Calm or Notorious? 7 Beaches in Dubai to Explore

Updated On October 4, 2023
Dubai mosque

Dubai is the perfect place for a beach holiday.

The water is so clean that you can easily find dolphins, turtles, stingrays in the ocean.

The government pays particular attention to cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

At every beach that you visit you’ill find a blue flag.

This flag means that the place is clean and checked by a special commission.

So you shouldn’t be afraid to swim in the ocean.

It’s perfect!

To make your vacation perfect, we have chosen excellent beaches for relaxation.


1. Sunset Beach

Love to always be in the center?

Then the central beach of San Set is what you need.

White sand, gentle sunshine and views of the one of a kind Burj Al Arab.

This is what you get when you come here in the early morning.

The beach has everything you need for relaxation: changing rooms, toilets and rescue towers.

This mosque is beautiful and so clean.

Every time you go, you can’t help be amazed at the beauty.

Some regular visitors say that this is the only location for surfing in all of Dubai.

But here you can do more than just surfing.

Want to see the unique construction of Burj Al Arab closer?

Rent a boat and embark on a journey!

Sunset in Dubai
Sunset in Dubai

2. Kite Beach

Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters.

Go surfing and fishing or watch how kitesurfers perform their tricks on the nearby Kite Beach.

Kite Beach is loved by locals.

He is not so touristy.

Do you like to play sports on the beach?

You have come to the right place.

There are many different sports fields where everyone can find something to their taste: volleyball, beach soccer, running and jet ski tours, and paddleboarding.


There are trailers on the beach where you can eat.

Can’t you live a minute without Wi-Fi?

On the beach, there is a Wi-Fi palm tree with free internet and charging.

In the meantime, waiting for your phone to charge, you can take a book to read in the library, which is located right on the beach!

Sun sets behind skyscrapers
Sun sets behind skyscrapers

3. The Beach by JBR

Like to relax on the beach all day long?

JRB beach will suit you best.

Especially if you came to Dubai with your whole family.

There are activities for everyone.

Do your children love to splash in the water?


The beach has pools, sheltered from sunlight.

Your children can splash in warm water without the risk of sunstroke.

And you can enjoy your vacation in a rented bed and tan.

Prefer to relax actively?

Enjoy a dash of motorized water-sports action.

Inspire the kids to channel their inner adventurers on bungee trampolines.

Can’t live without a gym?

There are fully equipped beach-gym with Cross Fit apparatus, rope climbs, kettlebells, rowing machines, and jump boxes.

The gym can also cater to cycling group classes and personal training sessions on the beach.

You will like it here.

Dubai palace
Dubai palace

4. Black Palace Beach

Hate the crowd of vacationers on the beach?

Then you need to come here.

Black Palace Beach is also called a secret beach.

It is located between the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

It’s a hidden spot for those who want to escape from the crowd.

An ideal place for relaxing with children.

Love kite flying?

It’s an ideal place.

Since there are few people on the beach, you can easily do what you love.

There’s no shops and rent of equipment at all.

So nobody will disturb you.

Like picnics on the beach?


Take with you everything you need and before!

Huge palm
Huge palm

5. Azure Beach

Prefer a private vacation?

Then Azur Beach is perfect for you.

Looking for a relaxing beach for family fun?

This beach is ideal for those who want to stylishly spend a relaxing day.

Prefer to relax in comfort?

This private beach offers all conceivable amenities: swimming pools, restaurants and bars, comfortable cabins, gourmet cuisine, and exciting entertainments.

Your children are too active?

Need new entertainments all the time?

This will not be a problem here.

On the beach, there are a million toys, water slides, spray, and watering.

Children’s rest is safe from sunstroke.

Do you like a massage after the sea?

Here everyone will find activities that relax.

Azure beach
Azure beach

6. Jumeirah Beach Park

Prefer beaches with vegetation?

You will love this beach at first sight.

Here the park and the beach are connected.

Having visited one place, you visit two at once.

Jumeirah Beach Park is a place where you can relax with your children.

Beautiful landscape and beach.

Do you like picnics in nature?

There is a well-equipped large picnic area.

Also, on its territory, there are locker rooms, showers, as well as entertainment venues for sports games.

There are a lot of birds in this beautiful green park in Dubai.

Coming here, you can enjoy the sounds of nature and the beautiful ocean.

Jumeirahn river bridge
Jumeirahn river bridge

7. La Mer Beach

Want something new?


We present you with a completely new beach!

The whole beach and neighborhood stretch for 13.4 million square feet.

Here you will find everything you need for a perfect holiday.

There are artificial lakes, a sports field, benches, picnic areas and a place for sunbathing.

A wooden podium is lined from the entrance to the beach.

Do you like to bask in the sun with comfort?

You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

Or you can sunbathe right in the hammocks by the sea.

Do you like to ride?

Rent a boat or surfboard and go full speed ahead.

White sand beach
White sand beach

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  1. Dubai is the perfect place for a beach holiday, with clean water and a strong focus on cleanliness and environmental friendliness, making it safe and enjoyable for swimming and other activities.

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