Top 6 Nudist Resorts in Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

Updated On October 4, 2023
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The desert is definitely something worth experiencing – scorching heat, hikes at sunrise, sunrise, refreshing hang-outs in the pool in the middle of the day, and special dinner when the sun goes down and you finally feel cool enough to carry on.

So if you’re considering a short getaway from the urban crowds, why not try the desert instead of the beach this time?

And how about going all-natural and experiencing Arizona, for example, as a nudist tourist?

After all, this place is the home to several nudist resorts that can offer you the best of the desert in the freest, careless form.

Regardless of whether you’re an old nudist community veteran or a nudist newbie, browse through our list of the top 6 nudist spots in Arizona.


Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest

Bartlett Lake is located in the heart of the mesmerizing Tanto National Forest.

This place is a sort of cooling oasis in the regular desert landscape.

 After spending a long day hiking in the scorching heat, reward yourself with a cool dipping in Bartlett lake – one of the most popular spots for nude swimming and sunbathing.

Here you will certainly meet new friends and spend a nice day hanging out.

Birds on the stones
Birds on the stones

Mira Vista Resort, Tucson

The resort Mira Vista is located in Tuscon and it is known as one of the top-ranking nudist spots and a leader in the hospitality business for over a century.

It is set among rare flora and fauna, so here you can come across saguaro cacti and different types of desert animals that will embellish your experience.

Mira Vista Resort is built in a typical Tucson style and also has a pool where you can enjoy sunbathing and cool down anytime you want in the water.

Canyon State Naturists, Phoenix

The Canyon State Naturists is a true representative of the nudist community and all its beauty in Arizona.

If you opt for this colorful place, you’ll be able to choose between boating, camping, hiking, or party nights by the pool.

In Canyon State Naturists, you will meet a small community that celebrates clothes-free happenings and has the knack for doing it right.

They’re a registered organization and an activist group that is ardently engaged in raising awareness, supporting, and educating people who choose the nudist way of life. 

El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah

El Dorado is an easily accessible and much adored urban escape.

It is located 40 miles from Phoenix, at a literally drive-away from the urban chaos.

So if you want a bit of mind plus body replenishing, visit Eldorado Hot Springs and enjoy the refreshing spring water.

Going to Eldorado Hot Springs you will, of course, end up at the main attraction – the underground natural spring that fills out the small pools of the resort.

The pools are private and you can book them if you’re up for a more intimate atmosphere, or you can visit the large communal pool area and engage in a bit of a chit-chat with some new acquaintances.

Bare hills
Bare hills

AZ Lagoon del Sol, Phoenix

The AZ Lagoon del Sol is an exclusive and sophisticated nudist resort that stands out from the rest of this list.

This resort is located in North Phoenix and was turned into a nudist B & B which is excellent for a short weekend getaway while soaking up the sun of Phoenix.

According to TripAdvisor, where visitors left nothing less than top reviews, this B & B is the right choice for anyone who wishes to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful nudist experience.

Tanque Verde Falls

Tanque Verde Falls is a fantastic sanctuary for hikers who deserve a good rest and refreshing dipping in the natural pools.

It is located in Saguaro National Park, on the east of Tucson, surrounded by rocky terrain, saguaro cacti, and wildlife typical for the desert.

This place is known as a great nudist destination and it will offer you an authentic desert experience.

Be prepared to meet many nudist hikers who came to cool off in the pools of this special place.

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