11 Safest Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

Updated On December 28, 2023

If you’re thinking about visiting Milwaukee and want to know more about its safest neighborhoods, this is the guide for you!

Milwaukee is a vibrant city built along the shores of one of America’s Great Lakes with a population of over a half million residents.

Lake Michigan serves as the backdrop for this city that experiences varying degrees of crimes against property, people, and other crimes outside these categories.


10 Safest Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

Violent crimes, property crimes, and other crimes per 1000 residents on a letter scale from A to F, where A is the safest neighborhood.

A = Lowest Crime

B = Low Crime

C = Average Crime

D = High Crime

F = Extremely High Crime

Milwaukee Neighborhood Crime Grade: D

1. Bayside

Residents of Bayside say they love living in spacious homes on Lake Michigan with loads of outdoor space where they can enjoy outdoor recreation and family time in one of the safest neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

Bayside’s crime statistics show that this town offers a steadfast sense of security and safety that residents appreciate.

The city earns an A+ grade in the areas of property crime, violent crime, and other crimes that pose a substantial risk for residents of high-crime neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A+

2. Brookfield

Brookfield is a highly sought-after neighborhood located on Milwaukee’s West Side.

This family-friendly city makes the list of safest neighborhoods based on local and national reports that show low incidences of crime in the area.

While some incidents of violent crime, property crime, and other crimes sometimes happen here, crime rates in this area are significantly lower than the averages of nearby neighborhoods.

Residents report feeling even safer when living and working in this neighborhood’s southwest side.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B-

3. Brown Deer

Brown Deer makes the list of the safest cities in Milwaukee, with a grade of A for overall crime.

Residents in Brown Deer experience crime rates that are lower than the national average for all crimes, including violent, property, and other crimes that can include animal cruelty, drug-related crimes, and identity theft.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A

4. Elm Grove

Research reports show that the city of Elm Grove, WI, in Waukesha County, is safer than more than half of other US cities.

Residents of the city report a strong sense of tranquility, and local officials place an emphasis on safety that keeps violent crime and property rates low.

Locals take comfort in living in well-maintained neighborhoods with strategically placed lamps for enhanced nighttime visibility.

This Milwaukee neighborhood reports limited incidents of violent crime against residents and even lower levels of other crimes that don’t fall into the categories of property crime or violent crime.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B

5. Fox Point

Fox Point is a coastal Milwaukee neighborhood that tops the list of safest neighborhoods in the area.

Well-lit streets and a vigilant police department that implements local neighborhood watch and community safety programs are some of the factors that contribute to the sense of serenity and calm experienced by residents of this neighborhood.

Fox Point incorporates strategically placed security cameras into its infrastructure that capture incidents of crime and deter crime as other safety measures that protect its residents from harm.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A-

6. Hales Corners

The city of Hales Corners presents a mixed picture in terms of safety and security.

Hales Corners crime reports show significantly lower rates than most other cities for violent crimes like assaults, robberies, and rapes that happen in nearby areas.

It also reports below-average rates of property crimes like burglary and theft.

However, residents in this neighborhood have to contend with higher rates of drug-related crime than in other areas of the city.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: C+

7. Mequon

The Mequon neighborhood in Wisconsin has crime rates that are lower than over 75% of other cities in the US.

This tranquil lakeside city in Ozaukee County has dedicated security protocols in place, including citizen patrols and community-oriented policing initiatives that keep residents safe when nestled within its borders.

Rates of violent crimes against people and property crimes are substantially lower in Mequon than in other nearby cities.

Crime in this town can fluctuate with the influx of visitors who commit crimes when passing through the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A-

8. Oak Creek

If you’re looking for the safest neighborhood in Milwaukee, look to Oak Creek.

This neighborhood reports rare incidents of violent crime against residents and slightly higher levels of property crime like theft.

Residents of Oak Creek remain vigilant and keep their eyes open for suspicious activity that could indicate an impending crime.

The Oak Creek Police Department has crime prevention programs in place that contribute to the safety of this city’s residents.

Residents in this area remain vigilant and aware to offset any potential crimes that could happen here.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A+

9. River Hills

River Hills, Wisconsin, boasts lush landscapes, rolling hills, and an excellent reputation for residential safety.

They have a dedicated police force that prevents and deters crime through a variety of community-based programs.

Their police department is known for its rapid response times in the rare events that crimes do happen here.

Neighbors in River Hills are tight-knit and watch out for each other’s best interests to prevent violent crime and property crime.

The city is designed with a secure infrastructure that keeps residents feeling confident at all hours of the day and night.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: A+

10. Shorewood

Milwaukee area families seeking solace, tranquility, and a safe place to raise their families choose Shorewood for its low rates of crime that fall well below national averages.

Shorewood is a lakefront community that boasts below-average rates of violent crimes and other crimes that typically occur in similar-sized cities.

The Shorewood Police Department works together with residents and schools to implement community safety and proactive policing measures that keep residents feeling a sense of unwavering security.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B-

11. Whitefish Bay

The safest neighborhoods in Milwaukee include towns like Whitefish Bay, where residents enjoy lower crime rates than more than 50% of other US cities.

Residents of Whitefish Bay say they feel safe living in this lakefront city even though there are rare incidents of property crime and even rarer incidences of violent crime that happen in this city.

Vigilant guardianship, responsive police departments, and high levels of community engagement are a few of the factors that contribute to the high safety levels in Whitefish Bay.

Neighborhood Crime Grade: B-


5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Milwaukee

Stay Within Designated Swimming Areas When Visiting Local Lakes and Beaches

The glistening waters of Lake Michigan can seem inviting, but they can also be dangerous.

Stay safe by remaining in designated swimming areas when visiting public lakes and beaches.

Stay Vigilant When Venturing Downtown

Central Downtown is a high-crime area.

As such, visitors need to remain vigilant when walking downtown to avoid becoming targets of pickpockets and local criminals seeking out newcomers.

Be Mindful When Visiting Festivals and Crowded Events

Milwaukee is known for throwing several community festivals and events.

Remain vigilant when attending local festivals and crowded venues where pickpocketing and theft can be higher.

Research Different Neighborhoods Before Venturing Out

While many Milwaukee neighborhoods are safe for visitors, others should be strictly off-limits.

Research your destinations in advance to avoid venturing into the wrong neighborhood while traveling.

Be Prepared for Rapidly Changing Weather Patterns

A little-known fact about Milwaukee is that the weather patterns can change unexpectedly.

Be prepared to experience all types of weather ranging from blazing heat to frigid temperatures – especially near the lake.

Milwaukee Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get around Milwaukee?

The best way to explore the city of Milwaukee and condensed areas of downtown and popular venues is on foot and by using public transportation to avoid traffic snags.

Where can I find the best cheese curds in Milwaukee?

Cheese curds are a local favorite; locals report that travelers can find the best cheese curds at the Milwaukee Public Market, Kopp’s Frozen Custard, and a variety of other popular local restaurants.

Is there anything free to do in Milwaukee?


Milwaukee offers a variety of free and reduced-price activities for families and kids.

Popular attractions like The Milwaukee Art Museum usually provide free admission on Thursdays.

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