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Updated On October 4, 2023
Dominican Republic beach shops

The Dominican Republic is impossible to imagine without amazing white, sandy beaches with palm trees.

If there is paradise on earth, then it’s in the Dominican Republic.

Everyone who has been here at least once will agree with the statement.

Enjoy this place for a week is impossible.

But not everyone can lie on the beaches for a week.

To make your vacation beautiful and varied, we have prepared for you a selection of the best beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Choose the one that suits you the most.

1. Playa Minitas, La Romana

Want something new?

This beach meets your request.

Casa de Campo Resort’s Playa Minitas is home to the newly designed Minitas Beach Club.

Everything here is novelty and luxury.

Love to watch the ocean, but swim in the pool?

No problem.

Minitas Club is boasting a 23-meter infinity pool.

Like to come off?

Presented to your attention water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and paddleboats.

Like flowers?

Walkthrough a garden and admire the national flower, the Bayahíbe Rose.

Want to go on an excursion?

We advise you to visit national parks counting more than 500 flora species, and 300 types of birds.

This vacation will be unforgettable.

A small pool at the beach
A small pool at the beach

2. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata

Do you like golf?

On this island, you will find everything you need.

There are several luxury hotels on the beach.

And besides amazing views of the ocean and white sand, you can go golf.

A huge golf club is located very close to the coast.

The water here is so clear that some sections of these wide golden sand beaches have received the Blue Flag.

Do you like water sports?

It has everything from kitesurfing to riding a banana.

Prefer to sit in the shade and have a drink?

Bars and restaurants are at your service.

You can’t live without adventure?

Then go ahead!

You are waiting for excursions to 27 waterfalls or Monkey Jungle Park.

Fig tree and palms at the beach
Fig tree and palms at the beach

3. Playa Rincon, Samana Province

Prefer privacy?

Then you here.

It is a deserted beach with white sand and kilometers of palm trees.

Who wants privacy and beauty, go there!

On the opposite side of the beach are thickets of forests.

But just because a little bit of people here doesn’t mean it’s boring here.

Do you like scuba diving?

Explore the bottom of the island.

The underwater world is also very beautiful.


There are many restaurants and cafes along the coastline.

And if you want something exclusive, then the locals will cook you a dinner of fresh fish.

Morning sky at palmy shore
Morning sky at palmy shore

4. Cayo Levantado, Samana Province

Prefer to relax on the island?

Do not miss your chance, visit the tiny islet in the Atlantic Ocean, located on the territory of the Samana Bay.

The water here is of beautiful turquoise hues, the sand is white, the sea has huge starfish.

This is exactly the bounty island.

Luxury Bahia Principe CayoLevantado, which occupies half the island, is located on the island.

Looking for the perfect wedding venue?

Can’t find a better one!

Prefer a civilized vacation?

You won’t find a more well-groomed place.

In addition to the beautiful beach, you can enjoy delicious dishes of the restaurant, outdoor pools at the hotels.

And for those who want complete relaxation, there are spa complexes.

Emerald-green waters
Emerald-green waters

5. Playa Grande

Looking for a private relax?

The Playa Grande Beach Club is the right place for you.

The resort retreat located against a backdrop of lush low mountain forests.

The Beach Club is comprised of a Great Room with a dining area, lounge, and bar.

Love to read on a vacation?

Here’s the option.

There are a library and adjoining upstairs evening bar as well.

So you can drink and read at the same time.

Love to swim in the pool?

There is a pool at the edge of the beach with adjacent cabanas.

The guest rooms, or bungalows, are nine separate buildings: six one-bedroom bungalows and three three-bedroom bungalows, available for rent.

So you’ll find there a private place for sure.

You’ll be fed with breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily with a menu that showcases Caribbean cuisine.

The club was founded by a group of friends, so you will immediately feel a good atmosphere and thoughtful service.

That’s why Playa is perfect.

Palmy beach
Palmy beach

6. Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana

Looking for an adults-only option?

Punta Cana is easily being named so.

It’s a terrific place with warm water, white sand, gentle waves.

Hotel complexes are striking in their accuracy.

Most of them are built in a colonial style.

Want to catch everything?

Then you should have a rest here.

There are many entertainment events for all visitors, both foreign and domestic.

Many guests call this place a paradise full of adventure.

Take a few pictures for your friends amid the white sand and palm trees.

And they will also want to join you.

Girls kayaking
Girls kayaking

7. Playa Boca Chica, Boca Chica

Prefer the Pacific Ocean without waves?

Then this beach is 100% suitable.

The beach is surrounded by a reef and protects against waves and algae.

The perfect evenness of water, which is especially appreciated by parents who come with their children.

Boca Chica is located in San Andrés Bay, which is just 30 km away from Santo Domingo.

Ready for massages right on a beach?

It’ll be offered here!

Dream of a necklace from the ocean?

You’ve got it!

The beach also has a great variety of restaurants where you can taste dishes from the national cuisine.

It’s a wonderful place to sail and discover the beauty of Santo Domingo’s tropical coast and sea.

Just 400 meters away from the coast, and you can explore a coral reef.

Across Boca Chica’s shoreline, you can spot La Matica – a mangrove cay that serves as a bird roosting and nesting site for many species, including herons.

It’s short wade through from the main beach to reach it.

Have fun!

White heron in the water
White heron in the water

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