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Updated On November 7, 2023
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Malta is a small island country located south of the island of Sicily, Italy.

The country is actually an archipelago, but only three of its largest islands are inhabited and functional: Malta, Gozo, and Kemmuna.

Either bouncing from the islands, partying all night or cruising on a sailboat, wherever you are you grow friends by the day – that’s how kind everybody is here!

The Maltese are very warm and welcoming people.

If you’re traveling to Malta, prepare to immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy the sun, take advantage of the beautiful sea all around, go with the flow and expect the unexpected!

Warnings & Dangers in Malta

Overall Risk


Generally, Malta is very safe to visit. It is among the safest countries in the EU to travel to, but it has its dangers. Use your common sense and keep your valuables closely by your side, since the most common type of crime is petty theft.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Taxis and other types of transportation are normally safe in Malta, with reliable and modern vehicles. Taxi drivers could still try to overcharge you, so be careful.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpockets aren't that common but they do operate more and more in the past couple of years. However, following and applying basic precaution should get you out of any uncomfortable situations.

Natural Disasters Risk


Due to the islands’ natural rock structure, as well as the fact that large portions of towns are covered in tarmac and cement, the water has nowhere to go and even half an hour of rain can cause chaos with floods and subsequent traffic jams.

Mugging Risk


There have been incidents of muggings, particularly around Sliema and St. Julian’s so please avoid these areas and dark and deserted alleys.

Terrorism Risk


There are no known terrorist activities that have taken place on the island at any time in the recent past. There have also not been any terrorist attacks in Malta in the past several years.

Scams Risk


Scams do happen, during the holidays and summer when the number of visitors increases, so double check your change and negotiate everything in advance.

Women Travelers Risk


When it comes to women traveling alone, if you follow the basic protocols of a lone traveler, male or female then your trip to Malta should go smoothly. Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

So... How Safe Is Malta Really?

Malta can be described as a very safe place to visit, especially for tourists.

Due to the islands’ natural rock structure, as well as the fact that large portions of towns are covered in tarmac and cement, the water has nowhere to go and even half an hour of rain can cause chaos with floods and subsequent traffic jams.

It is quite normal to walk the streets at any time, especially around our holiday towns, where people are out even at 3 am.

But even though crime rates in Malta have always been low compared to other EU member states and tourist destinations, reports of crimes have increased in recent years.

With more and more people visiting Malta every year, and a growing population due to the influx of refugees, some threats are becoming more common, like petty crimes such as pickpocketing and other types of theft, and occasional incidents of violence in nightlife areas (usually Paceville and Buġibba).

As a tourist you need to be aware of your surroundings in busier areas, particularly in St. Julian’s, Sliema and the capital city Valletta, since crimes like pickpocketing, handbag-snatching, and muggings are more common here.

How Does Malta Compare?

CountrySafety Index

Useful Information



You might need a travel visa in case you are traveling to Malta for reasons other than immigration, and you plan for your visit to last less than three months. If you're not sure about your visa status, contact your local Malta embassy for further information.



Euro is the official currency in Malta. ATMs are widespread throughout the country. Credit cards are used in larger hotels and upmarket restaurants.



Malta has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by very mild winters and warm to hot summers. Precipitation can be expected mainly in winter, with summer being generally dry.



Malta International Airport is the only airport in Malta, serving the whole of the Maltese Islands. It is located in the town of Gudja, southwest of the Maltese capital Valletta.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Just like anywhere else, we recommend getting travel insurance when traveling to Malta, since it covers not only the costs of medical problems but also theft and loss of valuables.

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22 Reviews on Malta

  1. K
    Kimberly P. says:

    Looks promising!

    I was considering visiting Malta and some people in my family were telling me not to go here as it was unsafe for tourists, especially women. I am glad I did some research and I am also glad I found your page here. I am going to show a few family members to put their mind’s at rest. I think traveling anywhere in the world comes with risk you just have to weigh out the rewards.

    1. c
      chris Bowyer says:

      can you tell me how you found going to malta with cov19 please

      1. You can’t come to Malta unless you are a resident at the moment. Open from 1st June for tourism.

        1. A
          Anonymous says:

          Don’t know about that my friend has just been for a week , I go next Saturday for a week then 10 days in April .

    2. Malta bound, again - on the bucket list!

      Loved our two weeks in Malta. The people were wonderful and so helpful. Would love to return.

  2. P
    Philip Brew says:

    Pickpockets in Malta

    February 2020
    I queued for a bus opposite Seashells hotel in Qawra. People were jostling together to get on the bus. I paid my fare and sat down. About 5 minutes later I received a phone text from my bank warning of suspected fraudulent activity with my credit card. I decided to check my card number against the text, but my wallet had gone from my hip pocket. I was able to stop my cards, but lost about €110 in cash. Unsuccessful attempts had been made to withdraw €150 and €250, thus alerting the bank.
    2 days later a fellow guest in our hotel said she had been looking at the same bus stop from her balcony and noticed three lads obviously ‘working together’ in the queue.

  3. M
    Malta Lady says:

    Safe for all

    I found both Malta and Gozo to be extremely safe. I traveled there for 30-days. I’m an older Americam female. I did have a stalker for a short time, but fellas in the pub by my apartment chased him away.
    I love Malta, the people are warm, welcoming, and very friendly. The food is off the chart, and weather is warm.

  4. C
    C. D. R. Dr. Robert Matthews says:

    Malta safety/tourism/hospitality

    Excellent depiction of Malta ! 🇲🇹

    My experience overall of Malta is well it is a very safe country in contrast in most countries in the world -European or otherwise-! My grandfather is from Valetta,Malta even though I live in America

    Suggestion:-Avoid any big American cities right now with the “Black Lives Matter “ aka B. L. M. “Marxists “and Antifa and the anarchists Right on the streets and are intolerant of any other ideas spreading COVID-19 everywhere with no enforcement or little enforcement by any “democratically controlled mayor or governor “

    Just watch “international news as they don’t lie!

    You should pick Malta as it is a better place to visit go on a holiday for the dollar that you spend or the euro that you are willing to spend,
    All of the empirical a status supports this for travel purposes and getting “a-bang for the buck’s “for currency and experience.

    Oh!Sadly In most of the”democratically controlled cities United States “ now2020-that’s where the problems are / Detroit /Seattle /Portland /Los Angeles /DC /Baltimore /New York etc

    So if you can find some Republican held cities and United States /then They are better off for your safety to visit . Look up United States FBI crime statistics the data is the data is the data!

    Enjoy Malta , as it is a great place to visit ,to share ,to have memories and to experience.

    1. M
      Matt Gaetz says:


      …and no ignorant white racists defecating on the floors and dragging cops down the steps threatening to kill them and your Vice President.

      1. A
        Anonymous says:

        I think you are sadly confused because you just described the facist aka democrats.

        1. A
          Anonymous II says:

          Didn’t you hear anonymous? Five police officers were killed that day…. Oh wait….that was also a lie from the facist left.

    2. K
      Kate Knowing says:

      My Opinion

      Just an FYI here. Of the top ten safest states in the USA … eight are Democratic leaning and two are Republican states, at positions five and ten. IF you like Idaho (5) and Wyoming (10), there you go. Conversely, seven out of the top ten most dangerous states are Republican. Three are Democratic. All states have their good and bad issues. Doctor … you should keep your political leanings to yourself. This is about Malta. Not you. and so …
      I watch some tv shows that highlight Spain, Malta, and many other locations. I was happy to read that an older woman on her own is safe in Malta. I want to visit ! Now I am more inclined to, so thanks to the lady that posted that information.

      1. That is a truthful account of safety in the USA. Don’t listen to Dr. Dread there, like most Republicans, he’s full of it.

    3. Ignore bad posts

      This sadly is your opinion and not factual advice.

  5. K
    Keith Dean says:

    I have been to Malta many times. I hope to be in Malta for Christmas this year, I visit Malta because it’s a beautiful Friendly place. I have done the Malta marathon twice it would have three times but in 2019 I was there ready to run they had to cancel because of a very server storm which is a rare Occurrence that was the only time in it’s history that the Marathon and Half Marathon was cancelled. I ran it this year back in March it 26 degrees, it felt like I was home. That may sound Strange but my late father was born in Marsa and his mother my nan was born in Floriana. I was born in England. I hope to retire there so much to do on three Islands , everything from diving, falconry, paragliding, swimming, cycling, running, cinema and if if you like your history like it’s loaded with. I love the friendly people, I made new friends every time I visit. The views are brilliant, ladies the shopping is excellent in Malta, lovely Restaurants along the promenade with live music. The youngsters there is a great night life with pubs and clubs. I know where I go travelling I will always return to Malta, I’m trying to learn Maltese from the locals. I hope to see you at Christmas Malta.

  6. A
    Anonymous says:

    Malta is very safe local people are nice and friendly. Just be careful hide your wallet properly and don’t wave money when paying. Lot of Europen immigrants living in Malta those are the pick pockets

  7. Loved not having tourists

    I live in Malta and it’s been wonderful without all the noisy foreigners glowing bright red as they don’t realise how hot the Mediterranean sun is. Sadly, life must go back to normal and the island unfortunately needs tourism to survive, it was nice while it lasted.

    1. Thanks Aggie for that.I have now decided not to visit Malta (Valletta).I will spend my hard earned money at home in the UK. By the way, I am not and never been a red faced, noiseytourist.

  8. A
    Antonio says:

    Its very safe.

    Malta is a very safe place.

    You will hear more about any criminal or dangerous activity because the island and population is very small, so any wrong doing will be a point of discussion by most of the people on the island.

    In over 30 Years of living on the island I have never had any issues and I am a person who is very active socially.

    If I had to mention anything negative aspects I guess it would be some noisy youth in touristic areas, traffic and occasional rude individuals not necessarily locals.

    So in summary, a very safe place, but just use common sense if you see trouble simply keep away.

  9. C
    Citizanofcrime says:

    As a Maltese citizen

    As a citzen, I have to say that malta is an incredibly dangerous country, numerous hit and runs, a lot of gang affiliation around hamrun, paceville, some places In Valletta and many many other cities, but when staying in touristic locations, you are relatively safe.

  10. Sliema is safe

    I can’t speak for all parts of the island, but Sliema and the surrounding areas are safe. I spent multiple nights walking around by myself, sometimes down dark empty streets, and did not feel uncomfortable at all. I also think Valletta is safe during the day at minimum, and possibly at night. Now I have heard that things are getting a bit more sketchy near Bugibba, but I have no way of confirming this. Overall I think the island is very safe.

  11. In general Malta is safe but it can be unsafe at night especially in popular places where there’s night life like Paceville (St.Julians,)Sliema and Valletta and you should also be careful in Hamrun, Qawra, St Pauls bay and Bugibba. Mostly not from locals but foreigners living here. I was born and raised here and have kids and all in all these are the places of concern however, always be cautious and if you can avoid walking alone at night in places where there’s no people around. Aka common sense. I also wanted to correct the temperaturs, in June the temperatures go over 30 degrees celsius and during July and August they can touch the 40 degrees celsius and there where times that they went even over.

    Malta is a nice place to visit however be prepared for the traffic, full busses especially around st julians and Sliema and also for overcrowded places and beaches. The locals are very friendly if you are nice to them respect their culture and traditions and they will love you.

Malta Rated 4.09 / 5 based on 22 user reviews.

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