Best Glamping Destinations in Utah

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Utah has lots of interesting to offer to outdoor traveling lovers.

There are 5 national parks as well as 7 national monuments and 8 national forests.

There you can enjoy some excellent resorts in the mountains and trips through local deserts.

In fact, Utah is just the perfect place for outdoor traveling fans.

But what to do if you don’t feel like sleeping on the ground and hiking through the mountains covered with dense forests?

There is a great option for you which is glamping or glamorous camping.

In fact, it’s your chance to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature while staying in a comfort zone.

Nowadays, glamping gains some growing popularity and Utah is a great place to enjoy this way of traveling.

In this article, you can find the best glamping destinations in the state.

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Conestoga Ranch

Conestoga Ranch is located on the North of the state right near the Bear Lake.

In fact, this resort can be considered as one of the best destinations for glamping.

There you can find a whole variety of comfortable and stylish accommodations and even a full spa. 

During your stay at this resort, you have an opportunity to live at one of the Conestoga Wagons.

From the outside, they look like old carriages that were used during the Western migration in the 1800s.

Nevertheless, inside of each wagon, you can find well equipped and stylish accommodation.

To get there, you need only to take a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City.

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BaseCamp 37 Degrees

Not far from Kanab, there is BaseCamp 37.

It is a great destination full of classy glamping tents (permanent structure covered with huge canvas).

The resort is situated on large space and it makes you feel like you are completely isolated from the world.

Despite it, each tent is absolutely comfortable and powered with solar energy.

Each tent at BaseCamp 37 is named after one of Utah landmarks such as Hayduke, Powell, or Escalante.

Traveling, Glamping, Utah, BaseCamp 37 Degrees

Under Canvas Moab

Under Canvas Glamping Resort is located not far from Moab which is the state’s center of various extreme activities like climbing desert plateaus, hot air ballooning, and whitewater rafting.

Under Canvas is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy glamping as there is a whole variety of tents.

You can choose some cheap but still comfy tent or stay at one of the suites or rooms with tipi outside.

Also, you should know that Under Canvas team has a whole bunch of similar resort all over the country.

Traveling, Glamping, Utah, Under Canvas Moab

Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Zion Ponderosa Ranch may be the ideal option for those who are thinking that even glamping might be pushing their patience with the whole “roughing it” thing, because not only is this a glamp site, it also has luxury vacation cabin rentals available as an emergency backup. The resort is built on more than 4,000 acres of pristine land that boasts views of Zion National Park.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch will be a great choice for anyone even for those who don’t feel like glamping thinking it’s too much for them.

There are not only luxurious and comfy tents but also, some great cabin rentals that are something like an emergency backup.

The whole place is situated at Zion National Park and occupies about 4 000 acres of the land.

There you can enjoy not only some great time but also, magnificent local views.

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