10 Most Dangerous Cities in Argentina

Updated On October 10, 2023

Argentina borders several other Latin American countries, including Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay, in the southern region of South America. 

While the country is known for its breathtaking views and natural landscapes, a few cities and towns have high crime rates. 

Below, we provide an overview of 10 dangerous Argentine cities based on data provided by local officials and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports. 

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Argentina

What makes some cities so dangerous for tourists and residents in Argentina? 

Like many Latin American countries (including a few of the countries it borders,) key Argentine cities have reported high instances of the following.  

  • Lack of Essential Resources
  • Extreme Poverty 
  • Overpopulation
  • Overcrowding
  • Weak Police Force
  • Corruption

Crime and population estimates are based on data reported by Argentine officials, local police departments, and homicide data supplied by the United Nations. 


#1. Rosario

Based on recent data reported by local news outlets, policing agencies, and public officials, Rosario, Argentina, could possibly be the most dangerous city in Argentina.

News outlets like InSight Crime report at least one murder per day for the first 65 days of 2023. Rosario also reported a record number of homicides in 2022. 

High homicide rates, physically violent crimes, and property times make Rosario one of the most dangerous cities in Argentina. 

People traveling to this area should take extreme precautions and stay updated with the latest travel and safety reports the United States Embassy provides. 

Latest Population Estimate: 2.86 million 

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

#2. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and the country’s most populated city. 

This Latin American country sits on the southeastern coast of South America.

Latest Population Estimate: 15.49 million (Most Populated City in Argentina) 


#3. Cordoba

Cordoba is in the northwest corner of Argentina.

The residents there face high instances of property crime, including petty theft, pickpocketing, and purse snatching. 

Residents in the area often fall victim to burglary, car theft, and personal theft. 

Tourists traveling in the area should secure valuables like cell phones, cash, and jewelry in secure locations to avoid becoming a victim while traveling in Argentina. 

Latest Population Estimate: 1.32 million

Tres de Febrero
Tres de Febrero

#4. Tres de Febrero

Tres de Febrero has an extremely high murder rate.

The murder rate in Tres de Febrero is so high that it actually “doubles” the country’s national average. 

Along with high murder rates, Tres de Febrero has the highest rates of property crimes, robbery, assault, and theft in the region. 

The enormous local population is said to be one of the driving factors behind the extreme crime levels in the area.

Tres de Febrero is located in the Buenos Aires metro, whose population is above 15 million. 

Criminals in the area can easily blend in with the large population, which makes it difficult for local police and officials to identify them, catch them, and prosecute them. 

Latest Population Estimate: 340, 071 

La Matanza
La Matanza

#5. La Matanza

Like many other dangerous cities in Argentina, La Matanza sees high rates of poverty, overcrowding, and drug trafficking that make specific neighborhoods in the city unsafe. 

Local officials say that excessive overcrowding and lack of resources are drivers of many crimes in the area.

This densely populated city, part of the Buenos Aires metro area, has over a million and a half people. 

Latest Population Estimate: 1.77 million+


#6. Avellaneda

The city of Avellaneda is in the southeastern corner of the Buenos Aires Metro.

Its proximity to Buenos Aires makes it easy for criminals to avoid law enforcement and prosecution with such a large spillover population. 

Poverty, overcrowding, and lack of resources for funding law enforcement efforts drive high crime rates in this small city that borders the largest city in the country. 

Latest Population Estimate: 342,677


#7. Merlo

Merlo, Argentina, is an administrative division in the western part of the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area. 

This Argentine city is bordered by high-crime cities, including Buenos Aires, La Matanza, and Moron, which makes it nearly impossible for many residents to feel safe in the region. 

While the cities immediately surrounding Merlo experience high rates of violent crime, residents and visitors of Merlo are often targeted by property crimes, petty thefts, and robberies due to the lack of available resources and extremely high poverty rates in the area. 

Latest Population Estimate: 528,494


#8. Moron

Moron is a city in the province of Buenos Aires that abuts other high-crime areas like Merlo and La Matanza. 

The combination of local and spillover crime from nearby areas makes Moron a dangerous place to be caught walking after dark. 

Local officials report high property theft, motor vehicle thefts, and drug trafficking in this region. 

Latest Population Estimate: 320,000

San Martin
San Martin

#9. San Martin – Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security reported excessive thefts, robberies, and assaults in San Martin as recently as 2020. 

Primary drivers of crime in this area include limited access to essential services, drug trafficking, gang violence, and weak law enforcement due to limited financial resources. 

Criminals in this area are insulated by the large populations of nearby towns. 

This area has high personal property crime against tourists, residents, and other pedestrians walking around unaware in public places. 

Latest Population Estimate: 422,830

San Miguel
San Miguel

#10. San Miguel

San Miguel, Argentina, is in the northwest corner of the Greater Buenos Aires metro area.

This city has an active industrial corridor filled with automotive plants, factories, food processing plants, and textile mills. 

Despite being situated in an industrial corridor, the unemployment rates in San Miguel are incredibly high.

Lack of resources and opportunities for advancement contributes to frustration and boredom, leading to violent and property crime. 

Latest Population Estimate: 400,000+

5 Safety Tips for Traveling in Argentina

If you’re considering traveling to Argentina, the following are some safety tips to help you and your fellow travelers stay safe.  

#1. Stay Alert When Sightseeing and Traveling

Local criminals in Argentina’s most dangerous cities can easily blend in with the landscape, including millions of residents and visitors.

Unfortunately, this means many public crimes like purse snatchings, petty thefts, and daylight robberies can happen in parks, travel depots, train stations, and other seemingly safe places. 

#2. Guard Your Valuables

Brazen thieves in some Argentine cities don’t mind getting close enough to pick the pockets of unsuspecting travelers out sightseeing with their valuables in full view.

So keep your valuables like cash, phones, laptops, and other portable electronics out of sight and under lock and key (when possible) to avoid being pickpocketed or robbed while traveling in Argentina. 

#3. Register with the Embassy

The United States has embassy offices located in a variety of cities around the world. Registering your Argentina travel with the US Embassy in the region will activate your eligibility for consular services. 

US residents’ consular services include reissuing passports, notarization, authentication services, and emergency travel assistance. 

#4. Beware of Altitude Sickness 

Areas of Argentina in and around the Andes have high altitudes. 

This means that visitors to the area can experience nausea, dizziness, and headaches when ascending to higher elevations in the Andes too quickly. 

Stay calm and prevent disorientation when traveling to popular tourist sites and high-altitude destinations by drinking plenty of water and fluids to stay hydrated and ascending slowly to allow your brain and body time to adapt to the decreased oxygen levels at higher altitudes.   

#5. Learn Spanish

Avoid being the victim of petty theft, robbery, and other crimes in dangerous Argentine cities by learning conversational Spanish. 

An obvious language barrier can be a hurdle to interacting with local residents and make tourists stand out as targets for local criminals. 

If you can only learn Spanish after you travel to Argentina, invest in a translation app or device that can make your conversations with the locals flow easier. 


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Argentina Safety Overview

READ THE FULL REPORT: Argentina Safety Review

Safety Index:

Frequently Asked Questions

What key factors are driving high crime rates in dangerous Argentine cities?

Argentina is a densely populated country where many residents live in poverty with limited access to much-needed resources.

High rates of poverty, lack of access to resources, overpopulation, and large gangs contribute to the high crime rates in Argentina.

Where is the US Embassy in Argentina, and how can they help me when traveling?

The US Embassy in Argentina is an invaluable resource for US travelers.

US residents in Argentina can contact or visit the local embassy to get help with local travel information, lost or stolen passports, legal issues, and emergency assistance while traveling abroad.

The US Embassy in Argentina is located at Avenida Colombia 4320, C1425BWA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You can reach them by phone at +54-11-5777-4533 or by email at BuenosAires-ACS@state.gov.

What cities in Argentina should US travelers avoid?

The latest global security reports show that the US Department of State has issued a level two travel advisory in Argentina.

This level two travel advisory states that US travelers should exercise extreme caution when visiting or passing through the following areas:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Mendoza
  • Rosario

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  1. While Argentina may have stunning landscapes, a few cities have high crime rates due to poverty, overpopulation, and weak law enforcement, making it necessary for travelers to take precautions and stay informed.

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