Top 9 Korean Music Festivals

Updated On October 8, 2023
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For the last few years, Korean music has become extremely popular and gained lots of fans not only in Korea but all over the world.

It may be because of the Gangnam Style that boomed a couple of years ago or because of the growth of the American Korean population.

Considering the growing popularity of this authentic style, the number of music festivals in South Korea increased dramatically.

 Below, you can find the list of the most popular and incredible Korean music festivals.

K-Pop festival
K-Pop festival

Seoul Jazz Fest, Seoul

The Seoul Jazz Festival is usually held at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Park.

Usually, there are lots of popular singers and bands that perform at this festival.

If you want to visit this event, you have an opportunity to buy a multi-day pass.

It is very popular among locals as well as tourists.

Seoul Jazz Festival
Seoul Jazz Festival

Greenplugged, Seoul/Gyeongju/Donghae

The Greenplugged Festival is one of the greatest music events in South Korea.

Recently, the festival has become incredibly popular and attracted lots of visitors.

As a result, the organizers decided to hold it twice a year – in July in Seoul and in the fall in Gyeongju.

It also should be mentioned that the festival is known for its environment-friendly policy.

People at the concert
People at the concert

Ultra Korea, Seoul

Ultra Music Festival was held in 1999 in Miami for the first time.

Now, it is one of the most significant music events in the world.

Nowadays, there are EDM festivals that are held on almost every continent.

Started in 2012, Ultra Korea is an annual event that is held in Seoul.

Just keep in mind that it can be hard to buy a ticket to this festival as they are usually sold within a day.

Lights at the concert
Lights at the concert

Rainbow Island Music Festival, Jaraseom-ro

Rainbow Island Festival is an annual event that is held on the remote island that is called Jaraseom-ro.

The festival has its own camping site as well as a cafe and even a marketplace.

There is a variety of venues around the island so you can enjoy numerous performances of different artists.

Rainbow Island
Rainbow Island

Dream Concert, Seoul

For the first time, Dream Concert was held in 1995 in Seoul.

Nowadays, it is the most popular event among real K-pop fans.

It should be mentioned that this festival is one of the largest in the country so usually, you can see the most popular artists there.

Every year the festival is visited by thousands of fans from all over the world.

Usually, fans like to wear colorful clothes that represent their favorite artists and prepare some dances so they can have their favorite songs.

Dream Concert
Dream Concert

Seoul World DJ Festival, Seoul

Seoul World DJ Festival has gained incredible popularity in the last two years and attracted such famous DJs as AC Slater, Porter Robinson, Mura Masa, Zeds Dead, Madeon, and Black Tiger Sex Machine.

The festival was started 11 years ago and was the first EDM event in Korea.

It should be mentioned that for 11 years organizers have always been able to attract very talented artists.

This festival is an annual event that is held in the center of Seoul.

Seoul World DJ Fest
Seoul World DJ Fest

Pentaport Rock Festival, Incheon

The Pentaport Rock Festival is one other annual festival that is located in Incheon.

Located not far from Seoul, this beautiful city has its own unique vibe.

While being pretty crowded, the city has a laid-back atmosphere due to its proximity to the sea.

Despite being known as a rock festival, the Pentaport Rock Festival attracts not only rock artists but EDM artists as well.

Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine, Hoobastank, Walk the Moon, Dua Lipa, Bastille, and Charlie XCX performed at this festival previously.

Pentaport Rock Fest
Pentaport Rock Fest

K-Pop World Festival, Changwon

The K-Pop World Festival – is a combination of a music festival and a game show that is held in Changwon, one of the largest cities in the country.

This festival is supported and sponsored by the government of South Korea.

Usually, organizers spend lots of time looking for the most talented fans from all over the world who take part in the show.

K-Pop World Festival
K-Pop World Festival

Korea Times Music Festival (Los Angeles)

While being held in the USA, the Korea Times Music Festival has an absolutely authentic Korean vibe.

The event is very popular and it is held annually at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.

Considering the huge amount of Korean-Americans, the festival attracts a very big audience every year.

A variety of the most famous K-Pop artists perform during this festival.

Among the artists that performed at this festival, were Red Velvet, Rain, and Kim Bum-soo.

People singing and dancing
People singing and dancing

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