10 Best Flea Markets in Sweden

Updated On October 8, 2023

Flea markets are a great way to find unique treasures and trinkets that can make your home or office shine.

If you are traveling around the world or to a new place, flea markets are also a great way to explore a different side of the culture and history of whatever country you are visiting.

Flea markets include antique and vintage items, old furniture, rugs, lighting, home decor, old books and artwork, trinkets and collectibles, and much more.

That is why it can show a different side of what life is like in that part of the world.

If you are traveling to Sweden, you have a unique opportunity to travel around the flea markets in Sweden and explore what the beautiful country has to offer.

There are markets all over the country.

Here are the top ten flea markets in Sweden.

The Ten Best Flea Markets in Sweden

1. Aterbruket Ekero

Located in Ekero, just outside of Stockholm, Aterbruket Ekero is a countryside market that is known as a luxury flea market.

Visitors say that you need about an hour to browse the different booths that it offers.

It has a relaxed feel and is relatively small, but the unique atmosphere makes it a pleasant experience to walk around in. 

It specializes in second-hand goods, antiques, and tools. 

2. Östermalm Saluhall

Located in the poshest part of Stockholm, the flea market Östermalm Saluhall is located in a neighborhood called Östermalm.

This market is surrounded by high-end shops and Michelin-starred restaurants, making the entire neighborhood a destination for travelers.

The location of the market hall was built back in 1888, which adds a strong feeling of nostalgia to your second-hand treasure hunt. 

3. Kvibergs Marknad

Kvibergs Marknad is a flea market that is located in Savedalen, which is a small city outside of the larger city of Gothenburg.

Many booths are inside Kvibergs Marknad and sell all kinds of second-hand stuff.

Like with any flea market, you will need to be aware of your surroundings.

The homeless may be around asking for alms, and there are occasionally pickpockets watching for tourists with cash.

However, at Kvibergs Marknad you can find a deal on many different kinds of items, from clothing and books to tools and equipment.

If you are looking for a deal on some clothing or some tools that you need, this is a great place to find them. 

4. Loppis Lounge

The Loppis Lounge is located in Malmö, a city near the southwestern edge of Sweden.

Loppis Lounge attracts a lot of shoppers, both from around Sweden and from all over the world.

Tourists have been known to come to Loppis Lounge to find gifts for people back home.

You can find great deals on unique items here, including clothing, souvenirs, books, and more.

As a tourist, this would be a great place to go and find a souvenir that is more unique than a typical keychain or postcard.

5. Kalmar Stadsmission Second hand & Garderoben

This second-hand store is a large flea market located in Kalmar, on the southeastern edge of Sweden.

Kalmar Stadsmission Second hand & Garderoben is a large building that houses the indoor flea market, so you can visit it any time, no matter what the weather is.

The inside of the store is extremely well-organized, and bargains are found every day.

The meticulous way that the inside of the market is organized makes it easy to find what you are looking for and pleasant to browse around.

It is smart to visit the market early, as the bargains go quickly.

Items you can find include shoes, clothing, gifts, toys, books, and more.

6. Qvartinge Antikhandel

Qvartinge Antikhandel is an antique market and flea market in Mariefred, which is west of Stockholm.

Many visitors that come to Qvartinge Antikhandel are looking for old and vintage stuff for their homes or offices.

Most of the finds that you can buy at Qvartinge Antikhandel are older than the 1970s, providing a true vintage feel to whatever you buy. 

Qvartinge Antikhandel is very large, and there is a lot to see and browse through as you are looking for new things for your home or office.

Items that are sold at Qvartinge Antikhandel include furniture, rugs, lamps, home decor, books, games, collectibles, and more.

7. Loppis Tidan

This old market is located in Tidan, which is a city located in central Sweden.

Loppis Tidan is set up inside of an old factory, which provides a fun and unique vibe for your day of second-hand shopping.

Many of the items that are for sale inside Loppis Tidan are from the 50s and 60s, and some are much older.

If you are searching for unique items to take home from your trip, this is the place to go.

You can hunt for items that will give your home small hints of what home life was like in Sweden during the 50s and 60s, which is a very unique souvenir to take home with you.

Many people search for home decor or furniture at Loppis Tidan, but you can also buy other items as well.

Old books, vintage artwork, unique toys, collectibles, and souvenirs are also available for purchase here.

You are sure to find treasure when you search for it at Loppis Tidan. 

8. Bokfinken – Antikvariat & Kuriosa

Another flea market in Malmö is Bokfinken – Antikvariat & Kuriosa.

In English, the name of this antique and flea market is Bokfinken Antiquarian and Curiosities.

Just the name of this charming antique and flea market is enough to pull you in from off the street to see what is inside.

This incredible market takes about an hour to look through and includes so many different items to peruse and browse through.

Old books, collectibles, trinkets, and more are of high quality but still, come at a reasonable price.

If you are a tourist that wants a unique souvenir to take home from your trip to Sweden, this wonderful flea market can provide you with that special piece to take home.

They also offer a lot of traditional items, like Swedish antiques, as well as books and artwork that have ties to the local community.

9. Sweden Antique and Decoration AB

Sweden Antique and Decoration AB is located near Stockholm and is one of the largest antique and flea markets in Sweden.

There are over 3,000 meters of space for the booths and exhibits to be set up.

Since 1984, Sweden Antique and Decoration AB has had a great reputation for providing high-quality vintage items for people’s homes, such as furniture, artwork, home decor, books, and so much more.

The mere size of the store attracts visitors from all over the world, and the Scandinavian-style decor and furniture provide a very unique piece of Sweden that you can take home with you. 

10. Erikshjalpen

Erikshjalpen is a second-hand flea market that is located in Söderhamn, which is a city in southeastern Sweden.

This second-hand store is rated highly for the overall experience.

Shoppers love the atmosphere, bargains, and food.

There is a small cafe inside to get refreshments while you shop for bargains.

The earlier in the day you come to shop, the more likely you are to find a great deal.

Many shoppers have also reported that they have found some comical things there as well, which can be a great thing for tourists that are looking for a unique souvenir to take back home with them. 

The 10 Best Flea Markets in Sweden – Summary Table

Flea MarketAddress
1. Aterbruket EkeroFarentunavagen, Ekero 179 75 Sweden
2. Östermalm SaluhallÖstermalmstorg 31, 114 39 Stockholm,
3. Kvibergs MarknadKVIBERGS STALLGÅRDAR 2, 415 28 Göteborg
4. Loppis LoungeDjäknegatan 4, 211 35 Malmö, Sweden
5. Kalmar Stadsmission Second hand & GarderobenAmerikavägen 1, 393 56 Kalmar, Sweden
6. Qvartinge AntikhandelKvartinge Gård, 647 92 Mariefred, Sweden
7. Loppis TidanSkövdevägen 26, 549 31 Tidan, Sweden
8. Bokfinken - Antikvariat & KuriosaHelmfeltsgatan 1, 211 48 Malmö, Sweden
9. Sweden Antique and Decoration ABÖstra Katslösavägen 11, 253 73 Helsingborg, Sweden
10. ErikshjalpenRyttarevägen 10, 302 60 Halmstad, Sweden

Sweden Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the majority of the flea markets located in Sweden?

The flea markets in Sweden are located in the major cities only.

The number of flea markets is the densest in the city of Stockholm.

Which Swedish flea market is the most popular?

The most popular Swedish flea markets are the markets in Östermalm.

The upscale and posh location of this Stockholm neighborhood makes it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, especially for those who are looking for a great deal on some unique items to buy.

Many people have compared Östermalm to the Upper East Side of New York City in the United States of America.

It is a popular place for many people to visit and shop.

How many flea markets are there in Sweden?

There are about 30 total flea markets in Sweden.

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