8 Most Beautiful Castles In New Mexico

Updated On October 5, 2023
Turquoise Castle

Anyone who loves seeing castles may not have considered New Mexico as a fun destination but we are here to change that perception once and for all.

While castles are often associated with more exotic locations, there is no shortage of American locations where we can take in their beauty.

If you are going to be spending time in New Mexico and wish to see all of the most beautiful architecture that the state has to offer, this guide is here to help!

The 8 Most Beautiful Castles In New Mexico

Montezuma Castle

Many are unaware of the fact that there is a Las Vegas in New Mexico as well.

If you head to this location, you will wish that you had the chance to stay at Montezuma Castle.

The 90,000-square-foot castle is cavernous and it was constructed in the Queen Anne style.

Sadly, this castle is not offered up as a place to stay for the general public anymore.

It has been through a lot and seen even more over the course of its lifespan, though.

Once upon a time, this castle served as a movie set.

Can you believe that boxers used to train here as well?

The location was once a Catholic monastery and even a Baptist college.

In the present day, it is best known as a part of the United World College.

Visitors are sure to love every minute of their visits, as there is much to explore.

Origin at Rancho de San Juan

Those who take the time to visit Ojo Caliente will often visit Origin at Rancho de San Juan, too.

It is commonly chosen by visitors because it can accommodate a number of different occasions and special events.

Whether you are looking for someplace to crash for the night or you are in need of a great venue for a small event or gathering, this is a great place to start.

There is also a private gated community where visitors can enjoy art cave tours.

This property is situated on 145 acres of peaceful land and has some of the most beautiful decors that you will ever see.

The fine art collection is well worth a closer look, in addition to the wildflower courtyards.

The furnishings here are state of the art and if you have a larger gathering, it can be accommodated.

This location allows for up to 50 visitors if the proper steps are taken ahead of time.


This eye-catching location is a must-see for New Mexico visitors and El Prado residents alike.

The design is amazing and the pictures can hardly do it justice.

Luckily, the Earthship Visitor Center remains open all year round, so visitors will have ample opportunity to check the locations out.

For those who prioritize environmental stability, these castles are a wonderful way to support these causes, while still having an absolute blast.

Earthships are thermal solar earth shelters.

They are only constructed out of upcycled natural materials, allowing them to truly stand apart from their typical counterparts.

These structures also stand out because of their horseshoe shape.

The designs are environmentally sustainable as well, as a wide range of factors is considered.

Energy, clean water, food, management of garbage, and treatment of sewage are all pondered extensively during the building process.

Camelot Mini Storage

If you are looking to indulge your campy and kitschy side when you are making your way through New Mexico, Camelot Mini Storage is the perfect location.

This “castle” does not require the same level of exploration as some of the others on the list, but that does not make it any less of a must-see.

Ruidoso visitors are definitely going to want to stop by as soon as possible.

While the experience is a bit different from some of the other castles that we have listed, Camelot Mini Storage is a great place for timely photo ops.

We do not have the numbers on hand, but we are sure that there are hundreds if not thousands of Instagram posts showcasing this castle.

Even those who do not need a storage solution are happy to stop by.

Blue Castle Automotive

Yes, this is another castle that is not technically a castle in the traditional sense.

That does not make Blue Castle Automotive any less fun of a place to visit.

We love the idea of a castle that has been converted into a dealership, though.

It follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned Earthships, providing locals and Albuquerque visitors with the chance to enjoy a truly unique experience.

Visitors need not worry, this automotive repair and maintenance service industry staple is used by all visitors.

How could anyone take one look at this “castle” and not want to stop by immediately?

It’s so kitschy.

Those who find themselves in need of professional automotive service will often visit this general automotive repair shop.

They have been in existence for 25 years now and have some of the best mechanics in the business.

Tano Castle

Santa Fe residents and visitors are always taken with this gigantic residential estate. 

Tano Castle is constructed from double adobe walls and comes with five bedrooms and bathrooms apiece.

Once you have taken the time to drive through, the first thing that you are going to notice is the adobe and frame tower.

It is located adjacent to the entry doors.

This is not all that this location has for visitors to marvel at.

The tall deck by the spiral staircase is also a sight to behold.

The property is comprised of almost 10,000 square feet and rests on five sprawling acres.

The blue tile floor and carved custom doors are great touches.

The spacious rooms offer plenty of room to explore, and this castle once served as a location where government dignitaries were hosted.

The property was purchased during the 1980s and has hosted New Mexico governors, as well as members of the British Parliament.

ABQ BioPark Castle

ABQ BioPark Castle is located in Albuquerque and there is no shortage of interesting design elements for people to see.

For starters, the gates of this castle are guarded by a topiary dragon that extends for 14 feet.

It’s a great spot for those who truly love nature, as there is a wide range of horticulture on display here for visitors to check out.

The monarch butterfly and pollinator gardens are a must see but that is not all.

On top of all these sights, there are also Mediterranean and desert conservatories to examine.

The castle has been open since 1996 and visitors are given the chance to check out the 32-acre botanical garden, which contains a multitude of different plants from all over the world.

The castle is just a hop, skip, and jump from downtown Albuquerque, making it easily accessible to visitors.

It is positioned alongside the Rio Grande River, for those who are unaware.

Turquoise Castle

Last but certainly not least, the Turquoise Castle serves as one of the more state-of-the-art locations that the state of New Mexico has to offer.

It is like setting foot in a Disney castle in the modern day.

The crystal chandeliers provide that classic castle feel, while the beautiful floral arrangements in every room only add to the ambiance.

There are lots of antiques for visitors to check out and best of all, the informational panels are very easy to read.

The Zachary Lowry family owns the Turquoise Castle and it has been a part of the local fabric for five generations now.

There are pieces of fine turquoise to see, lots of antique collectibles to look over, and plenty of jewelry as well.

Lots of trees have been planted plus visitors will have the chance to take a gander at the statuary garden.

The grounds even have a fountain, which further contributes to the Disney castle feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a rental vehicle needed?

New Mexico is one of the tougher states to get around in without an automobile.

If you are planning on making your way through the state, you are going to need to have your own vehicle or obtain a rental.

Otherwise, you will not be able to see all of these castles as easily as you might like.

While there are some locations that are more easily accessible than others, it is typically in the best interests of any New Mexico visitor to have a rental vehicle at their disposal.

It is much easier to plan excursions to these castles with an automobile.

Are there any additional castles to check out in New Mexico?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no other castles within New Mexico state limits that are worth checking out.

It’s a state that is more focused on offering a unique spin on European-style castles, as opposed to emulating them completely.

If we learn of any additional locations that are worth your time, we will be more than happy to pass them along.

Was Montezuma Castle really listed on Craigslist?

Montezuma Castle is located a mere seven miles away from the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Some may remember that the castle was listed on Craigslist. Yes, this really happened but it is a hoax.

The listing claimed that the castle would be sold for $650,000 but anyone who tried to click on the link found that they were being led on a wild goose chase.

What happened to Seton Castle?

Castles are certainly romantic but the remains of a long-forgotten castle can be even more idyllic.

For students of history who are wondering what happened to Seton Castle, the answer is a very simple one.

The castle was destroyed in a mysterious fire of unknown origins back in 2005.

In the present day, the remains are all that is left to serve as evidence of its existence.

The Academy for the Love of Learning took over the property in the wake of the fire.

The nonprofit educational think tank has turned the location into a contemplative garden.

To this day, Seton Castle is known as a National Historic Landmark.

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