10 Cheapest Places to Live in New Hampshire

Updated On March 19, 2024

Nature lovers, budget-conscious dreamers, and history buffs seeking an affordable lifestyle are finding some of the cheapest places to live in New Hampshire to call home.

As the home of the White Mountains, many cities in New Hampshire offer a financial haven for local New Englanders seeking to get financial relief from paying high costs for housing and everyday living expenses.

New Hampshire beckons newcomers to settle down in the Granite State, which is one of the safest states in the US.

Granite State homeowners and renters enjoy living in a state where there is no sales tax or income tax, which helps them keep more of their hard-earned cash tucked safely away in their savings accounts.

If you’re a newcomer or longtime resident of New Hampshire seeking out some of the most affordable housing options, this is the guide for you.

Our guide provides an overview of the cheapest towns in NH based on compiled cost-of-living reports from reputable housing data providers.

Dive in to learn more about how one of the nation’s top producers of maple syrup is making financial life less sticky for residents in its cheapest cities!

Benefits of Living in New Hampshire

Living in New Hampshire means more than just having access to some of the state’s cheapest housing options.

New Hampshire residents experience a variety of regional benefits, including some of the following:

  • Natural Beauty – Granite State residents live among picturesque landscapes with stunning views.
  • Low Crime Rates – Low crime rates leave locals with greater peace of mind.
  • Good Quality of Life – Less worrying about expenses can lead to an increased quality of life.
  • No Tax – Eliminating sales and income tax translates directly into cost savings.

10 Cheapest Places to Live in New Hampshire

Compiled cost-of-living research data shows that living in New Hampshire costs around $56,727.00 per year for a small household.

Families in New England seeking low-cost living options choose New Hampshire for its affordability in comparison to nearby states like Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, which have substantially higher costs of living.

The cities below represent some of the best options for affordable living in New Hampshire.

Cost of Living Factors Considered

  • Housing: Costs for rent, mortgages, down payments, security deposits
  • Food: Food costs include groceries, eating out, and related expenses
  • Transportation: Cost for owning and maintaining an automobile, using public transportation, and paying for gas.
  • Healthcare: Well-care exams, costs for insurance premiums, copayments, chronic sick care, and emergency healthcare services.
  • Childcare: Weekly, monthly, and annual childcare costs are factored into the cost of living statistics for the cheapest cities listed below.
  • Taxes: Savings on income tax and sales tax can make a massive difference in cost of living standards and affordability.
  • Amenities: Cost of living factors account for paying for local amenities and community-oriented services.
  • Entertainment: All work and no play is a recipe for disaster. The cost of living data for New Hampshire includes entertainment expenses for locals seeking to relax and unwind.

Residents seeking peace of mind and financial relief from exorbitant housing costs and everyday living costs are making themselves at home in some of the affordable cities below.


1. Berlin

Berlin, NH, stands out as one of this state’s most affordable and beautiful options for families seeking to combine a slower pace of life with a rich history and affordability.

The city of Berlin is undergoing a renaissance.

Online data reports show that residents of the northernmost county in New Hampshire pay less for housing, food, utilities, and other everyday expenses, which makes this one of the cheapest places in the state.


2. Claremont

Sullivan County residents seek solace in Claremont, NH, in the western part of the state, where the cost of living is among the lowest in the small state of New Hampshire.

Clermont’s residents enjoy living in a friendly community where costs are affordable and the pace of living is slow.

Cost of living reports show that housing costs for residents in this charming town include cost-effective rents of around $1,240.00 for a two-bedroom apartment.


3. Manchester

Manchester is known as one of the most populated cities in New Hampshire and the county seat of Hillsborough County.

This city has an urban feel that pulsates with energy, along with affordable living costs that provide residents with economic leeway.

This bustling city has a diverse mix of local amenities and affordable living costs that attract active families seeking to live in a revitalized neighborhood with always-on activities and a host of local amenities.


4. Rochester

Rochester residents may pay slightly higher costs for everyday essentials like housing and transportation than almost three percent of the US population.

However, they still pay lower costs than many of their neighbors for housing, healthcare, and other miscellaneous expenses, which helps them save on costs in this scenic town near the Salmon Falls River.

Crime rates reported in Rochester are relatively low compared to the national average rates for violent crimes.


5. Concord

Concord, New Hampshire, stands out as a local gem where history and economic opportunities thrive.

The Merrimack River is one of the natural wonders in this affordable New England town, where average costs for everyday essentials are almost 10% lower than the rest of the state.

Housing data reports show that a single adult spends just over $38,000.00 per year to call Concord home.

The average annual expenditure includes housing, transportation, food, and healthcare costs.


6. Laconia

Laconia is another affordable New Hampshire town where children with families find financial solace and the tranquility of nature surrounding an urban center.

Compiled local housing data reports show that residents of this town, which sits along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, known as the “Lake of the Smiling Waters,” spend less than $40,000.00 a year on childcare, housing, food, and entertainment expenses, which totals about 3% less than the state average.


7. Somersworth

If you’re looking for a reasonably affordable place to live in New Hampshire, consider Somersworth, which features a blend of historical charm and modern conveniences.

Somersworth is located in the southeastern corner of the state in Strafford County, where residents enjoy an affordable cost of living that stands out as one of the lowest in the entire state.

Amenities like hiking trails and a host of local community-themed events make this an ideal location for families.


8. Keene

We find the vibrant city of Keene surrounded by rolling hills and natural beauty that make locals proud to call this town a hometown.

This town offers a thriving arts and culture scene and low-cost living. Residents of Keene, NH, in Cheshire County, pay cheaper costs than many other states across the country.

Their cost of living index is relatively low, which means that this tiny town has a lower-than-average cost of living compared with its neighbors.


9. Franklin

Franklin renters and homeowners find themselves immersed in natural history and beauty, along with paying around 5% less for everyday expenses like housing, food, and childcare.

Renters can expect to pay just under $1,400.00 a month for housing as Merrimack County residents pay less for rent than other nearby towns.

Home buyers seeking to settle in this charming NH town find slightly lower costs for purchasing homes in this area than in many different cities in NH.


10. Littleton

The town of Littleton, NH, is a picturesque local community found in the White Mountains with a wide range of delightful shops and local cafes bordering the scenic Connecticut River.

While Littleton homeowners may pay more for housing than many similar-sized cities in the US, this post-card-worthy town with breathtaking natural scenery makes up for housing costs by charging less for energy, food, and healthcare than other cities in NH and across the US.

New Hampshire Safety Overview

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Safety Index:
New Hampshire

Frequently Asked Questions

How do rental prices in New Hampshire's cheapest cities compare to the state average?

Budget-conscious renters and homeowners seeking to relocate to NH based on lower costs of living find that they can save between $800.00 and $1,000.00 per month by making the move.

Savings on rents, home prices, and everyday costs like food, healthcare, and childcare make noticeable differences in local family budgets when compared to the expenditures of their New Hampshire neighbors.

Are there any government programs or incentives available to assist new residents in finding affordable housing in New Hampshire?


While New Hampshire has yet to get on board with paying residents to relocate to the Granite State, the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority offers several affordable housing programs that help residents with local rental and homeownership assistance.

What are the top benefits of living in the cheapest cities in New Hampshire?

Residents who live in New Hampshire’s cheapest cities enjoy a variety of other local benefits and keep more of their hard-earned cash in their pockets.

Living in New Hampshire means that locals worry less about violent crimes than in many other states in the US.

NH has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States.

Low costs of living combined with safety, natural beauty, and historical charm make living in New Hampshire the ideal option for many newcomers who settle here.

What amenities and services are available in New Hampshire's cheapest cities?

The cheapest cities in New Hampshire have plenty to offer inbound residents and local transplants.

Many of these local towns offer older and more affordable housing options, reasonably priced food and entertainment venues, and low healthcare costs for good care and the aging population.

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