Top 12 Activities for Your Trip to Rocky Point, Mexico

Mexico dock

Puerto Peñasco that is also known as Rocky Point among English-speaking tourists, is an amazing location in Mexico not far from Arizona.

This place is a perfect destination for every tourist despite their goals.

You can go sightseeing or hiking there, dive into a variety of water activities or simply relax at the beach.

We’ve prepared for you the list of the best things you can do at Rocky Point.

Enjoy Fresh Mexican Gourmets

If you decided to go to Rocky Point only to relax and enjoy the local atmosphere, you are obliged to try local gourmets.

You’ll be absolutely delighted with local cuisine full of delicious seafood.

Make sure to try some local tacos al pastor and quesadillas.

Also, we highly recommend you to visit such restaurants as Capones, Casa del Capitan, Colin’s Cantina, and La Fondita.

Local Food
Local Food

Take a Trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rocky Point itself is really famous for its magnificent beaches and blue ocean.

Nevertheless, there are lots of other things to see such as El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve that is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s an impressive place with sand dunes, colorful lava flows and patches of water.

You’ll be for sure impressed by local flora and fauna as well.

There is an opportunity to book a ready-made tour for the whole family and enjoy massive maar craters and stunning Mexican desert.

UNESCO Heritage
UNESCO Heritage

Walk the Malecon

During your stay in Puerto Peñasco, you absolutely need to visit the area known as the Malecon.

There are you can find lots of interesting shops, restaurants, hotels as well as famous local tiendas.

This part is also known as the “Old Port” and you can spend some great time there.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the famous statue of the man on the shrimp.


Enjoy Water Activities

During your stay at Rocky Point, you should consider enrolling in some local water activities.

You have a wide range of options to chose from.

You can try snorkeling, paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, kite surfing, banana boat rides, jet ski rentals, and sports fishing.

Consider trying new water activity under the Sonoran sun.

Under the sea
Under the sea

Have a Relaxing Time at the Beach

Puerto Peñasco is really famous for its stunning beaches and great climate so you should consider spending some time relaxing at the beach.

The most popular spots are Playa Arenosa, Las Conchas, and Sandy Beach.

Nevertheless, the sun there is pretty intense so make sure to take an umbrella and sunscreen.

Other great spots are Playa Hermosa and Playa Mirador.

Mexico Beach
Mexico Beach

Enjoy Some Golf

Puerto Peñasco is also a great destination for golf lovers.

If you want to enjoy some great golf play, you should visit one of the three local clubs:

  • the Club at Laguna del Mar;
  • the Links at Las Palomas;
  • Vidanta Peninsula de Cortez Golf Club

Those who are looking for some more luxurious spots should visit the Jack Nicklaus-designed course at the Mayan Palace.


Enjoy Baseball at the Local Stadium

Rocky Point is also a great place for baseball fans.

You’ll be impressed by the local baseball team Tiburones.

All matches are held at the Francisco Leon Garia Stadium which is near Plaza la Madre.

The cost of the ticket is about $5 and beer and snacks are really cheap there.

If you visit Rocky Point between April and July, don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy Tiburones game.


Take a Trip to CEDO: the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans

If you want to take a trip around Puerto Peñasco, you should visit CEDO where you can book the tour you like.

There are eco-tours, summer camps, lectures, and seminars.

Visiting CEDO, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the history and ecology of the area.

Cloudy sky
Cloudy sky

Rent an ATV

Most locals in Rocky Point prefer using ATVs instead of cars.

We really recommend you to give it a try.

To can use it to move around the city but don’t forget to take a ride to dunes and along the seaside.

There is a variety of offers so the rate varies from $15 to $50 per hour.


Enjoy a Visit to Oyster Farm

Have you ever been to an oyster farm?

La Ostionera de Puerto Peñasco is a destination that will be admired by all seafood lovers.

Visiting it, you can observe the whole process yourself.

Just watch s the oysters are plucked from the reefs and sucked right before you and enjoy fresh gourmets with hot sauce and lime juice.


Try Local Tequila

Visiting the State of Sonora in Mexico, you are obliged to try some local tequila made from 100% blue agave.

There you can try various types of tequila such as blanco, reposado, anejo, triple distilled, antiguo, and gold.


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