9 Best Flea Markets In Dubai

Updated On October 8, 2023
Flea Market

You never know what to expect when you go to a flea market.

I chose the best flea markets in Dubai based on how unique I decided they are and the ratings from visitors who have been there. 

9 Best Flea Markets in Dubai 

I found an interesting array of flea market opportunities in Dubai.

What else I noticed is this: The city seems to make a celebration out of it, often offering activities for children and live music along with hot food and beverages.

They may operate indoors or outdoors — or both. 

Some sell food while others promote household goods, and others will offer all kinds of items — like a one-stop shop.

Others may only specialize in one type of good.

It is up to you to take the time to figure out which locations will have the merchandise, food, drink, or festivities that interest you. 

1. Covent Garden Market Dubai (3 Locations) 

I’m intrigued by the Covent Garden Market. It exists in three different locations, and the LLC entities that run it encourage new vendors and designers to “show off their stuff.” 

The Marina Walk operates every year from October to May.

It is on the waterfront near the Dubai Fountain that changes colors in sync with the music. 

Marina Walk vendors feature woven hats, baskets, and handbags.

In addition, you will find some ethnic costume jewelry and jewels made from precious metals and gems.

They have a variety of both adult and children’s fashion clothing, wardrobe accessories, and household goods. 

The other two events they host include the Marsa Al Seef across from the British Embassy and the Kite Beach Market.

Transportation is available to both places.

I personally would not mind trying either, but the Kite Beach one is by the water, and it is an excellent opportunity to acquire summer merchandise.  

2. Dubai Spice Souk 

This one seems fascinating just for the visual appeal alone.

I bet it would smell nice too if I saw it in person.

It is next to the Gold Souk on 34th Street near Dubai Creek. 

Featured spices include frankincense and shisha.

You can also acquire several varieties of teas and cooking herbs here.

It is not all about herbs and spices though. 

The Spice Souk also showcases rugs and textiles, household goods, and collectible artifacts.

It starts every morning at 7:30 a.m. and runs until at least 9:55 p.m.

On Saturday and Sunday nights, it is open until 11 p.m.

I find the expanded hours impressive.

I do not think I have ever been to a flea or farmer’s market open past 7 p.m. 

3. Kashmiri Market 

I happened to stumble upon this when looking up the location of the Dubai Spice Souk.

The Kashmiri Market (full name: Traditional Spice and Kashmiri Shawls Market Bur Dubai). 

I couldn’t find much information about it.

However, the images on Google Maps show fashion clothing items, dry goods, produce, and drinks consumed with a straw right out of an edible cup. 

I could not tell what plant food the liquid for these beverages contained.

It appears to be a piece of root vegetable or a peeled coconut.

If someone knows, let me know.

4. The Karama Market 

One particular Karama Market store is predominantly an in-store handbag vendor.

It operates every day, and they do have a Facebook page.

They offer tips on how to spot real versus fake handbags, and you apparently can acquire brand-name designer bags for cheaper than the usual retail price. 

I’m not sure how I feel about handbag stores.

You have to be careful about making sure you receive authentic goods.

I mostly chose this one for its uniqueness.

It does not mean I would personally prefer to go here. 

It is located on B Street on the Persian Gulf.

You can also shop for handbags from this store online.

What is more, it is also in a shopping district with countless stores that sell watches, bikes, clothing, and more. 

5. Al Barsha Pond Park

It’s one of the event locations where a chain of Dubai Flea Market events are periodically hosted.

You never know what you will find here unless there is a vendor you have already connected with in the past.

It seems like an exciting opportunity to acquire high-quality pre-own goods of all kinds.

I hear that you may even find appliances and electrical equipment here.

You also may see some antiques or collectible toys, DVDs, and more. 

You can enter through the main gates north of Al Barsha Pond.

If you miss this one, the Dubai Flea Market group has others scheduled.

They post the latest events on their website. 

6. World Trade Center Dubai Flea Market

You can visit the Dubai Flea Market events listing site for more information.

They may not always have one scheduled in this location.

If they do, you’d find many of the same “goodies” that you could find at Al Barsha Pond Park or another location. 

I chose this location because I want to see Dubai’s World Trade Center.

If both are happening at the same time, it may make the trip doubly worth it.

By the way, the World Trade Center District is near downtown.

Beyond shopping, you will visit a place rich with history and culture if you end up here. 

7. Festival Plaza Dubai Flea Market 

You may see an upcoming event you can attend if you make it there within the month of August 2022.

If not, then wait for another.

The Dubai Flea Market group continually posts new events where you can acquire some bargain deals on home, collectible, business, and personal goods. 

If I were to ever visit Dubai, I think having the listings of one-time events posted is handy.

I would keep this location saved in case you decide to go to a future scheduled event here. 

8. Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park is near Sheikh Zayed Rd, which is a major highway.

It is also not too far away from Springs Souk.

I have not seen any new events listed for the month of August 2022. 

This location does, however, experience the Dubai Flea Market festivities once in a while.

Keep this flea market location in mind if you intend to arrive in this area.

Visit the Dubai Flea Market system website for updates on all events they host. 

9. The Platinum Flea Market Group (Burjuman Street Food Festival)

I find this interesting.

If I were to sell a home, athletic or business goods, I might want to get involved with this street market hoster.

They have three street market divisions total, and one is for each of their three market categories: personal, business and sports. 

The Platinum Food Festival includes sections of Burjuman Street.

You can find hot food vendors selling just about any food and drink that you can think of.

This flea market network is an excellent place to start finding brand-name merchandise for cheaper rates than you are used to. 

The 9 Best Flea Markets In Dubai – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
1. Covent Garden Market Dubai (3 Locations) 34GH+6VX - The Walk at JBR, Jumeirah Beach Residence - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
2. Dubai Spice Souk 41 34th St - Deira - Al Ras - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
3. Kashmiri Market 43 6 B St - Al Hudaiba - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
4. The Karama Market Al Karama - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
5. Al Barsha Pond Park4622+4MM - Unnamed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
6. World Trade Center Dubai Flea MarketSheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
7. Festival Plaza Dubai Flea Market Jebel Ali Village - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
8. Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park34FW+X99 - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
9. The Platinum Flea Market Group (Burjuman Street Food Festival)Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd - Al Mankhool - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to go to a Dubai flea Market?

Well, many of them are held during the day.

However, you may want to avoid midday from about noon until 3 p.m. if you can.

That will help you prevent heat exhaustion.

Early morning shoppers usually find the best items for the most reasonable prices.

How do I know what a market has in Dubai?

That is a tough one.

It is best to keep the contact information of your favorite vendors.

You might also find them listed in flea market directories posted online.

If you become a regular Dubai shopper, you will have more connections and can predict when and where to find what you want.

Of course, many vendors also allow you to shop online nowadays.

Do all the Dubai markets sell food?

Most of them do provide vendors who sell food.

You also can find sellers who offer edible items from their gardens or supplies that you can take home.

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