10 Best Flea Markets in Norway

Updated On October 8, 2023

Thanks to its natural appeal, Norway is one of the world’s most beautiful places.

You will even love the fact that it has several shopping options if you love to collect unique pieces from around the globe.

On the other hand, thrift enthusiasts will likely benefit more from flea markets in Norway because they are diverse and unique.

10 Best Flea Markets in Norway

Gone are the days when flea and secondhand markets were specifically for antiques and old-item collections.

Currently, more people are embracing environmentally friendly ways of ensuring they protect the environment; hence recycling is encouraged.

This has propelled the flea market worldwide, and Norway is no different.

Before we get to the specific flea markets you will find in Norway, there are a few reasons why you should visit flea markets in the first place.

The fuss about flea markets can be surprising to people who have never been to one.

However, the idea of buying used items for cheap is certainly welcomed.

It is even better if most of the items are still in perfect condition and excellent to use.

It is also a perfect way to protect the environment by minimizing littering and supporting recycling.

What is more, flea markets offer variety.

You will find practically everything you need, from furniture, clothing, and cookware.

The possibility of also finding unique antiques and classic pieces that would otherwise be lost is exciting to many people.

Collectors will charge very expensive for some of the items they get.

However, taking the initiative to comb through flea markets is a way to get similar collectibles at a bargain.

Sometimes, the proceeds from the secondhand items sold are for a good course.

It is encouraging to know that you are contributing to a course that is larger than you.

Flea markets are excellent for people who need to earn an extra buck by selling some of their used items.

What is more, flea markets are often uncomplicated to join, and most people are free to sell their items privately.

With so many benefits from flea markets, one should always find the local markets in their locality.

Below are some of the best flea markets you will find in Norway.

Check out what they offer and see if you can find something useful.

1. Vestkanttorvet Flea Market

If you have bought into the idea of secondhand shopping, or are just interested in seeing what flea markets offer, then the oldest secondhand market is the place to be.

Vestkanttorvet remains Oslo‘s oldest permanent secondhand marketplace and a worthy one.

It has existed since 1989 and has been home to many antique sellers.

Currently, it also has vendors selling clothes and other varieties of items.

If you are interested in exploring flea markets, you should be prepared for the large crowds since this market has a large daily traffic of about 10,000 people.

The market has about 100 booths or so.

The items sold include antiques, vintage, and knick-knacks of all sorts.

You will get to learn more about the Norwegian culture just by visiting this flea market.

While the market is pretty small, it is still a great spot for anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about Norwegian culture.

It is situated in Norway’s oldest sculpture park, close to Oslo’s city center.

This flea market is great and busiest when the weather is nice and warm and closes in most winter months.

Usually, the market has many private vendors selling items they want to de-clutter from their houses.

The atmosphere at the market is generally pleasant and welcoming, making the whole shopping experience fun.

2. Birkelunden

If you are into hippy markets and trends, then this is one of the markets you should certainly visit whenever you are in Oslo.

It is located in Grünerløkka, a generally hippy area.

You will find old items that date back to the 40s and may even be lucky to find valuables you can resell for a good price.

Some people have even been lucky to find antique pieces of furniture.

Other potential finds from this market include books and vinyl records.

But what makes this market exceptional?

This weekly flea market will give you an experience of the local culture.

You should expect to find some exquisite items, including vintage clothing, jewelry, and costumes, to mention a few.

It is located in a large park in the locality and has several stalls with vendors marketing their secondhand items.

It is the perfect bargainer’s hunt if you are into this.

You will be surprised at the vintage pieces you will get at a good price.

3. Fretex Flea Market

This great social enterprise was established in 1905 by the Norwegian Salvation Army, which owns 46 secondhand shops spread all over Norway.

This market is somewhat different because it also collects used clothes from special containers around the city.

In turn, it exports these clothes to markets across Iraq, Europe, and Pakistan.

4. Uff Flea Market

This is a special one considering that it is a nonprofit humanitarian organization.

It was established in 1979 as an initiative to help countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

Uff Store is located in Oslo and is known for selling used clothes.

The earnings collected from selling these used clothes are still used for charity purposes.

This money is sent back to the schools in Zimbabwe.

These markets are also found in Kristiansand and Fredrikstad, with a new shop expected to open in Trondheim.

If you are searching for used clothes and want to support a good course, this would be a good market to visit.

You get to find unique, high-quality pieces; your money will also be used to educate kids in Zimbabwe.

Talk of contributing to the world.

5. Fineswap

The interesting thing with flea markets is that they have also gone online.

Fineswap is a great example of a flea market where you can swap your old items with new ones at the click of a button.

It is available in Norway and not only offers people the opportunity to find what they are looking for but also provides social interaction platforms for those who may need it.

6. Sunday market at Blå

These markets are perfect for those who have no plans for Sundays.

They happen all over Blå in the Grünerløkka area and are often filled with great food and beverages.

After indulging and enjoying excellent food, you get a few bargains and leave a happy customer.

Find the best vintage and classic items at these Sunday markets.

It is also a great place to hunt for handmade items from the locals at a pretty good price.

7. Fuglen, Universitetsgata

This is unique since it is partly a cafe and partly a vintage shop.

You will never be disappointed and feel at home immediately after you walk into the shop.

Pieces from the 50s and 60s are great finds in this market.

You will be spoilt for choice once you visit this market.

The idea of taking a break and relaxing with a cup of coffee as you ponder your next purchase is certainly welcomed.

8. Schous Bøker

If you are a book lover who enjoys reading books, this is a market or shop you want to check out before leaving Norway.

It is a haven for antique books and a reader’s dream.

The shop comes loaded with numerous first-edition collections and is perfect for anyone who likes to read old books.

This should be a gem you will be pleased to have found.

9. Ekeberg Markedet

This passes as one of the antique markets in Norway.

You can be sure to find unique antique pieces to add to your collection.

If you are passionate about finding old items that are practical or pieces you would rather display, then this should be an exciting market for you to check out.

10. Loppemarked

This is a nice flea market that you will love visiting.

However, it is not open all year round.

Find out from a travel assistant if it is open when you are around.

You will find unique pieces when it is open.

The 10 Best Flea Markets in Norway – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
Vestkanttorvet Flea MarketProfessor Dahls gate, 0260 Oslo, Norway
Birkelunden0556 Oslo, Norway
Fretex Flea MarketLars Hillesgate 14, Bergen
Uff Flea Market Prinsens gate 2 b, 0152 Oslo, Norway
FineswapHans Nordahls Gate 64, 0481 Oslo, Norway
Sunday market at BlåIngens gate 0551, 0551 Oslo, Norway
Fuglen, UniversitetsgataUniversitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Schous Bøker0552, Schous Plass 7A, 0552 Oslo, Norway
Ekeberg MarkedetEkeberg Camping. 1181 Oslo. Norway
LoppemarkedHøybråtenveien 4, 1055 Oslo, Norway

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flea markets popular in Norway?

Flea markets represent several things for different people in Norway.

For some people, this is a way of sustainably co-existing with their natural environment.

These markets offer an avenue for recycling most items that would otherwise end up in dumps and waste management sites.

Flea markets are also loved because they offer a platform to earn extra income for vendors.

The selling of used items can help vendors earn an extra coin.

What is more, most of the items in these flea markets are of good quality and will serve buyers equally well, if not better, than newer items.

For antique lovers and collectors, flea markets are a gem because this is where unique, classic, and old pieces that are valuable can be found.

What is more, you can get the pieces at a great bargain.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more people across the globe, including Norway, are embracing flea and secondhand markets.

What are some of the items you will find at a flea market in Norway?

Flea markets in Norway are not very different from many other global secondhand markets.

They are diverse, with different items.

Depending on the market you visit, you will likely get old records, books, clothes, antiques, and food & beverages sold in these markets.

Some markets sell trendy items which are not necessarily old-school.

What you find sometimes depends on the market you attend.

There are markets where you will likely find antiques and classic items, while others may only have vendors with everyday items.

Before visiting, you should always research and know what each market holds.

This will spare you a lot of time and stress from walking around aimlessly.

Most markets, though, will have something to offer.

Are flea markets in Norway fun?

All the flea markets in Norway are great, especially if you are open to exploring.

Visit as many stalks as possible and check out what the vendors have in stock.

You can also try different foods and drinks to make the experience enjoyable.

To improve your experience, consider visiting more than one flea market to sample the variety.

Concentrating on markets that stock items you may be interested in is also a good idea.

Above all, make sure to remain open-minded and take in the experience in great strides.

Flea markets in Norway are a gem if you are into finding unique pieces.

Choose a market close to you and start there; you will enjoy the experience regardless of where it is.

However, be prepared for lots of walking and interaction too.

How do you find the right match for flea markets in Norway?

There is no formula for finding the right flea market because there is no wrong one.

You have to research and probably ask locals where you can find certain items.

Some markets specialize in specific things, so you are likely to get the best deals on those there.

Such basic knowledge can help you know where to hunt so that you are not moving around aimlessly.

Other than that, most flea markets are great to explore when you are not in a hurry.

Some of the best finds will come to you and not the other way around.

Do Norwegian Flea markets have great bargains?

If you are the kind of person that lives for the thrill of excellent bargains, then you certainly will be chasing these in any flea market.

Norwegian flea markets will not disappoint.

There are lots of wonderful bargains on different items.

All you have to do is know where to look and which items to ask for a discount on.

Some vendors also have discounts on their products if you know how they look.

Regular thrift lovers will know how to spot a good deal when they see the one which you should check out.

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