9 Accommodation Ideas for Hipsters in Oregon

Updated On October 2, 2023
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Are you a child of nature?

Hipsters usually like to spend time in wooden huts away from the usual noisy metropolis in the fresh air, these are the ideas for you.

We’ve put together some very good hipster vacation options around Oregon.

Fisherman’s Paradise

Rustic luxury home for true hipsters.

Even if you do not consider yourself a 100% hipster, you might become so after having stayed here for a while.

The views are amazing. 

You are offered the smell of wood, fresh air, and lots of recreational activities like swimming, hiking, boating, and paddling.

When you hike in the woods, you are sure to watch wildlife. 

After a long interesting day, you will get back to a clean and fully-furnished cabin for relaxation.

In plus, low prices will please you.

Good choice. 

Stand paddling
Stand paddling

The Drake Club

Renting a cabin in the Drake Club means you get an entire home for yourself or your family.

The cabins which are clean and hosted by great welcoming people are music to anyone’s ears.

Interested in the location?

You can choose one of the cabins on the Westside of Bend, 8 minutes walk to downtown with lots of breweries, cafes, and restaurants.

This place looks like something every hipster would not refuse. 

Calm and warm welcoming atmosphere, WiFi, TV, kitchen and even a small fireplace will make your vacation as smooth as possible.

Bearded businessman in a cafe
Bearded businessman in a cafe

Teeny Cabin Near the Coast

Would you like to go to the Oregonian Coastal Forest?

Then they have something special for you to rent. 

Rustic cabins are very cozy and tiny, and they are surrounded by trees.

Go outside at night to make a wish looking at the stars of Milky Way and put aside your cellphone.

The WiFi is usually slow in this part of the forest.

Anyway, you get more freedom to communicate with your friends or family or meditate to the distant sound of the Pacific Ocean.

Milky Way
Milky Way

Peaceful Cabin Near Port Orford

Do you prefer keeping not far from a town yet secluded enough?

Peaceful Cabin is just an 8-minute drive away from Port Orford.

The benefits of the town are artist galleries and local seafood restaurants. 

The advantages of the cabin are three sleeping areas, bamboo wooden floors, an office, a kitchen, a bathroom, fast wireless internet and more. 

And a basket of goodies will wait for you upon arrival.

Wooden cabin
Wooden cabin

Hidden Creek Cabin

The cute and spacious cabin is waiting for visitors. 

You will have everything you need in this clean and neat environment.

Besides, there’s a creek running right in front of the property. 

This makes a great addition to the relaxing atmosphere.

You can stay with your significant other, friends, family and kids.

What is more, they allow pets for an additional fee upon approval.

The cabin is in the mountains not far from Boone, NC.

Dog splashing water
Dog splashing water

Remodeled Log Home

Why not go to Oregon to visit Crater Lake National Park?

You do not need an expensive luxury hotel for a lot of money.

Just stay in a rather favorable place, in a wooden house with awesome summer or winter views.

Of course, the house has all the necessary things and devices, a TV and the Internet.

But why?

Relax actively in the lap of nature and enjoy a beautiful life.

Winter trees
Winter trees

Charming Homestead Cabin

Welcome to the cabin that is based on the original property as old as 200 years.

You are going to have one of the most relaxing vacations in the mountains in Mount Hood.

With all the amenities, furniture, and indoor fireplace, your new home will become the best place to hide during a cold winter season. 

This place is good for skiing in the morning and tasting wine in the evenings. 

It’s also romantic enough to get married here. 

It will not disappoint you.


Rustic Creekside Cabin

Another great news for lovers of a romantic getaway, this time with a taste of beer.

The cabin is modest but comfortable and cozy.

You can equally go to the mountains to the wild, or go to the city to sit in a cafe or go
to the store.

If you are not against the brawling stream near the house, you are welcome.

It is from this cabin that you can take a tour named “A Drunk History of Portland” and try different sorts of beer from local brewers.

They will tell you how many years ago the pioneers from all over the world brought their best brewery traditions to the Oregon Territory.

Drink and listen.

Cabin window with flowers
Cabin window with flowers

Fern Cabin

There is another cabin in Portland that leaves no one indifferent.

It’s located in a walkable place which is quite an advantage for those who want to feel connected to the city.

And yet, as soon as you check in here, you will have that inexplicable feeling of freedom and unity with nature.

A modern cabin with a jacuzzi, a private patio, a kitchen, and air conditioning invites you for your summer vacation.

Even if you arrive in winter, you will find a warm room with everything you need for a great vacation.

Do you want to take your pet with you?

They are pet-friendly!

You’ll just need to pay an additional fee.

And they are cannabis-friendly too (outside only).

This cabin is for travelers who want to watch the city from afar and think about how lucky they are to be away from the buzz.

Autumn lake
Autumn lake

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