10 Safest Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated On December 26, 2023

Jacksonville is a coastal city in northeastern Florida that hugs the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Residents who live here enjoy the sound of the crashing waves and the warm tropical climate, along with having access to a variety of entertainment, shopping venues, and affluent neighborhoods.

Despite its picturesque location, the city of Jacksonville has some of the highest incidents of violent crime and property crimes in certain areas of the city.

Neighborhood reports show Jacksonville’s crime rates are usurping those of the state of Florida and more than half of similar-sized cities in the US.

If you’re planning a trip to Jacksonville and looking for the safest cities to visit, this guide is for you!

Below is our overview of 10 of Jacksonville’s safest neighborhoods for potential residents and excited visitors to this coastal Florida city.

Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

10 Safest Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida

Newcomers to this vibrant city are often surprised by the gorgeous waterfront views, dining, and accommodations offered in some of the area’s best neighborhoods.

Our guide provides an overview of cities in the area that report the lowest numbers of violent crimes like assault and robbery, along with low incidents of property crimes, including theft and burglary.

Measure of Crime = Incidents of violent crimes, property crimes, and other crimes per 1000 residents on a letter scale from A to F, where A is the safest neighborhood.

A = Lowest Crime

B = Low Crime

C = Average Crime

D = High Crime

F = Extremely High Crime

Jacksonville Total Neighborhood Safety Score: C

1. Avondale

The Avondale neighborhood is located on the west side of the city in the Riverside Historic District.

This charming city is known for its thriving cultural scene and safer neighborhoods within the Jacksonville metro.

A commitment to community engagement, historical charm, and active police presence are a few of the factors that keep Avondale safer than almost half of other US cities.

Neighborhood Safety Score: C

2. Deercreek

Deercreek is one of South East Jacksonville’s gated communities, offering a sense of peace and tranquility to residents within its gates.

While Deercreek shows an above-average number of other crimes, this neighborhood ranks high on the safety scale for very few crimes against people or property making it one of the safest neighborhoods in the metro.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: C+

3. Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is an Atlantic coastal city known for its affluent homes, luxurious beaches, and proximity to local amenities and entertainment within the city limits of Jacksonville.

This oceanfront city is one of the safest in the area, with low reported rates of all types of crimes, including violent, property, and other crimes not included in those categories.

Neighborhood research reports show Fernandina is safer than almost 70% of other US cities.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: B+

4. Julington Creek

If you’re seeking one of the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville to live, visit, or raise a family, consider Julington Creek.

Julington Creek is a haven for residents seeking the benefits of a peaceful suburban lifestyle combined with easy access to the city, shopping, and entertainment, and sunbathing at Jacksonville beaches along the Atlantic coastline.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: A+

5. Middleburg

Middleburg ranks high on the list of the safest cities in Jacksonville, with an overall grade of A when considering the combined statistical factors for violence, property, and other crimes.

The suburban atmosphere, coupled with a small population and easy access to natural amenities, make this an ideal neighborhood for residents and visitors alike.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: A

6. Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach offers Jacksonville locals access to a laid-back lifestyle and coastal living that make it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the area.

While the city does have pockets of areas that see crime, violent crimes against residents are lower than most other cities in the Jacksonville metro area.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: C+

7. Nocatee

The Nocatee neighborhood in North East Jacksonville represents one of the fastest-growing and most family-oriented cities in the area.

This burgeoning city prioritizes the safety of its residents and reports some of the lowest incidents of crime within the Jacksonville metro area.

Low violent crime and property crime rates make Nocatee one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city for tranquility-seeking residents.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: B-

8. Orange Park

Orange Park, just outside of Jacksonville, makes the list of safest cities with low incidents of property crime and other crimes reported in the area.

This riverside city sits along the St. Johns River.

It offers residents easy access to local parks, recreational facilities, and amenities, along with a proactive police force that works with locals to keep crime rates lower than most other towns in the region.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B

9. Ortega Hills

Residents of Ortega Hills experience a peaceful quality of life with ease of access to historic architecture and waterfront views of the Ortega River.

This picturesque neighborhood places a strong emphasis on community involvement and has earned an A in the area of safety, with very few incidents of violent crimes happening here.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: C

10. St. Johns

St. Johns is a high-income, affluent area offering Jacksonville residents access to the best the city has to offer.

The city boasts high levels of community involvement, top-rated schools, and a suburban setting that makes it the ideal location for many families to call home.

St. Johns represents the safest city in Jacksonville by reporting some of the lowest rates of crime in the region, state, and the entire country.

Neighborhood Safety Grade: A+

Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Jacksonville

Following are a few common sense safety tips for families and travel partners venturing out to this world-famous coastal Florida city.

Stay safer when traveling by adhering to these safety tips and avoid becoming a victim.

Tip #1. – Use Reputable Accommodations and Make Reservations in Advance

Some criminal elements in Jacksonville are known for running property rental schemes on unsuspecting newcomers.

Make reservations with reputable hotels and AirBnB hosts and avoid booking with unknown hotels or locals renting out rooms.

Tip #2. – Avoid Walking Around the City Alone at Night

Stay safe when traveling to Jacksonville by planning your outings and excursions during daylight hours, and avoid walking around the city alone at night.

This tip also applies to eager explorers visiting local beaches after dark.

Tip #3. – Practice Common Sense Safety Measures

Use common sense safety measures by keeping your valuables like cell phones, cash, purses, and wallets out of sight.

Stay aware of your surroundings when traveling and visiting crowded areas to avoid becoming the victim of nefarious criminals seeking to make targets out of newcomers to the area.

Tip #4. – Stay Informed About Local News and Events

Keep you and your travel companions safer by staying abreast of local events and news happenings that can affect your travels.

Stay informed by tuning in to local news media via televisions, apps, and social media.

Tip #5. – Be Cautious When Visiting Local Beaches

It is important to note that not all Jacksonville beaches are staffed with lifeguards and safety officials.

Be cautious when visiting local beaches, and keep a close eye on travel partners when frolicking in the choppy waters of the Atlantic.

Jacksonville Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville, Florida, a high-crime city?

While some areas of Jacksonville experience extremely high rates of violent crimes, property crimes, and other crimes, there are also safe neighborhoods like the ones listed above within the metro area.

What safety precautions should I take when visiting Jacksonville beaches?

Beware that the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are fast and furious.

Violent waters can take a novice swimmer under in a matter of seconds.

As such, beachgoers can stay safer by remaining close to shore and only taking part in group beach activities.

What are the safest cities in Jacksonville?

The city of Jacksonville regularly reports an average level of crime in most areas and high levels of crime in the city center.

According to recent safety reports, St. Johns, Middleburg, and Julington Creek are some of the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville.

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