12 Most Beautiful Castles in Rhode Island

Updated On October 5, 2023
Cranston Armory Castle

Rhode Island may be small, but it is home to some truly magnificent castles worthy of any fairytale.

With their towering spires and imposing fortifications, these beautiful castles are a testament to the region’s rich history and architectural prowess. 

From the majestic Belcourt Castle to the picturesque Rosecliff Mansion, these castles will take your breath away with their opulent interiors and breathtaking views. 

So, whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for a unique and memorable vacation destination, the castles of Rhode Island are a must-see.

12 Most Beautiful Castles in Rhode Island

Towers Castle – Narragansett, Rhode Island

Also known as the Casino at Narragansett Pier, this castle was built in the late 1800s as a summer retreat.

It was built for the wealthy Vanderbilt family. 

The Towers were part of a casino built by McKim, Mead, and White in 1886. 

The Casino and Tower Castle was part of a huge resort that was once the holiday hub of Rhode Island. 

The castle’s architecture is a mixture of Gothic and Victorian styles. 

These styles can be seen in their turreted towers, arched windows, and elaborate ornamentation. 

The exterior is sandstone, with a wide porch and balconies overlooking the ocean.

In addition, the castle features a grand staircase and a ballroom.

Ocean Cliff Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

This castle was built in the early 1900s by a wealthy businessman named James Van Alen. 

The castle’s architecture is both Norman and Gothic. 

You will enjoy viewing its crenelated towers, thick walls, and parapets. 

The exterior is rough-hewn stone, giving it a rugged and fortress-like appearance.

Inside, the castle boasts intricate wood carvings, stained glass windows, and other luxurious details. 

You can book a wedding here, but it is not open for tours. 

The Cranston Armory Castle – Providence, Rhode Island

The Armory Castle is a historic building built in 1894.

Architect William R. Walker designed it in the Victorian Gothic style.

The castle-like appearance of the building is achieved through its use of turreted towers, crenelated walls, and a central keep-like structure. 

The building initially served as an armory for the Rhode Island National Guard.

It has since been repurposed for various uses, including a community center and event space.

Malbone Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

Known as Malbone Hall, this castle was built in the 1700s. 

It was designed by architect Richard Mundy in the Victorian Gothic style. 

It burned down in the 1800s and was rebuilt by Alexander Jackson Davis.

This stately home has two turreted towers and is made of pink Connecticut sandstone.

The building was initially used as a summer mansion for the wealthy Malbone family and George Washington lived there for a time. 

Malbone Castle is now a registered historical landmark but it is privately owned.

Seaview Terrace Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

Seaview Terrace was built in 1885.  

Architect George Champlin Mason Jr. designed this castle in the French Renaissance Revival Châteauesque style. 

The building was not completed until 1925. It features a whispering gallery and stained glass windows from Italy

The home features turrets, high arching doorways, and nautical motifs. It was designed by Howard Greely in 1925.

The American League of Architects awarded Bradley’s architect, Howard Greenley, a 1928 medal for 

This home has been used for many films and is now privately owned. 

The building was initially used as a summer mansion for the wealthy Frishmuth family. 

Hazards Castle-Narragansett, Rhode Island

This neo-gothic boasts many architectural elements typical of medieval castles, including towers, battlements, and moats. 

Hazard‘s castle was built by Joseph Peace Hazard in 1884 and had a turreted tower with a crenelated roof.

It was owned by the Catholic Church for many years but has now been bought by Middlebridge school. 

Currently, it is not open for tours. 

Belcourt Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

Belcourt Castle, located in Newport, Rhode Island, is a stunning example of 19th-century architecture. 

Built-in 1891 by the architect Richard Morris Hunt for Oliver Belmont.

The mansion was designed as a bachelor pad where the owner could take care of his horses. 

In fact, the ground floor is designed around the carriage room and stables.

Despite its name, Belcourt Castle is not a castle in the traditional sense.

Instead, it was built as a summer home for Belmont.

It was intended to be a luxurious retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Despite this, the castle’s imposing façade and grandeur give it a regal air, earning it the nickname “The Castle on the Ocean.”

Over the years, Belcourt Castle has been home to many notable figures, including the famous heiress Doris Duke. 

Today, the castle is open to the public for tours, allowing visitors to explore its opulent rooms and marvel at its elaborate décor.

Despite its grand appearance, Belcourt Castle is more than just a pretty face.

Its history and unique architecture make it a must-see destination for anyone visiting Newport.

Castle Hill Inn- Newport, Rhode Island

This inn is not a castle but has many of the features of a castle. 

The inn was built in the early 20th century by a wealthy businessman named Henry Almy. 

It features many architectural elements typical of medieval castles, including towers, battlements, and moats. 

The inn is now a luxury hotel, and it is known for its stunning views of the ocean and its beautiful gardens.

At the Castle Hill Inn, you can enjoy lawn games, fishing, bonfires, and stargazing on the beach. 

You can book a room or just a meal at this lovely Rhode Island castle.

The Breakers- Newport, Rhode Island

The Breakers was built in late 1895 by the famed Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a wealthy businessman.

It features several architectural elements typical of medieval castles, including towers, battlements, and moats.

The Breakers is now a museum, and it is open daily to the public for tours. 

The sweeping central great hall has 50-foot ceilings and is a perfect example of the Gilded Age.

This castle is splendid, from the hand-tiled mosaics to the finest baccarat crystal chandeliers. 

The Breakers is open almost every day for tours and there are seasonal events. 

Check their website for opening hours and dates. 

Emdalar Castle – South Kingston, Rhode Island

Emdalar Castle is a true masterpiece of architectural design. 

With its towering spires and impressive stone facade, it is no wonder that this magnificent structure is often referred to as a castle. 

As you approach Emdalar Castle, you will be struck by its commanding presence. 

The home sits atop a hill, overlooking the surrounding landscape and providing breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding countryside.

Inside, the castle is just as impressive as its exterior. 

The grand hall is adorned with intricate carvings and ornate tapestries.

In contrast, the soaring ceilings and grand staircases add to the sense of grandeur.

But it is not just the castle’s physical beauty that makes it a true gem. 

Its rich history adds to its allure, as it has been home to many notable figures.

Emdalar Castle is currently a private home and does not run tours. 

RoseCliff Castle – Newport, Rhode Island

Rosecliff is a beautiful grand mansion commissioned by Nevada silver heiress Theresa Fair Oelrichs in 1899. 

The architect, Stanford White, modeled the house after the Grand Trianon, the famous garden retreat of French kings at Versailles. 

Completed in 1902, the place is known for its stunning beauty and luxury, with a reported cost of $2.5 million. 

Mrs. Oelrichs was known for hosting lavish parties at Rosecliff, including a fairy tale dinner and a party featuring the famous magician Harry Houdini.

With impressive architecture, Rosecliff can be compared to a castle and is a testament to the wealth and luxury of its time.

Its beauty continues to captivate visitors today, making it a popular attraction in the area.

Barnaby Castle – Providence, Rhode Island

Barnaby Castle is a unique and flamboyant 19th-century structure known for its copper-clad circular conservatory.

It also boasts a grand 4-story tower and carriage house. 

It was built in 1875 and was home to the prominent Barnaby couple, Jerothmul and Josephine.

Jerothmul was a self-made millionaire and political figure.

Today, the castle can be rented out for special events, offering a luxurious and historic setting for weddings, parties, and other gatherings. 

Its Victorian architecture and rich history make it a truly one-of-a-kind venue. 

If you are in the area for Halloween, make sure to attend the Halloween party for adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Breakers considered one of the most famous castles in Rhode Island?

The Breakers is considered one of the most famous castles in Rhode Island because of its grandeur and historical significance.

It is a Vanderbilt mansion, built in the late 19th century by Cornelius Vanderbilt II as a summer home.

The mansion is known for its elaborate design and opulent interiors and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Do they still have horse races at Belcourt Castle?

Although the heir of a horse-racing family built Belcourt Castle, it does not have horse racing on the grounds.

You can instead enjoy art galleries and restaurants at this castle.

Are there castles in Rhode Island that host weddings?

It is possible to get married at castles in Rhode Island, including at The Breakers.

The mansion has a variety of event spaces that can accommodate weddings and offers a unique and historic setting for a special occasion.

Other castles in the state that may be suitable for weddings include Glen Manor House, Linden Place Belcourt Castle, and the Rosecliff Mansion.

Are there any castles that are considered haunted in Rhode Island?

Belcourt Mansion has a reputation for being haunted by a monk who covers his face with a hat.

Screams were also been heard coming from the suits of armor in the long hall!

Smith’s Castle is the oldest house in Rhode Island and is famously haunted.

Smith’s castle doesn’t really look like a castle, but it does have a spooky history!

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