Is Sharm el Sheikh Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

Updated On November 6, 2023
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
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* Rated 68 / 100 based on 27 user reviews.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a well-known tourist destination in Egypt, where the number of tourists has doubled in the last 3 years.

It has the nickname the “City of Peace”, due to a large number of international peace conferences that have been held there.

Sharm el-Sheikh is proud of its diverse marine life and many Red Sea coral reef sites which attract divers from all over the world.

Besides its beaches, Sharm el-Sheik has to offer other adventures like climbing Mount Sinai or visiting the National Park Ras Mohammed.

Warnings & Dangers in Sharm el Sheikh

Overall Risk


Due to the high risk, there is a special police force in Sharm el-Sheikh, which assists tourists and tries its best to make Sharm el-Sheikh the safe city. The police operate in hotels and at tourist sites. Women traveling on their own are at the risk of being assaulted. When at the street, carry only what you need and leave valuables in a secure location, so as not to attempt thieves.

Transport & Taxis Risk


If you decide to drive in Sharm el-Sheikh, you should know that road travel can be dangerous, due to poor road conditions and reckless drivers. All taxis should be equipped with a meter and if taxi drivers claim that the meter is broken you should negotiate the price. Sexual harassment of women by taxi drivers is common. Buses are the most economical method of transport.

Pickpockets Risk


Like all the other risks, the risk of being pickpocketed in Sharm el-Sheikh is so high, that tourists are advised not to carry any kind of expensive items with them. Tourist locations and public transportation are the riskiest places where thieves might rob you.

Natural Disasters Risk


During the period of heavy rains and strong winds, there might be some dust and sand storms. Some parts of Egypt might experiences earthquakes. All in all, there is a medium risk of natural disasters.

Mugging Risk


Sharm el-Sheikh is a dangerous place where there have been numerous reports of kidnapping and carjackings. Even though tourists might not be the target of the muggers, you need to be extremely careful. They might stop your car using armory and if this happens to you, it is better not to resist. They are usually aimed at financial items, so it is not you that they want to harm, but to take your valuables and a car.

Terrorism Risk


Sharm el-Sheikh is the city where terrorist attacks are likely to happen due to the extremists linked to Daesh-Sinai who might attack religious sites and locations frequented by tourists since they have already conducted several attacks against Christians over the last year. If you happen to be in the center of some demonstration, be aware that police uses water cannons, tear gas, birdshot and live ammunition for crowd control.

Scams Risk


Taxi drivers are the most frequent scammers and travelers are commonly overcharged by them. Use radio taxes which you will call from your hotel, and ask the driver to use a meter. If he/she does not have it, determine the price before the ride.

Women Travelers Risk


Even though there are armed police everywhere, to make visitors and locals feel safe, females should not go solo and if they do, they need to be especially vigilant and careful. Many female travelers visited Sharm el-Sheikh without troubles, but there were reports of women being harassed there, too.

So... How Safe Is Sharm el Sheikh Really?

When we speak about Sharm el-Sheikh, its beautiful beaches and sea attract many tourists, and at the same time attract thieves, who try to take advantage of every possible situation.

Armed robberies, muggings, sexual assaults, and car-jackings frequently occur, so tourists need to take extra care, especially when traveling alone.

The government is introducing some new laws and security measures to increase safety, but it is important to take standard precautions and remain vigilant.

How Does Sharm el Sheikh Compare?

CitySafety Index
Sharm el Sheikh46
Phnom Penh (Cambodia)61
Niagara Falls (Canada)87
Calgary (Canada)82
Buenos Aires (Argentina)60
Vancouver (Canada)82
Cordoba (Argentina)61

Useful Information



A visa is obligatory when coming to Egypt and it can be obtained at the airport for a $25 fee. You can get all the information about visas on useful websites that can help you know if you need a visa or not based on your nationality.



The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound and you can take up to EGP 5,000 in cash with you when entering the country. Tourists need to pay for your accommodation in US dollars. Credit cards are accepted and ATMs can be found in major cities.



Sharm el-Sheikh has desert weather which means that it is often warm or hot. Summer lasts from May to October when the sea is pleasantly warm and you can enjoy long dives. In winter, the stay can be enjoyable, and the temperature is often sufficient for sunbathing. However, the days are short.



Egypt is served by many international airports such as Cairo International Airport, Alexandria International Airport, Marsa Matrouh International Airport, Aswan International Airport, Sohag International Airport, and Sharm El Sheikh International Airport which is the largest in the Sinai.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

If you cannot afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel so make sure that you have a travel insurance policy that will cover medical problems and the loss of personal items when coming to Egypt.

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Sharm el Sheikh Weather Averages (Temperatures)

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Feb 20° C
Mar 23° C
Apr 26° C
May 29° C
Jun 32° C
Jul 34° C
Aug 34° C
Sep 32° C
Oct 28° C
Nov 24° C
Dec 20° C
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Egypt - Safety by City

CitySafety Index
Sharm el Sheikh46

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27 Reviews on Sharm el Sheikh

  1. A
    Anonymous says:

    A very bad review. I was in Sharm 4 times last year and so far twice this year. Nothing happened. I think the review is very negative

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      I think you are right very negative. I travel to Sharm twice in 2018 and me being a woman alone I didn’t have any problems. Like anywhere you are to know your surrounding all the time.

    2. K
      Ken Scrowston says:

      Absolutely agree, my partner and I have stayed in Sharm nine times in the past six years. We have not experienced one problem,. We find the people of Sharm helpful, pleasant and kind.
      My partner accidentally left an expensive small jacket in a taxi, we thought we had seen the last of it. When we returned to the restaurant three days later the jacket was there. It turns out that the driver had spotted the jacket later in the evening we went, returned it to the restaurant just after we left.
      The main tip I can give is always agree a taxi fare, have the right money including tip, drivers mysteriously have none or little change


  2. s says:

    i was in sharm el sheikh last march, everything you say on your website is totally not true.
    you are paid to say all wrong wrong wrong about Sharm el sheikh.
    By the way sharm is safer than where come from.

    1. c
      cazzi miei says:

      Why a good review and only one star?

      Then why you gave to the location only one star?

  3. A
    Anonymous says:

    I was in the ‘Sham’ last year – and it’s nickname is well deserved… There are theives, beggars and scammers everywhere you turn and ever present menace of actual physical violence. Avoid this place like the plague – which you’re likely to catch via the bad food, water and general filth lying around… Never again. I was lucky to escape with my life..

    1. A
      Anonymous says:

      You have been warned

      I went for 3 weeks 18th January 2020 and the atmosphere was frightening. There where 98% Russians & the little entertainment was solely for them/ Taxis rip you off.. I feel exactly the same I was lucky to get home alive and in one piece/ I booked a return flight after 6 days.’

      1. C
        Carmen moonie says:

        I go to sharm el sheikh with my twins as a single mum every year for the last 10 years. I can honestly say that I have never ever seen anything bad from the people there. I always felt safe and welcomed. I always take care by taking the hotel’s own taxi and pick up by the same taxi back to the hotel. If you use your common sense and respect their country and their traditions, they will look after you. Bon voyage!!

    2. A
      Anonymous says:


      I totally agree

      1. c
        cazzi miei says:

        A little bit of true

        How much did they paid you?

    3. R
      Richard Johnson says:

      Do not go

      We stayed at Hilton waterfall which was really nice as were the staff, outside the hotel was awful, taxi drivers try and rip you off, people on the streets hassle you, Narma bay all trying to get money off you. Tried to get early flights home it got so bad. Would never return to Sharm, and would not recommend to anyone

  4. M
    Miroslav says:

    Sharm El Sheik is super. Best Holiday in my life. Review is wrong and untrue….

  5. sharm el sheik is amazing place to holiday ,the people treat you like there family ,theres gonna be trouble and muggers and issues ware ever you go come it be abroad or England you just have to be on your guard , I go with two daughters and yeah they get over freindly but just be stern and say no they 9’10 cases back of but beutifull place

  6. A
    Anonymous says:

    Be Warned

    Booked for 3 weeks Sharm 18th January 2020 & the atmosphere is frightening/ I did not feel safe, the taxi drivers are not to be trusted.. I asked how much to Namma Bay the driver said how much do I want to pay? There where little if any English the resort seemed to be 98% Russian and the small amount of entertainment I saw was in Russian for Russians.. I stayed 6 days & then booked an early flight home.. In my opinion it’s not safe & is extremely volatile.’

  7. Sharm is Extremely Safe and Amazing

    I am currently in Sharm El Sheikh, this review is totally untrue specially the terrorism and Daesh-Sinai part!!! If you just watched the news or read about terrorists in Sinai you will know it occurs in North Sinai and specifically in a small city on the boarders with Hamas (Palestine), Sharm El Sheikh is in South Sinai and considered the most safest city in the world. No crimes, no pickpocket, no harassment at all. The only income of this city comes from tourism and they know how to treat tourists very well. You might be overcharged by taxi drivers, this is true but all what you need is to agree on price before getting into the taxi, it’s more into bargaining rather than being scamming …but you can use ‘Uber taxis’ through its application (which you can download from play store) and avoid this issue. I have been to many big cities in Europe and never feel that safe like being in Sharm El Sheikh.. Enjooooooy 🙂

    1. Yes, this is true! Jus came back, we felt safe and everything was fine, we had worse experience in Bulgaria, so I recommend Sharm el Sheikh. Now when I read this article, I can’t believe we were in so high risk place – this place is safe! Believe me!

      1. Why Bulgaria ? What happened ?

  8. magic place

    I have been to Sharm on 6 occasions now and always find the locals helpful and friendly and have made good friends there, on my last visit i became ill and cannot say enough about the help i got from everyone i knew there, i had to cut short my 28 day stay and come home but friends there changed my flights and boarding passes for me and made sure i got to the airport for my flight and when i got back home i had emails asking if i had arrived safely. Sadly i have not got back yet but hope to go and spend my 28 day Christmas there again this year, travel and lockdown permitting, ive already booked it so fingers crossed.
    A comment for all those deriding Sharm, i live in Aberdeen and would not even think of going into the city centre over a weekend as its not safe, junkies, drunks assaults etc

  9. I have lived in Sharm El Sheikh for the past 5 years and before that came several time a year on holiday since 2003. I never heard of anybody being carjacked or mugged. I am a woman who goes out alone most of the time and I have never had any issues or felt threatened in anyway. There has never been any threats of terrorism in Sharm.
    I would really like to know what is the source of your information and what statistics you have analysed to give such an opinion. Please can you give us a link to the crime statistics you rely on?
    I have lived in various countries in Africa for 15 years, in Spain for 3 years, France for 6 years and London for 20 years. I feel a lot safer here than any other countries I have lived in where I have actually experienced threats to my safety.
    Please do not write about a city you clearly do not know much about and verify the sources you use for your articles before writing.

    1. Sharm el Sheikh is safe for tourists

      I also live in Sharm el Sheikh. Some of that review appears to be a total fabrication, e.g. there are no armed robberies or car-jackings, the roads in Sharm are in extremely good condition and your chances of ever finding a demonstration to get caught up in are around 0.001%. Taxi drivers are easy to manage – just find out beforehand what a particular journey should realistically cost. Dress and behave decently and you don’t get harrassed, but remember that what might be acceptable behaviour in a western society may be viewed rather differently in other cultures. I’ve walked back alone from Christmas Eve Mass at 1am through dark back streets and felt safer than I would in UK. There have been no attacks on Christians in Sharm el Sheikh.

  10. Am in Sharm now Frist time for 6 years it dff but it safer plus yes there is 98pec Russia here all greedy fc but still were beening look after well food not very good but never was am English

  11. A great trip all around!

    Such an interesting place. Try the Dolphina Park for some amusement and fun if you are with children. Ras Um Sid is also nice especially if you are a snorkeling fan. We’ve liked the Ras Mohammed National Park as well and had lots of fun (and pictures/videos) to prove it.

  12. I’ve been going to Sharm for 15 years, when travel is permitted. I have never had any problems. The people are kind, the food is good and the weather is excellent. I won’t hear a bad word against it.

  13. U
    Unknown traveler says:

    Extremely dangerous

    Extremely dangerous unpredictable terrorist on every corner was poisoned in the Hotel they put chemicals in my food. Harrassment aggressive abusers everywhere sweet talk but don’t trust anyone it’s extremely dirty and dangerous. Just Russians criminals and money laundering. Even in the day time it is very dangerous. Thry hate tourist and have no respect for women. It is the most dangerous awful overpriced city and you would be lucky to get our alive. Food poisoned as well.

  14. A
    Anonymous says:

    It’s lovely but as a female …. beware

    I absolutely loved the resort I stayed in, in Sharm el sheik, however, as a young female, I was non stopped harassed by men there, constant pester

  15. D
    Dont go says:

    Dangerous and horrible

    Many Terrorist operate there and they poisoned me in the Hilton hotel and I almost died. Don’t go it is Disgsutinf dangerous scammers and criminals everywhere aggressive rude Russians the worst awful place on the planet. Don’t go unless you want to risk your life. I did now I will sue.

  16. J
    June from England says:

    Great place

    My family of eight people went to the Rixos seagate hotel. Absolutely fabulous
    We felt very safe , the waiters and other staff are fantastic. As for being ripped off in taxis , have you ever been in a taxi in London it’s just the same. Always ask the price . When anyone asks for money be firm and say no and they go away no problem.

Sharm el Sheikh Rated 3.41 / 5 based on 27 user reviews.

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