10 Safest Neighborhoods in Tampa, FL

Updated On December 27, 2023

The city of Tampa is known for its stunning waterfront views of Tampa Bay and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico.

This bustling metropolis is home to just under 400,000 residents and the temporary home of millions of visitors who frequent this coastal Florida beach town.

If you’re planning a trip to Tampa and want to know where its safest neighborhoods are, this guide is for you!

Our guide provides an in-depth overview of ten of the city’s safest neighborhoods based on local, state, and national crime reports.

Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL

10 Safest Neighborhoods in Tampa, FL

As with most major metropolitan areas, Central Tampa shows the highest rates of violent crime and property crimes in the city.

Most instances of corruption taper off as you enter the outskirts and suburbs of the city.

The safest neighborhoods shown by online research and local crime data collected by officials show that northwestern Tampa has fewer instances of crime than other areas of the city.

1. Belleair Beach

Bellair Beach in Northwest Tampa boasts a tranquil neighborhood, beachfront living, and moderate crime rates.

The city earns an A+ in the area of a few violent crimes like assault, rape, and murder, which rarely happen in this area.

Belleair Beach also fares well in the area of low property crime with a B+ average, which makes it safer than many other US neighborhoods.

Residents in the area may have to contend with implementing safety measures to offset incidents of drug-related crimes in the Tampa area.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: C

2. Brooksville

Residents living in Brooksville enjoy a small-town quality of life alongside Tampa Bay in a neighborhood that shows a solid commitment to the safety and security of its residents.

Violent crimes like robbery and assault rarely happen here as this neighborhood has earned safety scores that make it safer than more than 50% of US neighborhoods.

Neighborhood reports show that crime rates in this area have been trending downward for the past few years.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B

3. Citrus Park

Citrus Park, Florida, ranks high on the safety scale, with rare incidents of all types of crime occurring in this Tampa suburb.

Research reports show that Citrus Park is safer than almost 8-% of other US neighborhoods, which makes it a desirable area for Tampa families seeking sun, sand, and solace all in one location.

Citrus Park has a tight-knit community that supports residents by providing access to amenities like farmers’ markets, seasonal festivals, excellent schools, and a family-friendly environment that makes it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Tampa Bay.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A

4. Dunedin

Dunedin is a peaceful suburban retreat just outside the city limits of Tampa that makes the list of safest cities for its meager rates of violent crimes against residents.

Property crimes and other crimes, including drug-related crimes in this area, are on the moderate side.

However, this doesn’t appear to translate into physically violent crimes that threaten the lives or safety of locals.

The city of Dunedin earns an A- in physical security and low C’s in the areas of property crime and other crimes that happen in and near large metropolitan areas like Tampa.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: C

5. New Tampa

New Tampa is one of the latest additions to the safest neighborhoods on Tampa’s list as a family-focused haven filled with modern conveniences and high levels of safety.

Good schools, a proactive police force, and a nurturing environment make New Tampa one of the city’s hidden gems where crimes are few and far between.

The city has earned an A+ for physical safety and average scores in property crime and other crimes that can include drug-related offenses and identity theft.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A

6. Northdale

Northdale is a Gulf Coast city that is leading the neighborhood pack when it comes to finding safety and security in Tampa.

This neighborhood scores high on the safety scale for crimes against people, property, and other crimes, making it one of the area’s safest.

Crimes that do happen here come in well below national averages, and a family-friendly environment with an emphasis on community involvement helps keep residents safe.

Top-rated schools, easy access to amenities, safety, and convenience are hallmarks of this Tampa town.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A

7. Safety Harbor

Residents are raving about Safety Harbor, which offers a variety of stunning waterfront views, coastal living, and modern appeal.

Tampa locals retreat to Safety Harbor, escape the urban buzz, and wrap themselves in a blanket of tranquility just outside of Tampa.

The city’s name is true to form as it has some of the lowest crime rates in the land.

Safety Harbor earns a grade A with virtually non-existent property crime and even fewer incidents of violent crime that happen within the town’s borders.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B+

8. Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace regularly receives rave reviews for its personal safety ratings and commitment to resident security.

Neighborhood reports show that residents living within the city’s boundaries rarely experience incidents of violent crimes like murder or assault.

Other crimes against property, like vehicle theft and burglary, are higher in this area, which means residents must remain vigilant and take appropriate safety measures to stay safer in Temple.

The likelihood of travelers becoming a victim of sudden physical violence in Temple Terrace is lower than in more than half of US cities.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B-

9. Oldsmar

Oldsmar is among Tampa’s safest cities, with almost 70% of US neighborhoods reporting higher crime rates than this seaside city.

A strong sense of community where residents take part in community education programs and neighborhood watch combined with proactive policing procedures fosters an ever-present sense of safety and security for Oldsmar residents and visitors.

Oldsmar is at the top of the list of Tampa suburbs where visitors can go to relax, decompress, and soak up the Florida sunshine for a much-needed retreat from the daily grind and the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B

10. Palma Ceia

Palm Ceia offers an oasis of safety and charm for Tampa locals and visitors seeking an area where violent crime rates are low.

The city has an A- in the areas of violent crimes, where residents regularly seek shelter in this safer haven of town.

Property crimes in Palma Ceia are slightly higher in the area, and this neighborhood earned a grade of B for crimes like auto theft and burglary.

Non-violent crimes like identity theft and drug-related crimes are reported in higher numbers in this area.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: C

Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Tampa

Be Prepared for Unlimited Sunshine

Florida is appropriately named the “Sunshine State” because areas of the state receive an above-average amount of direct sunlight.

Be prepared for high temperatures and high humidity, and take heat stroke preventative measures to avoid overheating while traveling in Tampa.

Stick to Populated Areas When Exploring the City

Never venture off from your travel group when visiting Tampa, especially at night.

While many areas of the city are deemed safe, some areas of the city house nefarious criminals seeking out unsuspecting tourists.

Stay in Designated Swimming Areas When Visiting Gulf Beaches

The serenity and calm of Gulf area beaches can be misleading, with dangerous rip currents toiling just below the surface.

Be sure to stay in designated swimming areas and public areas when visiting Tampa’s gulfside beaches.

Use Reputable Rideshare and Transportation Services for Exploring the Town

Criminals and crooks come in all shapes and sizes.

As such, it is essential to only use reputable and well-known rideshare, taxi cabs, and transportation services when exploring the city of Tampa.

Follow Common Sense Travel Safety Tips

Use common sense safety tips when traveling in Tampa, like keeping your purses, wallets, cash, and valuables out of sight to discourage pickpocketing and robbery while on vacation.

Tampa Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to visit Tampa?

Springtime is the best time of year to visit Tampa.

There are fewer visitors in the area, and the temperatures are much cooler.

What are the must-see attractions in Tampa?

Must-see attractions in Tampa include Busch Gardens, The Florida Aquarium, and Clearwater Beach.

Does Tampa have a public transportation system?


Tampa has a public transportation system that includes a network of trolleys, buses, and streetcars that help travelers and residents avoid traffic snags.

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