radius and never ever have done so at night alone , or you live in Ptown and are too clueless to realize what a shithole it’s become , The issue with being safe in Ptown is that criminals know there is no repercussions, and very little law enforcement,
    I can fend for myself. Been around the block , lived and traveled many places through the US and world , the only place in Ptown that you might not engage some tweek ,or so !!! is in the West Hills ( except for wooded areas ) Both everyother spot. It is YOYO time. Your on Your own
    To the clueless person who stated all the negative comments are from conservatives. You are nuts. You either are one of the above comments I started with or are clueless , ( here a idea. Go ride the bus’s or max for a few trips. Stop along the journey , get out at stops and wonder around , now get brave. Do so at dark , early morning aka zombie land
    honestly can’t wait till it hits home for you and others that don’t see the issue. And I hope it does fast and hard as maybe if it happens enough of the clueless like you Ptown will change back to the city it once was ,
    It’s a great city if you want not to be accountable because your viewed as not being able too via variety of reasons or if you fit into the issue of the week pushed by the vocal minority, And no not a conservative, just one that believes all that are capable ( which is 99% of Ptown. ) of being held accountable should be. And it’s not so.
    YoYo Pdx

  60. What Happened To My Portland?

    I’m originally from CA but went to college in Portland 20 or so years ago, living there for 5 1/2 years.

    Loved it. Nice vibe, lots of outdoor opportunities and learned to love coffee. After graduation I applied for a job with USFS but only job was in Idaho. So I left, promising myself to move back but never happened. Stayed in touch with some friends who visited us in ID for skiing or rafting. Had a chance to revisit Portland last month as I was there for some training. I was shocked.

    The downtown still has not recovered from the “peaceful protests” that has left a mess of boarded up and closed businesses. There’s a lot of homelessness and the hotel we were staying at advised us to eat early, don’t wander about alone and avoid aggressive panhandlers. Great. So, I got to meet up with my 2 friend and part of their families one night, all together. Was great fun until I mentioned how the city seemed to have changed, for the worst.

    That produced an avalanche of stories about the last 2 years, none of it good. My one friend had a small business downtown which was partially burned and looted during the “peaceful protests” (that’s what they said the media called it) and it has not reopened. Early in the protests they tried to get to the shop but the protesters at the roadblock demanded money for “reparations and “protection from police”.

    They were given an “escort” to ensure no looting and had to prove he owned the business. They got a few things and left. They called the police and described the extortion. Police said “can you describe them?” They said no, as they were wearing masks. Said they could do nothing. Next day my friends wife, a school social worker, sent her colleague, an African American woman, to retrieve a photo book from the shop.

    She went to a different civilian checkpoint and was not required to pay or have an escort. That was the last item recovered as sometime the next day, it was looted and partially burned. Police were called but said to come to station and fill out a report. Nothing ever happened and my friends said there was little to no police presence downtown.

    Eventually, the business was relocated out in the county last year. My friends would best be described as progressive Democrats politically (as an I) but they are completely demoralized at what has happened to their city. They said the city’s murder rate is through the roof. I fact-checked, it is.

    The city has defunded the police by $15 million. Apparently and not surprisingly, criminals like that. My friend as well as random folks (of different ages/color/gender) I chatted with universally said the same thing: the politicians gave the city away as a political gesture and they wrecked it. They said the politicians and local news has no credibility as they won’t speak of the reality. One older African American woman I spoke to laughed and said “yeah, that Chamber of Commerce person says ‘Come on down! It’s all good’ but they don’t say ‘best come down in the daytime to avoid getting robbed”.

    One of the younger, White folks I talked to said it’s fine, you just need to be smart about where you go and when. He said the murder stats are just right-wing propaganda. I know much of this is anecdotal but it’s sad to see what has happened to a town I once loved. Maybe it can be saved but if it’s not recognized as such, I would never return.

  61. B
    Big D the Portlander says:

    Portland IS safe

    I am a Portland native, born and raised. Lived here for 50 years. I’m also not left or right, but firmly center politically, so my opinions are not tainted by my political views, like many peoples are. Portland IS safe, comparatively for a city of its size. Does it have its problems? Yes. Has the murder rate gone up? Yes. Is there a lot of property crime? Yes. But compared to almost all cities of comparable size in the US, the crime rates are low. It just seems really bad because its worse than it USED to be, it relative and subjective. Also, while rising murder rates seems really scary initially, what the people talking about it aren’t saying, is that almost all of those homicides have been gang-related, or in the homeless camps, with homeless people shooting each other. They aren’t just running down the streets shooting innocent people.
    Long story short, Portland is more dangerous than it used to be, but it’s still way safer than most large cities in the US.

  62. Don't go to Portland

    I grew up in Oregon and still reside in southern Oregon you know the place where you see signs that want to move our borders to Idaho.
    Portland Oregon is home to ANTIFA truth so deal with it. I would not visit the area, it is very dangerous. The post put out by Portland OR tourism above is false-they are losing tourists and so they are falsifying their claim that it is safe. That just goes to show you how much they care about visitors. They do however want your money-so there you go.

  63. oregon is so safe

    everyone is wrong here except for people who said portland is safe

  64. B
    Brandon Farley says:

    Mostly Peaceful "Protest"

    Ara American went out and interviewed people about this topic many times. The feelings are mixed, but most people don’t feel safe going out at night.

  65. Avoid Portland

    In a word, Portland is not safe to visit, at least the downtown area is not. I stayed on business in one of the nicer hotels, the Benson, and the hotel is surrounded by tent cities, drug needles, filth, human waste, and crazy people.

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