Best Places in Cambodia for Great Photos

Agriculture in Cambodia

Cambodia is an incredible country with beautiful nature, exciting culture, and magnificent vibe.

From first glance, you can understand that it is a great place to take a bunch of absolutely incredible photos.

There are lots of amazing things and places you may want to see and capture with your camera.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what you want to see especially if you are limited in time.

We’ve prepared for you the list of the top 9 best photo spots in Cambodia.

There are lots of places that you can visit on your own while others require a guide.

Just take your time and enjoy this incredible country!

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Angkor Wat is one of the world’s largest religious sites.

Also, it is the most significant cultural spot in Southeast Asia.

This incredibly beautiful and intimidating ruin just cannot be skipped if you want to capture the most beautiful places in Cambodia.

If you want to take really stunning photos, it is better to visit it at sunrise.

Just wake up early in the morning, take your equipment and go there to take some of the best shots.

This beautiful temple bathed in the rising sun absolutely worth your efforts.


Koh Ker
Koh Ker

Koh Ker, Preah Vihear Province

Located 2 hours away from Siem Reap, Koh Ker – it is a complex of absolutely beautiful temples.

There are about 180 temples that were abandoned many years ago so now they are engulfed by the jungle the surround the site.

It can be hard to visit all 180 temples so make sure to visit at least the 7-tier, Mayan-Esque Prasat Thom that offers incredible views.

If you are going on a trip around the Angkor area, make sure to visit this place.

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

Recently, Phnom Penh experiences an incredible growth of tourists however the city still keeps its incredible old charm.

The city will impress you with its beautiful French colonial houses, stunning pagodas, cozy cafes, bright and bustling markets, and leafy storefronts of various stalls.

It looks like an Asian fairytale that for sure should be captured with your camera.

Floating Villages
Floating Villages

Floating Villages, Tonle Sap

Floating Villages is located at one of the largest freshwater lakes in Southeast Asia.

More than three million locals live on the banks of Tonle Sap.

This lake also an important part of the Cambodian economy as most locals earn their money with fishing and the lake is the main source of fish in the country.

If you want to take some unique and really beautiful photos, Kampong Kleang and Mechrey floating villages are the best spots.

Just hop on one of those colorful rowboats and float around those incredible perched houses that balance under the water.

Royal Palace
Royal Palace

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

If you are looking for some great places you can take photos of in the capital city, the royal palace is the best option.

It is the main government building and the home of King Sihamoni.

This place will impress you with its stunning golden architecture, lavish decorations, and breathtaking columns.

Just keep in mind that it is pretty crowded on weekends but some people think it gives the building some extra charm.


Kep Province

Kep Province in Cambodia is known for its beautiful sunsets, calm waters, hikes, crab markets, and incredible fauna.

Most people consider it a real tropical paradise.

It is a great place to take photos of sandy beaches, turquoise waters, colonial architecture.

A girl with an elephant
A girl with an elephant

Mondulkiri Province

Mondulkiri is known as the most incredible and absolutely unique region in Cambodia.

First of all the climate there differs significantly so there are no tropical trees and rice paddies.

The hills of this region are inhabited by the bears, leopards, monkeys, birds, and wild pigs.

Also, there are lots of elephants there so it is a great place to take some incredible photos of elephants.

Trees reflection in the lake
Trees reflection in the lake

Kirirom Pine Forests

Located just two hours away from the capital, this natural park is a great place to take great photos of local nature.

Just take a bike and enjoy your ride through the lush forest while making stops to take some photos.

Also, there is a variety of eco-friendly accommodations in the area including such options as villas, cabins, homestays, and tents.

It is the best place to take photos of cascading waterfalls and Cardamom mountains.

Green landscape
Green landscape

Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear is the last spot in our list however it is for sure not the least.

Located on the plateau over the expansive plains, this incredible temple will catch your heart.

In 2008, this place was nominated as the UNESCO world heritage site.

If you want to capture the essence of Cambodia, this place is exactly what you are looking for.

Just beware during your visit there as due to its location the place became the reason for the armed conflict between Cambodia and Thailand.

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