Top 5 Most Budget-Friendly Cruises (Don’t Miss These!)

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You for sure remember those magnificent scenes from TV.

Luxurious white ship with excellent restaurants and bars, exciting entertainments at night, enormous pools and stops in famous cities where you can relax at the tropical beach or go sightseeing through the city.

Everyone will agree that cruise it’s a great opportunity to spend some unforgettable time with your family and get out of a busy city.

Those enormous ships with impressive service are just made to deliver you some excellent trip.

Think that it’s an incredibly expensive thing?

We are ready to prove you that there is a bunch of budget-friendly cruises that can provide you lots of fun and excitement.

In this article, there are some absolutely budget-friendly cruises for everyone.

Sea from a deck
Sea from a deck

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival cruise is an absolutely perfect choice if you are going on a trip with your kids.

There are 3 ships – Victory, Ecstasy, and Liberty – that do Caribbean cruises.

All three offer really low rates that may vary depending on the season and package.

You have an opportunity to pay only $45 per night for your trip on the cruise that owns the world’s best award.

What are the major attractions on the cruise?

There are impressive water parks and slides for kids and adults.

Also, you can enjoy a first-class meal in the gourmet restaurants.

Finally, you’ll be absolutely pleased with big and comfy rooms for families where you can enjoy an impressive view.


Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Bahamas Paradise is the less known cruise in the world as there are only two ships.

Nevertheless, it can really impress you and provide incredible joy.

You can take your trip by one of two ships – Grand Celebration or Grand Classica – and spend two unforgettable days enjoying excellent services and the breathtaking Bahamas.

In fact, this short cruise has its own charm as you have no time to get bored.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend at sea.

In fact, both ships are older ships that belonged to other fleets.

They were bought by Bahamas Paradise and they are the only ships of this flee.

As a result, the company pays much attention to their conditions and makes sure their ships meet clients’ requirements.

Of course, there is a hype around brand new ships but the truth is that these older ships can provide you with the same experience while offering lower rates.

Cruise ship
Cruise ship

Allure of the Sea

Allure of the Sea, owned by Royal Caribbean flees, is, in fact, can be described as a floating city.

$1.2-billion ship can carry up to 5 400 passengers and it is really impressive.

Also, there is an incredible variety of services and entertainments such as first-class meal, scuba diving, climbing on a rock wall, surfing in a wave pool and many others.

If you want just to relax take some time to enjoy a beautiful view from your room window and try some room service.

It’s easy to suggest that the cruise is pretty expensive but you are wrong.

The flee provides various packages as well as a bunch of discounts so you can get a good deal.

Huge cruiser in a port
Huge cruiser in a port

Holland America Western Caribbean

Holland America has a whole bunch of cruises all over the world but one of the most interesting offers is the Western Caribbean.

This cruise is more adults-only, as well as comfort and privacy oriented.

Holland America offers you a comfortable trip on accessible prices ($100 per night).

The cruise starts in Fort Lauderdale with a stop in the Florida Keys, then goes to Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and finally the Bahamas.

White cruiser
White cruiser

Norwegian Epic

The Norwegian Epic is known as one of the best cruises offered by the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Both Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises of this company have absolutely high rates.

Also, both offers can impress you with amazing service and vacation spots.

This cruise will be a perfect choice for a family trip as there are lots of attractions including water parks and even Broadway shows.

Of course, there is a variety of cruise options but one of the best is the 7-day Mediterranean tour from Barcelona.

It includes such spots as Rome, Naples and Cannes and others while the cost of the cruise is only $100 per night.

Luxury cruiser in water
Luxury cruiser in water

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