Where to Spend Christmas Holidays as a Family


Christmas is an important holiday for lots of people around the world.

Some families admire this season greatly and want to spend it in some special atmosphere.

If you are one of them, it can be a good idea to plan a family trip for Christmas.

We’ve prepared a list of great Christmas trip destinations for both traditional setting and exotic trip lovers.

Just keep in mind that Christmas is a busy season so the best option is to book some trip for advance.

Family with Santa's hats
Family with Santa’s hats

Staying in the US

New York City

New York is a great Christmas destination especially for families with older children.

You and your family will be impressed with the stunning cityscape with huge skyscrapers, holiday lights and festive atmosphere of NYC.

During your Christmas trip to NYC, you can enjoy enormous skating rinks, German-style Christmas markets, magnificent lights all around the city.

If you are lucky enough you even will be able to take a stroll through the Central Park and streets covered with snow.

Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration


Chicago is absolutely beautiful and magical during winter especially when it’s Christmas.

There are German-style winter markets, gorgeous Christmas trees, light ceremonies and many other attractions around the city.

During the Christmas season, you can see about 10 magical light ceremonies in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Just imagine those bright colorful bulbs organized in some fairytale illuminating displays.

Also, there you can visit the largest  German Christmas market outside of Germany.

Take a stroll through the market and enjoy traditional hot mulled wine, chocolates, and giant pretzels.

Meet Santa and visit a festive ice rink.

Moreover, there is a whole variety of hand-crafted gifts on the market.

Park in winter
Park in winter


It can be a great idea to spend some Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

Hawaii can offer you some amazing winter sun and lots of fun at Christmas.

Relax on local beautiful beaches and enjoy local nature.

Also, there is a bunch of exciting activities such as zip lining and horse riding so your whole family will be really entertained.

Just keep in mind that it can be hard and expensive to get some trip to Hawaii in December so it’s better to book it in advance.

Empty beach
Empty beach


If you want to spend a traditional white Christmas, consider taking a trip to Colorado mountains.

It’s your opportunity to enjoy some fairytale traditional Christmas in a quaint ski town or cozy chalet.

If you want to have a Victorian-style Christma, visit the Breckenridge ski resort.

Those who want to enjoy various winter activities should take a trip to Denver where you can also have a great time observing stunning Christmas light at the local zoo.

Snowy day in a city
Snowy day in a city

Going Abroad


If you want to spend your Christmas vacation abroad, consider visiting Iceland with its capital city Reykjavik.

In fact, it’s one of the most popular destinations for winter traveling in Europe.

There you can enjoy a magical Christmas snowfall, breathtaking northern lights and bath under the stars in local hot springs.

Going to Iceland, you’ll for sure have an unforgettable Christmas time.



For those who want to have a trip abroad and enjoy some sunbathing during Christmas season, Mexico can be a perfect option for you.

There you can spend a great time enjoying local food, amazing culture, and impressive locations.

Also, you have a lot of interesting locations to choose from that include Yucatan peninsula, with warm Caribbean waters, and the Pacific coast, with Puerto Escondido or Puerto Vallarta.

It’s a great trip to relax while sipping your margarita and observing your kids having fun in the sea or a pool.

You’ll be glad to know that there is a whole bunch of excellent all-inclusive resorts all over Mexico.

It’s a great opportunity to avoid some extra planning while having an excellent and safe trip.

Street decoration
Street decoration


If you want to spend the holidays relaxing, why not book a charming cabin in Canada? Is there anything more cozy than snuggling up

For traditional Christmas lovers, Canada can be a great choice.

Just amazing a Christmas Eve near a fireplace in a comfy cabin in some quiet place in Canada.

Have a family holiday with delicious home cooking, roasted marshmallows, favorite movies, and TV shows, and amazing mountain views out the window.

If you want to stay in some big cities, Toronto and Quebec City can provide you with a bunch of festive locations and entertainments.

One other point is that visiting Canada, you’ll for sure enjoy a magical white Christmas.

Wooden house in winter
Wooden house in winter

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