10 Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

Updated On October 8, 2023
Flea Market

I confess that my list of the 9 best flea markets in Minnesota is arbitrary.

I chose these based on location and the likelihood that I would find unique items there.

I also prefer a mixture of modern and vintage items, so that is why I picked the markets I did.

The 10 Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

1. Twin Cities Flea Markets – Minnesota State Fair Antique Spectacular & Flea Market (St. Paul)

This St. Paul flea market typically takes place over a two-day period, and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds hosts it at least once a year.

It usually features at least 100 vendors from across the Midwest, who sell antiques and collectibles, such as old clocks, glassware, tools, toys, and rugs.

A Fall one is planned for October 1-2 in 2022.

They have announced the possibility of a winter one for this year too.

For me, driving to the Twin Cities is quite plausible, being only six hours away from me.

That is where I would start if I do not want to get lost.

I love Minneapolis-St. Paul and would not mind the trip.

2. Twin Cities Flea Markets – A Gathering of Friends Antiques Market – Minneapolis

I would not have expected such as small flea market to take place in the Twin Cities, being only 18 vendors in such a large metro area.

I would go here if I wanted wire baskets, which are hard to come by in 2022.

I noticed in some pictures from past events vintage lamps, end tables, other furniture, ice skates, flannel jackets, winter coats, and more.

You might find a large selection of jewelry and books here too.

As of 2021, it usually averages about 18 vendors and had taken place at Bachman’s Greenhouse.

It also is its own vintage store.  

2. The Stillwater Flea and Crafters Market

The Stillwater Flea and Crafters Market seem like a place I would want to go if I wanted to acquire some of the most unique gifts and handmade items from local artists and collectors.

This market opens to the public from 9 am to 3 pm at the Washington County Fairgrounds one weekend a month between May and September in Stillwater, Minnesota.

You will find a wide variety of items for sale, including jewelry, pottery, woodworking, and dream catchers or framed art – and more.

3. The Lamel Lions Market

The Lamel Lions Market seems like an excellent choice if you are looking for more than just antiques, although, some DVDs may be vintage by now.

I would give it a chance if I were looking for both ordinary and collectible household items.

It is like a huge rummage sale.

As of 2022, it reportedly takes place at the Medina Entertainment Center in MN every Sunday until September 25, 2022.

4. Wadena Flea Market – Wadena

“Not every flea market has to be sprawling to offer good finds.

In fact, sometimes it is better to stick to smaller venues to get the best deal,” says Betsy Rathburn of Only In Your State.

I agree with Rathburn’s sentiment.

Part of me wants to go just for the fun of digging through the boxes as if I were excavating for gold.

Dishes, books, toys, and household items of ordinary and exceptional value may be found here.

I like the slogan on their website too – “Trinkets, Treasures, and Trash” – the perfect name for this rummage-sale-style flea market.

They postponed opening until at least May 7, 2022.

They plan to stay open until September of this same year, including on Memorial Day and Labor Day.

5. Lucille’s Vintiques Markets – Brainerd & Columbus (And “Vintiques” is Spelled That Way On Purpose) 

It is a small market that takes place inside a converted barn.

It appears “homey” inside and features items such as cribs, maps, globs, and other children or educational items.

This Chisago City, MN marketplace the last known event on the grounds was announced for September 17th and 18th, 2021.

However, they do have a Facebook post from May 2022 that says the Garden Shed is open for the summer.

That is all I know for now.

I would suggest contacting them directly for info.

6. Iron Valley Ranch / First Monday

Vacation Info staff announced that Iron Valley Ranch will open for the 2022 season.

They host this event every third Monday from May to September in Pine River, Minnesota.

It seems farm and auto enthusiast-oriented.

However, it does also cater to the love of garden décor, estate antiques, and household items.

I suggest getting to this one early if you go.

They open at 8 a.m., and word on the street declares that all the good stuff may be good before you get there.

7. Pine City Flea Market

Apparently, they have more vendors than the Gathering of Friends does in Minneapolis – at least a couple of dozen.

This amazes me, considering it is a town of only about 3,113 people as of 2020.

It takes place every Wednesday from April to October in Pine City off of Route 61.

You will find home décor, clothing, outdoor furniture, fruits and veggies, and vintage tools here.

I have also seen a few antique items at least, such as milk cans.

I did not actually visit, but it does have both modern and antique items.

Hundreds of people come with the sellers, many of whom are visitors, not locals.

This diversity of location origins makes me curious.

8. Wrights County Swappers Meet

According to Kroc 106.9 radio station in Rochester, the Wrights County Swappers meet is the largest outdoor flea market as reported in 2021.

They had their 2022 opening day on April 2 and plan to run through October of this same year.

It is in South Haven, Minnesota about two and a half hours from the Kroc radio station.

It features items like arts and crafts, fruits and vegetables, collectible vinyl, CDs and DVDs, and sporting goods, games, or jewelry.

They also make it a festive occasion with music and jumping on trampolines.

In addition, they feature a historical steam locomotive train.

9. Junk Bonanza Vintage Market – Shakopee

Not everyone would agree, but you know that saying about other people’s trash.

I sometimes treasure the things that other people no longer find useful.

That is the first impression I have of this place.

I figure any market with the name “Junk” in it has to be good.

I would not mind checking to see what I can use to furnish my new apartment when I move.

You probably could find just about any item here, but of course, the inventory will never be the same each time you go.

Old windmills, antique mantle cabinets, and milk jugs are just some of the items I have seen displayed here.

It is in Canterbury Park and will take place again on September 22-25 in 2022.

The 10 Best Flea Markets in Minnesota – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
Minnesota State Fair Antique Spectacular & Flea Market1265 Snelling Ave N, Falcon Heights, MN 55108
A Gathering of Friends Antiques Market – Minneapolis6010 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419-2225
The Stillwater Flea and Crafters Market12300 40th St N, Stillwater, MN 55082
The Lamel Lions Market500 Hwy 55, Medina, MN 55340
Wadena Flea Market - Wadena13560 US-10, Wadena, MN 56482
Lucille's Vintiques Markets - Brainerd & Columbus28579 Ivywood Trl, Chisago City, Minnesota 55013
6. Iron Valley Ranch / First Monday1833 MN-371 SW, Pine River, MN 56474
Pine City Flea Market707 1st Ave NW, Pine City, MN 55063
Wrights County Swappers Meet13594 100th St NW #3327, South Haven, MN 55382
Junk Bonanza Vintage Market - Shakopee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest Minnesota flea market?

Apparently, the title for the largest outdoor flea market in Minnesota goes to the Wrights County Swappers Meet.

I have yet to find out where the largest indoor one is.

I would assume in Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas though.

What Minnesota flea market has the unique items?

That is a good question.

I would not know how to answer that, except to say that wherever you find the most items that fascinate you is the place you would probably brag about to your friends.

If you are looking for handmade items, however, I would suggest perhaps the Stillwater market.

How do I find the best stuff at MN flea markets?

Sometimes it does not matter how much research you do.

You find the best stuff when you are not looking for it usually.

However, I personally would start with the smaller markets because not as many people would think to look there.

On the other hand, the Pine City Market proves that smaller does not always mean fewer buyers.

You might want to try a few of them of different sizes.

What should I buy at a flea market?

You can buy just about anything from linen blankets and house dresses to old watering cans and garden tools, to wood crates and farm equipment.

You never know, and I think that is the fun of it.

I would go to Minnesota flea markets just for the ride, even if I did not find anything I wanted.

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