Looking For A Cabin In Sedona? Here’s Top Six

Updated On October 2, 2023
Cozy wooden cabin

Sedona is a small town in northern Arizona.

It’s surrounded by red rock formations, a picturesque canyon, and coniferous forests.

The beauty of nature and stunning panoramic views people from around the world.

They also come here to visit art galleries, enjoy culinary delights in the best restaurants, and then relax and unwind in nature, have a massage or go to spa treatments.

Sedona is famous for its unique natural beauty – deserts, rocky plateaus, and mountains.

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona

And, of course, the Grand Canyon is a miracle of nature, listed by UNESCO.

Sounds more than tempting, right?

There are much options to stay while traveling to Sedona – from hotels to campsites.

But there’s one unusual way – stay in a rustic cabin, where you’ll fully enjoy mysteries of nature.

There are cabins in red rocks as well as ones which are situated close to Sedona town.

Here’s the top list of cabin rentals:

Oak Creek Cabin

Oak Creek Cabin has all the necessary facilities that will make you make yourself at home.

Situated in Oak Creek Canyon, the cabins are fully provided with beds, electricity, water, and Internet.

Some of them even offer king-size beds and a kitchenette.

The cabins can be settled by four people.

There was a fresh renovation recently, so everything is furnished in high quality.

Here you’ll have an amazing experience of looking at unearthly views of the canyon, enjoy the beautiful night sky and breathing fresh air, of course.

What’s more, there is a relaxing and peaceful place for nature lovers – a garden with a stunning waterfall.

Wooden cabin in the snow
Wooden cabin in the snow

Charming Log Cabin

Charming Log Cabin sits in a good place for location, in the north of Sedona.

There are picturesque canyons from each side of the cabin so you’ll have an amazing view when waking up.

It has all features to create a cozy atmosphere: hammocks, wood burner, and pleasant decor.

There’s also pine tree forest within a walking distance to the cabin.

Crystal-clean waters of Oak Creek which is situated nearby are perfect for swimming and fishing.

A charming log cabin is popular among friends and families because it can be settled by around ten people in three bedrooms.

It also has a huge kitchen with all the necessary kitchenware.

Wooden cabin in the forest
Wooden cabin in the forest

Romantic Sedona Cabin

Casita Bonita is situated in the north of Arizona, near Sedona and Grand Canyon.

The cabin is close to just about everything – restaurants, galleries, and hiking trails.

There’s even a trail within walking distance from the house.

The cabin has been recently renovated in a modern and cute style, so guests will feel cozy here.

An outdoor area is also well-equipped.

You can enjoy spending time on the patio.

Casita Bonita has everything to relax like a large TV, the Internet, board games, Netflix and more.

So you’ll have a good time with your mates here.

There are beds for up to six people available.

Wooden cabin at night
Wooden cabin at night

Cathedral Rock View Cabin

This cute cabin offers an amazing view of Cathedral Rock Park.

Here you can relax in a backyard and do everything you want breathing fresh air.

It’s situated near the vortex line so guests like to come and absorb the healing energy of this place.

Cathedral Rock Cabin is a cozy place where you can relax and enjoy a quiet, nature and nice serene atmosphere.

There are rich wildlife flora and fauna.

You can meet javelins, quails, or coyotes.

It’s a perfect place which can accommodate up to five people in two bedrooms and a loft.

What’s more, there’s a well-equipped kitchen, fireplace and barbecue grill in the yard.

Wooden house in autumn
Wooden house in autumn

A-Frame Sedona Cabin

A-Frame Sedona Cabin offers beautiful views of nature, situated in the best place of Cathedral Rock.

It’s perfect for those who tend to be a fan staying alone with nature because the cabin sits in a remote place with no neighborhood.

The cabin has everything you need and is clean and charming.

Here you can grill, sleep to the sound of the stream, hike along the stream and drive to other hiking trails nearby.

There’s no Internet and almost no signal, so forget about the problems and just enjoy nature.

Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock

Historic Log Cabin

The historic log cabin is hidden in Oak Creek woods but is close to many things.

It’s a great place for a secluded romantic getaway from the city noise, as the cabin can accommodate only two people.

Here’s everything you need to spend your time with joy – a kitchenette, a charcoal grill, the Internet, and Netflix.

Waking up hearing the peaceful bird songs and stream is worth staying here.

Walking trail
Walking trail

Sedona Safety Overview

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