How Safe Is Cleveland for Travel?

Cleveland, United States
Safety Index:

There are so many reasons why Cleveland should be on your travel map.

Cleveland is a culturally diverse city on the shores of Lake Erie.

What it has to offer are various recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities and you will be able to find world-class museums and cultural events, professional sports, and amusement parks there.

Three landmarks that you should not miss while in Cleveland are the Terminal Tower, Public Square, and the historic Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument.

Actually, everything is created so as to satisfy each tourist’s taste and desires.

If Cleveland is the next city you want to visit, you should not waste your time waiting.

Warnings & Dangers in Cleveland

Overall Risk


We advise travelers to be alert to their surroundings and not leave their belongings unattended, including in rental vehicles. As long as they are vigilant, nothing unwanted will happen to them.

Transport & Taxis Risk


In case you decide to rent a car, you should know that those petrol stations that do not display the price of fuel usually charge more than the national average.

Pickpockets Risk


People need to keep an eye on their belongings all the time and do not carry a lot of money with them. If the apartment you are staying in has a safe, you are suggested to leave the valuables and passports there.

Natural Disasters Risk


Cleveland can be sometimes struck by snowstorms, which can cause problems related to transport. Earthquakes are also a frequent occurrence there.

Mugging Risk


When it comes to violent crime, including gun crime, tourists are rarely involved. However, the mugging might happen, especially if you visit unfamiliar areas which are not usually visited by tourists.

Terrorism Risk


When terrorism is in question, the main threat is those people who have been inspired by terrorist ideology and they usually pick the places with a huge number of people as their targets.

Scams Risk


There is a possibility of becoming a victim of scams, especially if you get in touch with strangers at night, Usually, they spike your drinks and take all the money and valuables you have.

Women Travelers Risk


Women in Cleveland can feel free to walk the streets even at night. Still, they should not accept going to bars with strangers.

So... How Safe Is Cleveland Really?

Terrorist attacks might happen anytime anywhere.

In case this kind of situation happens while you are there, you need to follow any instructions issued by the local authorities.

Being that they cannot be predicted, our suggestion is to watch the media and gather information about the current situation in Cleveland, prior to coming to this country.

Women can feel safe and free, even if they decide to walk alone at night as long as they stay on those streets frequented by people and do not accept a lift from strangers.

You have to be aware that petty crime such as theft and pickpocketing can occur to anyone and tourist locations and public transport are the locations where these criminals usually work.

We believe that our travel advice will help you make your own decisions about foreign travel.

It is true that every person’s main concern when traveling abroad is his/her safety, and that only you can decide whether it is safe for you to travel or not, but generally speaking, as long as you act wisely and are vigilant, you will be able to enjoy your stay no matter how dangerous the city is.

Useful Information

  • Visas - In order to be able to enter the USA, you need to obtain a visa. Visas are possible to get only if you apply for them and get approval. Tourists usually get the visa for up to 90 days' stay.
  • Currency - The United States dollar or American dollar is the official currency of the United States since 1792. You are suggested not to take too much money with you when walking the streets.
  • Weather - Cleveland is not such a hot place, due to the fact that summers are pretty cool. June, September, and August are the most pleasant months in Cleveland with temperatures around 25 degrees, while January and February are the least comfortable months as the temperatures fall below 0.
  • Airports - Getting to Cleveland by plane is possible via Cleveland Hopkins International Airport which is located nine miles or 14 km southwest of the downtown area.
  • Travel Insurance - If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, travel insurance will save you a lot of money. Prior to coming to any country, travelers should obtain it.
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5 Reviews on Cleveland

  1. Seems to deserve better reputation

    As a native of Pittsburgh, I’m not supposed to say anything positive about Cleveland. But, to be perfectly honest, I really do like the place. I’ve found the people to be very friendly and the downtown area a lot of fun. It’s an interesting place really. I have run into a few troublemakers, and a good number of street people asking for money. I generally feel safe there, although you do have to maintain reasonable awareness of your surroundings. Downtown is probably sketchier late at night. Lots of people wa!king around in daytime. Driving can be somewhat difficult, as with most cities.

  2. L
    Leafeon48 says:


    I live here. Cleveland is extremely safe, just not the East side. And terrorist attacks are extremely low. This city should be green.

  3. M
    Melissa S says:

    CLE that I ❤️

    Clevelander here… I don’t agree with two things- the terrorist threat level isn’t high and also, we never get earthquakes…. that actually made me giggle. Snow is another story.

  4. E
    Erin Presutti says:

    Who on earth collects this data

    Ok I’m not really cool with anyone encouraging women to feel free to walk the streets at night and I don’t understand why that was thrown in there but besides that, our summers in Cleveland may be a bit cooler bc of the lake but 25 degrees?! Lol 25 degrees? I don’t walk the streets at night bc im not a fool but have never once worried about terrorists or earthquakes. Who edits this stuff?

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