Indiana: 9 Wooden Shelters Away From Civilization

Tree root shelter

Not all travelers dream of a luxury hotel, sandy beach, and cool drinks in the summer heat.

If your dream vacation is a cozy log cabin away from the city, on the lake or river, then Indiana is just what you need.

There are dozens of very cool houses in the country, some over 100 years old.

Choose any.

We are sure you will enjoy this vacation.

Turkey Run Inn: Cabins

The best location for couples 102 km from the Indianapolis Airport.

Every day of your vacation here can be full of new activities that bring unforgettable emotions. 

Horse riding, fishing, tennis, golf, swimming pools, and lots of hiking trails are what you can enjoy here. 

Since the cabins are very popular, the administration asks travelers to book early in advance.

Seems like this place is really attractive and worth your vacation.

Golf ball
Golf ball

Wooded & Fabulous Brown County Cabin

The woods surround this cabin in Nashville on three sides so you will surely feel like you are in the middle of the woods.

Although, the cabin is easy to get to.

Why don’t you start your trip from a walk in the Brown County State Park and checking all the art galleries and wineries in Nashville?

After lunch, go canoeing on the lake and get some fish for your family dinner.

While your significant other is cooking fresh catch on a gas grill outside, you can stare into the woods looking for fireflies which can be numerous here.

Oh yes, and they have sliding glass doors in the cabin!


Amazing View Brown County Cabin

The view is amazing indeed. 

They offer spacious grassy outdoor areas to play games or have a picnic.

The highlight of this place is a private firepit at the top of the hill that you can enjoy at night.

Secluded and calm. 

The property is rather for grown-ups. 

The kids and pets are allowed too, but the cabin is located on a high hill that has no set trails. 

Please be super cautious.


Cozy Lakeside Cabin at Lake Lemon

This cozy property is located in Unionville and can host 6 guests.

The hosts are very welcoming and they will surely call the cabin your new home when you arrive. 

Do you like s’mores?

You have the chance to gather around the firepit and taste them with your friends. 

If you want some wine, a quaint winery is a 5-minute drive away. 

If you want something more relaxing in the cabin, you are free to use a background hot tub and call a masseuse afterward to receive a recreational massage.


The Ridge! Only minutes to town but in the woods!

Five minutes to the College Mall, Nashville, the University, restaurants, and downtown. 

Would you like to stay not far from the lake in the woods still close to civilization?

The entire house for 5 guests with three bedrooms is waiting for you in Bloomington.

Everything you need will be at your disposal and you can kindly ask for more from the host. 

You will want to come back again to sit with your party on a balcony enjoying the scenery.

Boat on a lake
Boat on a lake

Bella Woods in Nashville

That’s what we call a real treasure of history. 

This cabin is a renovated 200-year-old house in Brown County Indiana.

As many as 10 guests are welcome here at a time, so you can take all your friends with you and relax in a great atmosphere close to nature.

A hot tub and an indoor fireplace will help you feel like home and get your body fully relaxed.

Happy adventures in the woods!

Hot tub
Hot tub

Potawatomi Inn & Cabins

In the first place, the position of cabins in Angola, Potawatomi Inn & Cabins is ideal.

This can be a good starting point for the tours in Angola.

Besides, you can get to the city fast and easily access all the places of interest around.

Potawatomi Inn & Cabins also offers many facilities for all guests including disabled travelers.

They offer you to choose from 126 rooms that can bring you relaxation after a long day hiking, sunbathing on a private beach, or practicing in a fitness center.

Woman doing exercises
Woman doing exercises

Fox Haven Hermitage Cabin in Bloomington

If you are looking for a secluded cabin for solitude and reflection, this one is a good decision.

The Fox Haven Hermitage Cabin is one open room with a loft with a curtain separating the odorless composting toilet.

All the necessary amenities people need far from civilization are there. 

They have a wood stove, a drop-leaf table, chairs including a rocking one.

Although they don’t have running water, they provide for a bowl washbasin to wash hands and dishes. 

The property is very well-built yet very simple.

It’s intended to host couples who are longing for nature, hiking trails, springs, and much greenery. 

Rocking chair
Rocking chair

Rustic Modern Indiana Cabin in Reelsville

This is a great cabin for a peaceful and quiet getaway.
If you were looking for something really secluded and unique where no details are cookie-cutter, you have chosen the right direction.
All the tourists who had the chance to stay here for a weekend or a vacation gave much positive feedback.
Arrive here and you’ll enjoy a fully equipped kitchen for the most delicious dinners and super comfortable beds for the sweetest dreams.
Your emotions are priceless!
Log cabin
Log cabin

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