10 Safest Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Updated On January 3, 2024

If you plan on moving to Colorado Springs – or just visiting this beautiful city – you may be curious to learn which neighborhoods are the safest and why.

Since Colorado Springs is known for its overall high crime rate, it may come as a surprise to learn that the city has seen a 16% decrease in overall criminality since 2010, with the property crime rate decreasing by 21% and the rate of crimes against society decreasing by 23%.

However, while these numbers show an overall improvement, the crime rate in Colorado Springs remains high, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with its safest areas before visiting the city.

On that note, let’s jump straight into our list of the safest neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

Safest Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs

1. Briargate

If you plan on relocating to Colorado Springs, Briargate is one of the safest options regarding low crime rates.

Briargate has a 70% lower crime rate than the national average, and some have given this neighborhood an A+ safety rating.

Let’s break it down a bit more.

Regarding violent crime, Briargate has a rate of 46% lower than the national average.

Furthermore, this area of Colorado Springs has an overall crime rate of 633 per 100,000 people, significantly lower than the city’s rate of 4042 per 100,000 people.

2. Black Forest

This gated community is one of the safest areas in Colorado Springs due to law enforcement’s quick response time and the residents’ neighborly support.

It has earned an A- safety score due to overall low crime (37% lower than the national average) and low property and violent crime rates.

For example, roughly 1400 crimes were reported here in 2022.

Out of the three main categories of crime we mentioned in this article (overall crime, violent crime, and property crime), the lowest was violent crime, with less than 200 violent crimes reported in Black Forrest last year.

3. Peregrine

Aside from the local amenities, like the Garden of the Gods, Peregrine prides itself on safety.

On the Peregrine HOA official website, we see a general explanation for why this neighborhood is safer than many other areas in the city.

By maintaining an open and honest line of communication between the residents and law enforcement, this community has managed to decrease its overall criminality.

Additionally, through Peregrine Aware and Peregrine Secure (two programs implemented for the sole purpose of monitoring the neighborhood and informing law enforcement of suspicious or illegal activity), the Peregrine community involves everyone – not just law enforcement officers – in maintaining the peace and keeping crime rates lower than in other Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

4. Old Colorado City

Next on our list is a neighborhood widely known for its rich history.

But just how safe is this area of the city? Let’s take a look.

Old Colorado City is in the 85th safety percentile, with the rate of murder being 0.02 per 1000 people.

With over 6000 residents, Old Colorado City.

However, while these numbers are lower than the national average, visitors and those looking to relocate to this neighborhood must understand that Old Colorado City still has a high crime rate overall.

5. Woodland Parks

This quaint neighborhood may be the right option if you plan on moving to Colorado Springs.

Woodland Parks has a crime rate of 18 per 1000 residents, compared to the nationwide average of 22.7 per 1000 people.

Furthermore, the property crime rate in this neighborhood (34.5 per 1000 residents) is also lower than the national average of 34.5 per 1000 residents.

Woodland Park has earned a safety score of 28, meaning that the overall crime rate here is lower than in 28% of neighborhoods in the country.

Another point worth mentioning here is that one’s chance of becoming victimized by a violent crime in this neighborhood is 1 in 532.

When looking at the crime rate in the state of Colorado, those odds go up to 1 in 208.

6. Monument

The crime rate in this Colorado Springs suburb is lower than the national average, and most residents consider it a safe place to live, according to a poll done by niche.com.

Let’s look at what the numbers have to say.

The average national rate of violent crime is 22.7; in comparison, Monument has a violent crime rate of 11.8.

Additionally, when compared to the national average, this Colorado Springs suburb has an overall crime rate that is 3% lower.

However, when looking at the rate of property crimes, we see that Monument has a rate that is slightly higher than the national average.

7. Broadmoor

Next on our list is a neighborhood known for its rich history, cozy atmosphere, and low crime rate.

When researching Broadmoor, I came across multiple online conversations where the consensus among residents was that Broadmoor’s safety quotient is, at least in part, what gives this neighborhood its appeal.

Some have described it as a ‘typical American suburb,’ where the people all know each other, the sidewalks are walkable, and residents are not afraid to walk alone at night, unlike in most other parts of Colorado Springs.

8. Gleneagle

This neighborhood has earned a B- safety grade due to its violent crime rate (which is 15% lower than the national average) and its property crime rate (which is 3% higher than the national average).

Let’s further examine the numbers.

Gleneagle has an overall crime rate of 32 per 1000 residents, which places it in the 55th percentile for national safety (which means that 55% of neighborhoods around the country are more dangerous than this one).

9. Flying Horse

Located on the north side (which many consider to be the safest part of the city), Flying Horse has earned a reputation for its low criminality rate, which has earned it a B+ safety grade.

The number of annual reported crimes is lower than in most other neighborhoods around the country.

But what does this mean, exactly? Well, the numbers show us that Flying Horse is safer (on average) than 74% of neighborhoods around the country.

10. Stetson Hills

When reading about this neighborhood, I came across several online forums where Stetson Hills was praised for being a safe neighborhood overall and a great place to start a family and raise children.

Stetson Hills is in the 64th safety percentile and has earned a B in safety due to its overall crime rate (less than 2500 per 1000 people), which is lower than the national average.

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs

5 Safety Tips for Traveling to Colorado Springs

  1. Store your valuables safely: Avoid leaving your valuables unattended in the car. Do not walk around the city carrying expensive items or large sums of money. Additionally, do not share personal details with strangers. For example, avoid telling your new friend at the bar where you are staying or how much money you have on you.
  2. Don’t venture alone to unknown places: Some areas of the city are undoubtedly more dangerous than others, which is why you must avoid venturing alone, especially in unknown areas and especially at night.
  3. Be aware of weather changes: Some days, the sun may be scorching, whereas on other days, you may experience pouring rain. Whatever the weather brings, my advice is to be prepared for the weather changes by wearing sunscreen, bringing a jacket with you, and keeping an umbrella close by.
  4. Be aware of wildlife: Since Colorado’s wildlife is not always friendly, it’s essential to know what kind of wildlife you can expect to come across, how to avoid those dangerous species, and what to do if you happen to come face-to-face with them.
  5. Be aware of fire safety: Colorado has many fires due to drought, so be aware of the warning signs, and learn what you can do to prevent a fire.

Colorado Springs Safety Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly into Colorado Springs?

Yes, the city has an airport, which is located close to the downtown area.

What's the weather like in the winter?

Colorado Springs usually gets mild winters and usually has low amounts of annual snow.

And since the humidity levels are generally low, winters in Colorado Springs are warmer than one might expect.

What's the weather like in the summer?

Due to its mild climate, Colorado Springs summers are low in humidity, with the average summer day temperature averaging in the 80’s.

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