Top 11 Hot Spring Resorts in New Mexico

Updated On October 6, 2023

New Mexico‘s hot springs are one of the best places to have a rest in the world.

Here you can find hot springs for every taste that varies with shapes, sizes, and styles.

Regarding the hot spring styles, New Mexico will amaze you with their diversity from the most comfortable, full-fledged
hot spring resorts to the backcountry rock pools.

We bring to your attention a short description of the 11 best hot springs offered by New Mexico.

Riverbend Hot Springs

In the south of New Mexico right on the banks of the Rio Grande, on land for a long time considered sacred to such tribes as the Apaches and Mimbres, there are located Riverbend hot springs.

This resort will offer you both open public pools as well as small private pools.

This place is opened for residents of the resort and for tourists as well as for locals.

The resort will also delight you with superb views of the Rio Grande River and the surrounding mountains.

A man in a hot spring
A man in a hot spring

Sierra Grande Lodge

Created in 1929, Sierra Grande Lodge is a beautifully restored old building located in the small town of Truth or Consequence, which provides an idyllic backdrop for a great stay.

The local springs are extremely relaxing, but there are not only the springs but also a spa and a massage.

Also, it should be mentioned that this place is among the ten best spots with the richest history in Mexico.

Sierra Grande Lodge
Sierra Grande Lodge

Jemez Hot Springs

Just in an hour from Albuquerque, there is the Jemez mountain range, which is a vast geothermal area with many hot springs.

The hot springs of Giggling Springs are the most developed in this region, the water here – it is seawater rich in minerals.

The springs are surrounded by mountains on all sides.

You should know that the place is closed to visitors on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Nevertheless, every other day there is an opportunity to stop for the night, have a meal, shop or go hiking to various viewing platforms.

Jemez Hot Springs
Jemez Hot Springs

Faywood Hot Springs

In the southwest of New Mexico, there is a natural geothermal resort called Faywood Hot Spring Public and Private Pools.

This resort offers its visitors 13 separate pools with temperatures ranging from 100 to 110 degrees.

There are clothing-required, clothing-optional, private, and public pools.

You can take a one-day trip there or stay for the night as the resort offers six comfortable cabins.

In addition, there are places for tents and special places for parking.

Faywood Hot Springs
Faywood Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio hot springs are suitable for lovers of more active recreation.

They are located not far from the canyon on the Jemez mountain range.

These hot springs are wild and not a part of the resorts.

Be sure to remember to get acquainted with the routes to the spot in advance.

Depending on the season, you have to overcome different load distances.

In the summer, the road isn’t really difficult and you can easily get to the place, while in the wintertime you have to overcome a ten-mile distance on snow.

San Antonio Hot Springs
San Antonio Hot Springs

McCauley Hot Springs

If you are eager to spend some time in the fresh air and at the same time have a rest from the noisy crowd, then the hot springs of McCowley are the perfect place for you.

Located in a mountain meadow surrounded by dense green, the stone pools of the springs are just two miles from San Antonio.

The temperature at these springs is usually lower than at others and ranges from 90 to 100 degrees.

McCauley Hot Springs
McCauley Hot Springs

Manby Hot Springs

The area of Taos in New Mexico has a large number of hot springs that will delight adventure and recreation enthusiasts.

Manby Hot Springs, or Stagecoach Hot Springs as it is called, is a beautiful, secluded place with clean water.

The sandy bottom of the springs will make your holiday more enjoyable.

However, it is worth knowing that these springs are very popular among nudists, so be careful if you are traveling with children.

Manby Hot Springs are among the most accessible springs and are located just in twenty minutes walk from Taos.

Manby Hot Springs
Manby Hot Springs

Black Rock Hot Springs

Black Rock Hot Springs are located next to Manby Hot Springs.

These springs are very similar to Manby Hot Springs with the only difference that there you’ll be met by two small simple pools.

Nevertheless, the pools are deep enough, their depth can reach four feet in some places.

The only problem is that in spring this place is flooded with cold river water, so perhaps they should be visited in the fall, summer or winter.

Black Rock Hot Springs
Black Rock Hot Springs

Montezuma Hot Springs

In New Mexico, near Las Vegas, there is the city of Montezuma, which provides you with several excellent options to soak in the hot springs.

In the old days, it was a resort, but now this place is for tourists.

It will for sure impress you with the beautiful 19th-century ancient architecture.

It’s an excellent place for families with children.

Montezuma Hot Springs
Montezuma Hot Springs

Spence Hot Springs

Spence Hot Hot Springs is probably one of the most beautiful places in New Mexico.

The pools of these springs are located on the slope of the Jemez Canyon, from which you can admire a magnificent view of the national forest.

If you want to avoid the crowd, try to arrive in Spence early in the morning.

During the evenings the air of this place is filled with a festive atmosphere.

Spence Hot Springs
Spence Hot Springs

Turkey Creek Hot Springs

Being different from all of the above, Turkey’s hot springs are located on the north of the city of Gila.

Familiarize yourself with the routes to the thermal springs in advance, as the road ahead is quite difficult.

However, it’s worth it as this place is a breathtaking little piece of paradise.

This lush oasis is surrounded by many trees and framed by small waterfalls.

Turkey Creek
Turkey Creek

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