French Top 7 Nudist Beaches

Updated On October 4, 2023
Ibiza beach

France is a country for the romantics. For those who like to enjoy the urban atmosphere, be fascinated by art, consider masterpieces and spend evenings in cozy cafes.

Here you’ll feel the mighty power of creativity captures you and fills you with a sense of beauty.

And a beach holiday is no exception!

Undress and discover yourself on the Cote d’Azur.

We have prepared for you a list of the 7 best nudist beaches in France.

Everything is possible here!

Tahiti Beach

Prefer to relax on a luxurious, fashionable and aristocratic beach?

Then Tahiti beach is best for you. Here you can rent not only sun loungers and umbrellas but also a tent with white curtains and a picnic table.

This is a great white sandy beach with the clear water of azure color. Each piece of the beach “belongs” to some hotel or restaurant.

Do you like to go to the beach with a dog?

You can grab your pet here.

Another feature – yachts! Part of the beach is reserved for yachts, another one for water sports.

Woman in white at the pier
Woman in white at the pier

Leucate Plage

Prefer quiet places to relax?

Then Leucate beach is your ideal option. The sea is quiet, the beaches are not crowded, the waves are small.

Part of the resort (5 of 45 hectares) is the nudist village of Ile de la Correge.

So you will not only relax on the beach without clothes but also be able to live next to like-minded people.

Do you like seafood?

Then you should visit one of the attractions – this is the port of mollusks.

It’s located south of Leucate-Plage and north of the nudist village. Here are oyster farmers who grow oysters, mussels, clams, and even king prawns.


Ile de Levant

Never rested on an island?

Then it’s time to go to the Levant and enjoy the privacy and beauty of the land.

The French believe that the beaches here are the best on the Cote d’Azur!

Walk along the beach in search of shells or go to the “Kingdom of strawberry trees” – the reserve on the island.

Love the history?

Then you have a direct road to Fort Napoleon – a fortress of the beginning of the XIX century, which is located in the city center.

Hat, slippers and seasheel on white beach
Hat, slippers and seasheel on white beach

Cap d’Agde

Ready to feel the “wild” side of naturism?

Then you are on the road to this most popular resort for nudists.

The resort has an excellent camp for nudists and is considered one of the best in France.

The campsite has its security service, which makes your stay safe and relaxed.

You should visit d’Agde.

The city has a water park near the Marina resort in Agde is a popular destination.

At the resort, you can try fresh mussels and other seafood.

Prefer sweets?

Then try French desserts, including local ice cream and pastries.

French macarons
French macarons

Plage Linguizzetta

Dream to visit the longest nude beaches in the world?

It’s worthy to be visited.

The beach extends for around two and a half miles convenient for relaxing.

On the coast, you can find cafes, restaurants or enjoy water sports.


Man riding waterbike
Man riding waterbike

Plage Naturiste du Saint-Selon

Prefer small, cozy, pebble beaches?

Then it’s time to visit PlageNaturiste du Saint-Selon, where it’s usually not crowded, and the water is especially turquoise.

This beach is one of the ten best beaches on the coast, so it is a must to visit.

Get bored?

Visit the city of Seyne-Sur-Mer, located nearby, it is famous for fishing and sea surfers.

Male surfer
Male surfer

Paloma Beach

Want to feel like an artist?

Paloma Beach is a beach named after the daughter of the artist Pablo Picasso.

You’ll immediately fall in love with it: blue waves, white sand, an amazing view of a hotel on the coast.

You can just bask in the sun or go to the famous Paloma fish restaurant, where you’ll be treated to delicious fish dishes.

Blue waves
Blue waves

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