10 Safest Cities in Malaysia

Updated On October 10, 2023

The small nation of Malaysia is home to over 32.78 million people.

With a population density of over 100 people per square kilometer, it’s one of the most tightly packed countries in the world. 

Despite the crowding, Malaysia is one of the safest countries in Asia as far as crime goes. 

It also boasts high security for technology and infrastructure. 

It recently ranked 32nd place in the Safest Cities Index. 

From the wilds of Borneo to the international culture of the capital, here are 10 of Malaysia’s safest cities!

Safest Cities in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Despite its large population, the capital of Malaysia is the safest city in the country. 

This is largely due to a well-funded strict police force.

There are many hospitals and clinics where you can get inexpensive medical care easily. 

The city is also well-equipped with modern infrastructure and a good public transportation system.

Kuala Lumpur is well known for its low crime rate.

Its bustling nightlife is a great way to experience the charms of this capital city. 

Penang, Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia


Penang is considered a safe city to visit in Malaysia. 

It is known for its diverse culture, delicious food, and rich history.

Several factors contribute to Penang’s reputation as a safe city. 

Penang is home to a large ex-pat community, which helps to create a sense of familiarity and security for visitors.

Tourists in Penang are also likely to encounter friendly locals happy to help with directions or recommendations. 

Overall, Penang is a safe and welcoming destination for tourists, and there are many things to see and do in the city that will make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Malacca, Malaysia
Malacca, Malaysia


Rich in cultural heritage, Malacca is a city with a fascinating history, having been ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch, and English. 

It’s a great place to visit, with its ancient buildings, colonial structures, and delicious food.

Malacca is also considered one of the safest cities in Malaysia, with low levels of crime and low digital security risks. 

The city is also home to many parks and green spaces, making it a great place to visit if you want fresh air.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru

 Johor Bahru is a vibrant city located at the southern tip of Malaysia with a bustling nightlife, great shopping, and delicious food. 

It’s a great place for travelers to explore the many attractions, such as the Legoland Theme Park and the Sultan Ibrahim Building. 

The city is well-policed and has a low risk of digital security breaches.

Klang, Malaysia
Klang, Malaysia


Klang is the gateway to Selangor and the perfect place to explore Malaysia’s varied culture and rich heritage. 

With its low crime rate and digital security measures in place, Klang is a safe and secure place to visit or live.

Klang offers a wealth of cultural experiences, from its bustling nightlife to its tranquil parks and gardens. 

Klang is a great place to explore and experience Malaysia.

With its diverse restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational areas, Klang is the perfect destination for a city break. 

George Town, Malaysia
George Town, Malaysia

George Town

Nestled on the northwest coast of Penang Island in Malaysia, George Town is a vibrant and colorful city that’s bursting with history and character. 

With its charming colonial architecture, delicious street food, and bustling markets, there’s never a dull moment in George Town. 

Plus, its excellent public transportation makes it easy to explore the city and all it has to offer.

Safety-wise, George Town is generally a safe place to visit and live. 

The crime rate is low, and the city is well-policed. 

Additionally, the locals are friendly and welcoming, so you can feel comfortable walking around and exploring.

Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia
Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia

Iskandar Puteri

Located in Johor, Malaysia, Iskandar Puteri is a dynamic and modern city that’s quickly gaining popularity as a travel destination. 

With its stunning beaches, world-class shopping centers, and exciting theme parks, there’s something for everyone in Iskandar Puteri. 

Regarding safety, Iskandar Puteri is a very safe place to visit and live. 

The crime rate is low, and the city is well-policed. 

Additionally, the locals are friendly and welcoming, so you can feel comfortable walking around and exploring. 

The city is also environmentally conscious, emphasizing sustainability and green initiatives. 

Overall, Iskandar Puteri is a great place to visit and live, with something for everyone.

Kajang, Malaysia
Kajang, Malaysia


Nestled in the heart of Selangor, Malaysia, Kajang is a charming city with a rich history.

With its beautiful parks, bustling markets, and delicious local cuisine, Kajang is a must-visit for any traveler.

But Kajang is more than just a tourist destination – it’s also a safe and welcoming place to live.

With a strong sense of community, Kajang is the perfect place to put down roots and start a new life.

Selayang, Malaysia
Selayang, Malaysia


Located just a short distance from the bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Selayang is a peaceful and scenic retreat that offers the best of both worlds. 

With its picturesque forests, tranquil lakes, and endless hiking trails, Selayang is a nature lover’s paradise.

It also offers a busy and exciting urban scene.

So, whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of the city or simply want to immerse yourself in nature, Selayang is the perfect place to be.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is a city that is known for its safety, making it a top destination for tourists.

Located on the island of Borneo, Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the state of Sabah. 

The city has a low crime rate and is well-equipped with modern amenities and infrastructure, including a reliable public transportation system.  

Additionally, the city is home to a strong and effective police force that works to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike.

From the stunning Kinabalu National Park to the city center’s bustling art scene and fashionable nightlife, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Kota Kinabalu.

Ways to be Safe in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that offers a range of attractions and activities for visitors to explore. 

From its stunning beaches and beautiful natural landscapes to its rich cultural heritage, Malaysia has plenty to discover. 

However, as with any destination, a few areas may present potential safety risks for travelers.

One such area is Petaling Jaya, which is known for its high crime rates, including gang activity. 

It is recommended that travelers exercise caution when visiting Petaling Jaya and consider exploring the area with a local guide who is familiar with the area.

In addition, the islands off the coast of eastern Sabah are currently subject to a government travel warning due to the threat of kidnap-for-ransom and violence from terrorist and criminal groups. 

If you are planning to visit this area, it is important to stay updated on local media and ask local authorities for the most recent curfew information.

Despite these trouble spots, Malaysia remains a wonderful country to visit and explore, and with a little extra care and planning, you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

5 Safety Tips for the Cities of Malaysia

  1. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance before your trip to Malaysia. This will provide coverage for any unexpected medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Research the local laws and customs before arriving in Malaysia. For example, it is important to dress modestly in certain areas and to respect local religious practices.
  3. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when exploring unfamiliar areas. Avoid walking alone at night, and keep your valuables secure.
  4. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen when spending time outdoors, as the weather in Malaysia can be hot and humid.
  5. Keep your passport and other important documents safe and secure. Consider making copies of your documents and leaving them with a trusted friend or family member in case of loss or theft.

Overall, by taking the necessary precautions and being mindful of your surroundings, you can have a safe and enjoyable trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia Safety Overview

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Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 10 safest cities in Malaysia all located in the same region of the country?

No, the 10 safest cities in Malaysia are spread out across the country.

This includes cities on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and those on the eastern coast and the island of Borneo.

Are these safe cities more expensive than other cities in Malaysia?

It’s important to note that the cost of living can vary greatly from city to city in Malaysia.

While some of the 10 safest cities in Malaysia may have a higher cost of living than others, this is not necessarily the case for all of them.

Are the 10 safest cities in Malaysia also the most populous cities in the country?

The safest city of all in Malaysia is also the most heavily populated.

However, some of the lower-population cities are safer than bigger cities.

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  1. Malaysia is one of the safest countries in Asia, with high security for technology and infrastructure, making it a great destination to visit or live.

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