Top 10 Hottest Texas Music Festivals

Updated On October 8, 2023
Texas ranch

Every traveler will find something unique in Texas.

This US state has always associated with cowboys and stories about the Wild West with its main symbol a rose.

A number of colorful and surprisingly cheerful carnivals and festivals take place in the state capital.

During them, you can meet your favorite singers, musicians, and people in the most unusual roles and characters.

Texas has become an international venue for live music, and this list includes a number of events that cater to many different musical tastes, including dance, country, and rock.

1. Kerrville Folk Festival

Each year, about 30 thousand people come to the 18-day festival.

The program includes performances in various genres, one way or another connected with folk music: folk, bluegrass, country, art song, blues, jazz, Americana.

Usually, the program focuses on performers who sing their own songs.

Both amateurs and recognized stars of the folk scene come to the festival.

Over the years, Peter, Paul and Mary, Lyle Lovett, Willy Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Nancy Griffith, and others have performed there.

As part of the festival of folk music in Kerrville, each year a competition of performers New Folk Competition is held.

By doing so, they discover new talents.

Folk musician
Folk musician

2. Neon Desert Music Festival

Often, the whole downtown becomes its scene – Cleveland Square, Oregon, Mesa, and Franklin streets.

More than 30 artists represent a variety of styles: rock, electronic music, Latin jazz, indie, and hip-hop.

Such world-famous stars as Deftones, Tiesto, Daddy Yankee, Moby, and Molotov were among the performers.

The number of viewers reaches 60 thousand people each year.

The cost of tickets for all days of the festival is not usually exorbitant.

For VIP subscription, you are provided free wine and beer, a separate entrance and lounge area, a food court from several restaurants and gifts with the company logo.

Purple DJ stand
Purple DJ stand

3. Euphoria Music Festival

Carson Creek Ranch is known as a scene for the four-day largest independent music festival in Austin.

Over 50,000 fans listen to electronic, hip-hop, indie, and jam music each year.

Besides, the festival offers cool visuals, designs for the stage, workshops for the amateurs, modern installations, and much more.

The site for the festival located a few minutes from Downtown Austin which is really convenient.

Crowded festival
Crowded festival

4. Lights All Night

The fans are waiting for this festival in Dallas more than for any other one.

The festival lasts longer and gives more opportunities for musicians to present their futuristic masterpieces.

This has been the 9th Lights All Night so far, and the visitors are anticipating returning in the future.

The festival is held at the end of the year, in late December.

So the atmosphere is very festive with all those flashes, lights, and illuminations.

The big names of the festival are Gucci Mane, Diplo, and Excision.

DJ stand
DJ stand

5. South By Southwest

South by Southwest is a 9-day festival in March in downtown Austin.

Music, art, interactive, panels, comedy, and movies come to Austin for the week since 1987 and still come out ahead on pop culture.

The event is the number one destination for professionals from the entire world, featuring different kinds of exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities.

Austin mural
Austin mural

6. Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits or ACL has become a good autumn tradition.

A huge variety of great live music with perfectly engineered sound systems and dozens of top food suppliers to choose from are here annually.

Around 90,000 people come to the park but the place is overall very safe.

Indeed, they are here to enjoy the music and have a good time. ACL festival provides a playground for kids and a beverage garden for adults.

Flashlights on the stage
Flashlights on the stage

7. Hot Luck Festival

This one is a very hot one with the performances ranging from soul to garage.

With lots of yummy food counters and the burning music, people get inspired by some super cool music.

The festival takes place every Memorial Day in Austin.

The travelers always take a day or two to go here and discover all the opportunities the festival has to offer.

Sparklers and USA flag in hand
Sparklers and USA flag in hand

8. River City Rockfest

The one-day rock festival lasts for one May day every year in San Antonio featuring the big names in rock music.

More than 27,500 fans come to this largest festival in South Texas (Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Linkin Park were at the stage).

People call it the best rock and metal music festival in Texas.

Hand heart in the crowd
Hand heart in the crowd


If you are in love with hip-hop, this three-day fest is for you.

J Cole, Chance the Rapper, and Steve Aoki are the big names of the festival.

They took the stage at different locations of JMBLYA from Dallas and Austin to Houston.

The rap giants like Migos, J. Cole and Young Thug are the most recent artists of the festival.


10. Float Fest

Do you like to tube down the river?

When it’s getting too hot in the summer with burning music on the go, the real solution for the festival is a floating stage.

The festival takes place over the weekend so you can have enough time to get crazy about music and cool down again before going to the office.

San Marcos offers cold beverages and best rap, rock and EDM music.

Swimming ring in a blue water
Swimming ring in a blue water

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